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Andrea Knight
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$29 15 min phone reading, Text readings available

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4th Generation Psychic - Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Intuitive
Andrea started having predictions that came true when she was a teen.

$29 15 min Phone reading, Text readings available

*Soul Mate and Twin Flame readings*
*Career Readings*
*Published Author on Amazon*
*Been on Radio and TV*
*Relationships, career, money, anxiety and spiritual help*
*Power Spirit Animal Classes*

Psychic Medium Andrea Knight, MBA is an empathic, non-judgmental listener who can help with her gifts as a clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant. She provides love & relationship, career and spiritual guidance readings. She connects with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to provide guided readings for her clients.


+ Phone, Email, Text and Zoom/Skype International all available
+ Soul Mate and Twin Flame Readings
+ Love/Relationship Readings
+ Finance / Career Readings - MBA and 17+ years in business
+ Spiritual advancement
+ Past Lives
+ Mediumship


+ Power Spirit Animal classes held every month, Live
+ Not pre-recorded
+ Find out what Power Spirit Animals are best for you in areas of money, healing, wealth and spiritual ability advancements


+ Soul Mate and Twin Flame Healing
+ Shamanic Energy Healing - I'll tell you what animal guides are present and what they want to tell you, remove energy that no longer serves you
+ Theta Healing - Work on your beliefs, fears, law of attraction
+ Reiki - Clear energetic blocks, imbalances, physical discomfort
+ Crystal healing
+ All sent over distance


"Soul Mates and Twin Flame Relationships: Euphoria & Enchantment" by Andrea Knight
Published book on Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover.
Find it here:

Psychic Medium Andrea Knight is a certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Theta, Crystal and Shamanic energy healer. She is available for private phone, email, text readings and energy healing over distance and in San Diego. Andrea has performed Psychic Mediumship readings for clients from all over the world including the US, Canada, Australia, Dubai, UK, Italy, Mexico, Africa, India, and South America.


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aka Psychic Medium Andrea Knight, also as Andrea Ladwig (Maiden)

Published book: "Soul Mates and Twin Flame Relationships: Euphoria & Enchantment" by Andrea Knight on Kindle, Paperback and Hardcover -

