Roy Worley

Roy Worley
Roy Worley


Nearest City: 

Myrtle Beach


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$150 for a one-hour reading. $95 for half-hour readings.

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Roy Worley offers various services including a full or half session Psychic Reading and Past Life Regressions and Chakra Cleansings. He always perceived his "awareness" as a gift, and as he practiced and sharpened his skills, he realized he could help others recognize the lessons they needed to learn. He could share with others why they have gone through troubled times, and tell them what it means. He could help people grow, who in turn would be enabled to help others.

"Everything is composed of energy. I feel the energy by looking into the eyes of a person, and I sense the energy coming through my body," says Roy. It is an innate talent, and his friends and clients are amazed at his accuracy. When Roy was a child he learned he could feel a certain "vibration" in those with whom he made contact. As time progressed, Roy strengthened his inborn abilities. He learned to improve his "energy" readings and performs psychometry - the ability to draw information from an object, in this case a photograph.

Listed since: Sep 23, 2014


Roy is a wonderful and gifted soul. He told me things he could have never known without his gift. I now call him friend, and I trust him completely. It's been a joy getting to understand life situations from our sessions.

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