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Well rounded and detail oriented readings that cover immediate circumstances and gives a 3 to 4 month forecast. Each reading will cover numerous topics. Longer readings will allow time at the end for client question and answer period. Phone readings as well as in person readings available. Geographically located in the Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas area but offering phone readings worldwide.

15 Minutes = $35
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45 Minutes = $90
60 Minutes = $125

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Over 20 years of professional experience, an international clientele and a popular radio show guest on numerous stations throughout the United States. Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Paypal are accepted. 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions availalbe. To schedule a reading, please call 940-365-3566 or visit

Listed since: Jun 29, 2009


I had a reading by Angela 3 days ago. To prepare, I wrote down 5 things I wanted to know about. I was amazed! She hit on everyone of my concerns, almost in the exact order I had them listed. I couldn't be happier with my reading. I told her when we were done, that I felt like I had made a new friend. She's friendly, cheerful, hopeful, kind and honest. I will most definitely be seeking her warmth and guidance again. I give her 10 stars! Thank you Angela.
So happy that I chose Angela because she is just an amazingly accurate reader with a pure heart. Angela is, ethical and is a truly kind, compassionate woman that uses her gifts to invoke healing of the highest level for others. Intelligent, wise, and so spot on with everything she reveals from spirit, she is the very best I have ever spoken with, and being psychic myself, that speaks volumes. Please call Angela. You will never want to talk with anyone else, I promise you that.
I had a reading with Angela late April'2020. It's now July, and I can say that Angela's reading was very accurate! She was spot-on with personal relationships and I continue to see results from the professional ones we discussed. Angela's abilities are clearly underrated! A excellent reader who is honest, straightforward and relaxed nature helped put me to ease. No regrets!! I would speak with again in a heartbeat.
I felt my reading was far fetched and nowhere close to the truth, little did I know it was all about to happen just like Angela said it would. Everything she told me has happened. This lady knows what she is talking about. Thank you for the heads up, I wish I would of listened to you. I am a believer for sure.
I've consulted with Angela a few times a year for probably 9 years now. The fact that I keep coming back pretty much says it all. It's always welcome to have someone from the outside bring to me or suggest things I haven't thought of, OR confirm what I was already thinking. She's told me many things over the years that have almost all happened. Engagements, moves across the country, total career shifts, influential people that I'd be meeting. Also had many friends try her, as well.
I loved the session with Angela as she quickly gave me insight to my daily questions and concerns. I felt how her gift gives us many paths that can manifest that genuinely is up to us to choose in the present. I loved her accuracy and I trust her perception. Very recommended!
Angela was fun to speak to and had a good sense of humor. She is intelligent and well read and this was able to understand the obscure topics I wanted to discuss. I appreciated her accuracy and insight. Recommended!
I have known Angela for about 6years I think. She is always very good at seeing what other people are up to behind the scenes. I adore her and she has a great sense of humor! She has had valuable insight on past relationships and makes me feel hopeful about the future.
I had a 45 min reading with Angela recently. I have had a few readings in my past, and they all have their strengths. I think Angela is very special in a way where she really can identify the induviduals in question as far as where they are at emotionally, and the characteristics of their personality as a whole! This is where I feel she shines! You feel as if she really knows the people in question and their motives. She really gets into their heads.
Been reading with An gel a for two years now and she is able to read the behind the scene emotions and motives of others. She is so accurate and her readings cover the short-term future which is good for those wanting answers to situations in the moment or getting ready to come up. I have doubted that I will have children and she assures me that I will. I believe her given the fact that she has been accurate in the past. I highly recommend her!
Angela is so extremely accurate! I have called her for every major decision I've had in the last few years wherein I've doubted my own instincts. She always validates what my innermost voice tells me and adds valuable insight unlike any other psychic I've ever spoken to. She is highly accurate and very confident in what she tells you. She's also so easy to talk to and very comforting. She has a sweet voice as well!
I had a reading with Angela this spring...and she was all about telling me the person in question was not ready et, etc. At the time I did not want to believe it, but now I know she was I read through my notes, she was even right about my health... so I would say she is quite accurate and worth your while to call!
WOW, I have spent over $10,000 in readings over the years. The information I have received in 1 hr with Angela is a summary of about 10 readings I have had with other readers. No time wasting, deadly accurate. Picks up immediately on things happening. She is too cheap. Great sense of humor too. Bob Olsen you have to have a personal reading with her.
My very first reading with Angela changed me from a skeptic into an ardent believer, mainly because of her uncanny accuracy about my life circumstances and events, even concerning predictions of events which seem completely unlikely at the time of the reading. I enjoy Angela's candid, straightforward approach, delivered in a way that feels more like conversation between old friends or a trusted advisor. Many friends I've referred to Angela are likewise pleased, as I'm sure you will be!
It always feels like a much needed conversation with a friend that just so happens to see more than you can see. So with a great deal of accuracy she is able to help you make positive decisions. A relatability & sense of humor that makes her very easy to talk to as well. After talking to Angela I always feel refreshed & ready for what ever is coming my way. She is a must :)
I have been a client of Angela's for nearly 20 years. Not only is she accurate in terms of predictions, but she is marvelous at spiritual focusing. Her insight into the events of your life are objective and truthful. Sometimes, her predictions come true the day of the reading, other times they can take a few months...but most of what she says comes true. Always, she leaves you spiritually refreshed. A+++++++++++
To say this lady is “riveting” as far as her psychic abilities are concerned is an understatement! She was unbelievably accurate on every topic we discussed. Her endearing spirit and obvious sincerity to assist her client, makes for a very comfortable reading. Most importantly, Angela is certainly connected with the Universal Energy and this is emphasized by her astounding accuracy! Angela will be my choice of counsel from now on!
Angela was wonderful, honest, and right to the point. She knew right away what I needed and concentrated on my issue at hand which I aprreciated. She gave lots of great advice too and did so with compassion and love. I feel empowered and stronger since my reading and ready to face what lies ahead of me with a different and much more positive perception than before. A very good reader who will concentrate on you and tell you the truth. I will call her again without a doubt.
Truly an excellent soul reader, Angela was accurate and personal. It was easy to understand her messages and revelations. It was a valuable journey with her.
Angela's reading was very accurate. She confirmed a lot of the information and she also told me what to expect in the near future especially as far as my job is concerned....I am looking forward to this. I will definately come back and write the follow-up during september....Gave me few points to think about my future......She is great at delievering accurate information. I highly recommend her for reading. Will come back and write folow-up in September 2009.

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