Listed since: May 14, 2014


I have two recent readings with Andrea and I must say this lady in the best I have had doing a reading. She had answers ready in some cases quicker than I had the question asked. She is the real deal. You will not be disappointed.
Outrageously talented. I've used quite a few psychics in my day. Most are good, some are bad but extremely few actually make me say WOW! She has a real gift.
I came across Andrea through this website at 12am (I was feeling very anxious) and found that she answers emails. I emailed her right away and she replied within a half hour. She was prompt, easily accessible, insightful and to the point. I highly recommend her!
Andrea is an exceptional Psychic Medium. She is accurate and honest. She listens to you and transfers the messages and information from your ancest, angels and guides clearly giving you the information and comfort you are seeking. I’ve been read by others in her profession but she stands out as the most accurate. I can’t recommend her enough!
Andrea really saved me from negative energies coming and going in my home. I knew it there was something, but I didn't even tell her about it. She knew! And, she helped close the "door" of where they were entering. I feel better! I know whatever or whoever was coming in is no longer! Not only that, but I allowed her guides to tell me anything I needed to know and it was the best reading. I will continue with Andrea.
During my reading I asked about my father who had passed away. Andrea was right on about him...not only did she know what he did for work, she told me that he was sending me signs through dragonflies, butterflies, birds and pennies. Dragonflies land on me all the time! The week before my reading I found two pennies! The day of my reading a butterfly flew with me while I was walking! The day after my reading a duck flew in front of my windshield while driving! She is amazing and very intuitive!
First time caller. She was a great medium that was able to connect quickly. She tuned into the people and situation and was easy to talk to. Super fast with her insight and actually very precise! Very helpful!
Andrea has a truly exceptional gift. She has incredible clarity in her connections with spirit guides and angels and her advice has been transforming in how I view the metaphysical world. She always shares with empathy, honesty and has a great sense of humor too!
Andrea is so wonderful to talk to. I have talked to her on many occasions and she always keeps it real with me even if the answer is not what I want hear. She is honest and great to talk to. She has helped me alot with some situations and doubts I've been going through. Thank you!!
I've received readings through Andrea many times. It is amazing how she connects and gives me the validation I need. I feel so much better after her readings. She really has a gift. Go to her, you won't be disappointed.
My reading was great! She had details, times, and gave me validation that she was connected by describing my lady's personality. Very nice, she is honest and to the point. I will use her again!
Andrea is great! Answers questions quickly and was able to tune into my boyfriend. Gave me validation by telling me what his personality was like and how he was treating me. I felt comfortable during my reading and will be back!
I just had the most amazing reading with Andrea. Answered every single question I had and tuned in so well to the situation. I am amazed and she has helped me understand my situation much better. Thank you so much Andrea
So this review is only a few days after my initial reading.. my reading was about my relationship with RB, where we stand, how he feels and where things will go. EVERYTHING that has been predicted has happened already, from seeing him to opening up about everything that was discussed in my reading... I have to say I've had 100% accuracy with this reader and it's only been a few days, I can't imagine how things will unfold from here forward... thank you and many blessings to you!
Andrea is amazing. Her accuracy during our readings has been out of this world.. she picks up on the energy of the moment and is able to give very detailed information of times, events, assistance in understanding what other people are feeling and thinking over the short term. She is calm.. very centred.. will not judge, and has endless patience with repeated questions and concerns. I cannot recommend her highly enough..she is very gifted, very kind, and very special.
Very on point with no questions asked. I had a great reading with you. I appreciate your insights and help. I hope all comes to the clear and I make the best decision for me. Your awesome, Much love!! 
I am a skeptic but what she predicted came true for me. I will be back. :)
She was very kind and understanding about my situation with my ex and soul mate. She's been through a lot of what I went through and gave me solutions and messages from my angels. I felt good throughout the session. Will call again!
So kind and open to different spiritualities. Made me feel like I could talk to her about anything for hours without judgement. Will talk to her again.
I trust Andrea's ability 100%.. She is accurate beyond words. I have been coming to Andrea for advice for a couple of years for myself and friends! You won't be disaapointed. Thank you to Andrea and this universe for giving us this gift for Andrea to share!
Very accurate session. Picked up on my situation and answered my questions with no problem. Highly recommend. Thank you:)
She is a genuine, and a real psychic! Very nice and to the point, answered all my questions kindly and with confidence. Good validation. I enjoyed talking with her.
Andrea is so comforting. I always feel a lot clearer in my situation after speaking with her. Thank you so much for the clarity. Happy New Year!!!
I've had a few readings with Andrea and she is always quick, warm, and professional at the same time. Thank you Andrea!
First time speaking with her, and I could feel her energy as being truly peaceful and really knowing what she is talking about. Felt calmness in her conversation and she was straightforward with me. I appreciate it.
Andrea was able to pick up on my situation immediately and gave me explanations that made sense. I highly recommend her. Puts your mind at ease and is so helpful. Very intuitive and honest with responses. I feel a weight off my shoulders.
Andrea is a very gifted Medium. I'm glad I found her. However I did drive her nuts with all my questions. I'm one of those why people so I need answers. She did a great healing on me and my son. I trust her and her abilities. So you won't be disappointed. I'd also like to say Thank you to Bob Olson for his work too!! So Thank you to the both of you..
Andrea is one of a kind and what makes her so special she uses the angels..and I also think a medium... but she connected me with my mom and I never thought that I would be connected so close to her.. I'm glad I had this reading now I can have more conversations with my loved ones .. thanks Andrea so much and I will send my friends to you...
Thank you for the reading! A very perceptive and courteous reader.
Very accurate and detailed! Enjoyed my chat with her. Will use her again.


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