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Sharon Bridwell
Sharon Bridwell


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I am Sharon, I am a gifted Psychic and Medium, and reader of the Akashic Records. I am able to tap into your energy instantly as my Guides are able to share detailed messages about your life, and inspire you to clarify your choices that will help to improve your soul path.

I am also gifted to read your Aura, Chakras, and your soul energy. I have been an Intuitive /clairvoyant for over fifty years and during your session my guides provide "to the point" and detailed information.

Sessions (personal readings) are offered in person, by phone, chat or skype.

I have been providing unparalleled professional psychic guidance worldwide for over thirty years. My accurate, skillful psychic readings have helped clients all over the world with making important life decisions.

If you've experienced a loss, or are in need of guidance, or you are looking for a new direction in your life, you can finally get the answers you need to help you find success in love, health issues, soulmate, relationships, and careers. Schedule with me , I look forward to sharing with you, and finding the keys to finally unlock the doors that seem so sealed shut to you.

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Sharon is a Reiki Master Teacher and Healer, Author, and Certified Past Life Regressionist, Certified Crystal Healer and Sound Therapy Master Teacher.. Sharon is also the Founder and Operator of Windsong Spiritual Retreat in Taylors SC
Sharon provides private parties for every occasion.

The Path of the Heart is not set....It's Guided. The Journey begins Within...

Listed since: Aug 21, 2011


Sharon was amazing from the start. Immediately my dad dropped in and she was right on the money with his first and middle name. She began by asking for protection over both of us and the reading. She then spoke to my dad and then my dad spoke through her. She spoke to her spirit guide as well. She also took the time (for free!) to explain to me about my own gifts! There was so much more to this reading! Sharon is honest, genuine, humble, giving, and about the kindest person you'd want to meet.
OMG! I am in awe from the reading I had with Sharon. I have had many psychic readings but none have ever been this accurate. It was amazing and I plan to have many sessions with her. I am glad I found this site and I am so glad to find Sharon. Her Guide is wonderful. I can't say thank you enough for the life changing message.
I have had several reading with Sharon and she is amazing...My husband passed away and she was able to connect with him and give messages. She told me things that only my husband and I would know. I recommend her 100 %
I have never met such an amazingly accurate Psychic Medium. I went to one of her parties and she read almost everyone there. everything thing she told them was 100% accurate right down to have a baby boy and knowing a man's name of a specific woman's husband who had crossed over and gave her a message to a T. When she read me I was in complete amazement of her uncanny ability to hot the nail right on the head in so many topics in my life! Thank you Sharon
Sharon is truly gifted. Her guides were spot on with things and people in my life. My questions were answered before I asked. I am glad I got the chance to have her speak into my life! I was able to hear from my mom who passed in Dec 2012. I never mentioned my mom's name but Sharon tapped in and received her message and called me by my nickname which Sharon knew nothing of. I can't wait to do this again. thank you Sharon. Maria J Hartford Ct
Thank you so much Sharon for the reading It was heartfelt, and everything was resonating and felt so truthful. Instantly I saw the changes!" "not only are you truly gifted from God, but you are in service to humanity and coming from a place of love", Thank you so much for helping me in a time of major transition! Love you

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