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If you’ve found Alyssa, you probably feel stuck, are in need of healing or clarity, or are ready to connect with loved ones in spirit.

You’re in the right place.

Author of How Old Is Your Soul? The Essential Guide To The Lessons, Gifts and Archetypes of Every Soul Age and The Third Eye Diet, Alyssa shares a powerful blend of natural psychic abilities, transformational quantum energy healing and master level spiritual teaching, earning her the reputation as one of America’s most gifted psychic mediums, spiritual catalyst, and healers.

Alyssa is a down-to-earth spiritual catalyst, medical intuitive, and psychic medium who will address your concerns and issues with compassion, insight and healing energy. She provides intuitive awareness about past, present and future, as well as connects with those in Spirit.

In sessions with Alyssa, you will have the opportunity to connect with Spirit, ask questions, experience transformational quantum healing work, and activate deeper spiritual awareness.
Sessions are either individual, couples or group, and may be experienced either in-person or remotely via Zoom or phone.

From Alyssa:

Hi, I’m Alyssa Malehorn.
I’m a spiritual catalyst, psychic medium, and transformational energy healer. I facilitate quantum shifts in my students’ and clients’ consciousness to lift the veil of perceived limits, deeply heal, and guide them to trust in their own divine knowing.
I’ve dedicated my life to helping people connect with spirit, rediscover their true selves, and heal through unity consciousness.
I'm looking forward to getting to know you and supporting you on your journey to being more of you.

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LOCATIONS: Offices in Austin, TX and Pagosa Springs, CO

REMOTE OPTIONS: Remote Sessions Available via Zoom and Phone

→ Natural Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Catalyst, Psychic Medium, Transformational Energy Healer, Intuitive Mentor, Consciousness Facilitator, and Founder of Quantum Harmonization Multidimensional Healing and Awareness Activation
→ Over 25 Years Professional Experience Facilitating Sessions, Mentorship, Groups, Events and Classes
→ Quantum Harmonization Founder
→ Certified HeartMath Professional Trainer
→ Certified in Hypnosis, NLP, TimeLine Therapy, Life Coaching
→ Former Reiki Master Teacher of 25 Years (Founded Quantum Harmonization: Beyond Reiki Healing)

Listed since: Aug 31, 2015


Alyssa was FABULOUS!!! At first some things didn't seem to make sense, but when I read my notes the next day it hit me~ she was right!!! Great reading!!!
Alyssa is my Reiki Master Teacher and mentor. She taught the recent class on Pendulum Use/Divination. I was amazed at the infinite possibilities! An excellent teacher and Psychic Medium, Alyssa patiently explains and demonstrates while giving us a hands-on experience. I learn new tools and ways to perceive and cope with every class I take. Her capabilities are life-changing and healing on many levels. I highly recommend meeting her and taking her awesome classes. Alyssa is a gift to all.ZL
Alyssa is my Reiki Master Teacher, Psychic Medium, and Spiritual Healer. I regularly attend her Reiki Shares and classes. She attested to the content of my latest book, loving it and saying it was straight from Spirit. She continues to guide us, and by helping us to heal, we can help others. Meeting her will change your life and help you to see things from an awesome perspective. If you haven't met her, you should. Alyssa Malehorn is a true gift.

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