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$40.00 for 20 minutes, $70 for 40 minutes and $100 for an hour. $1.65 a minutes after an hour

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774 295 0022


I have been communicating with pets since a child and helping people with relationships, money matters, business decisions and life path as I grew older. I am also an animal medium and can connect with your departed pet. What makes me unique is that I worked as a criminal investigator, scientific research project manager, veterinary practice manager—all of which give me laser focus in detecting and solving issues with compassion and positive results. I use my abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, veterinary/medical empath and medium to assist in the areas of animal communication, medium work, personal relationships, and business.

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Whether you are asking for yourself or your animal, a session begins with your giving your name and your animal’s name if for animal communication, then asking your question or area of interest.

Listed since: Jan 15, 2018


So glad to have done a reading for my dog w/ Joss- she's a good, genuine, animal loving soul.  I felt comfortable w/ her from her first communication.  We'd been to various vets, & natural animal medicine allies. Joss went deeper, & found something we hadn't been told of or thought of before.  Something we needed to, but didn't want to, hear.  But we have more clarity on what to do & look for after this reading, and the advice Joss gave us.  I understand my dog & her beautiful innocence more.
I had a reading today 8/18/22 with Joss, she is amazing!! She connected with her spirit guides & gave me clear direct answers about my relationship & where it was headed. She is honest, kind, funny & so amazing to talk to. If you need any guidance in life, contact Joss ! You will not be disappointed, I definitely will be back for another reading in the future -
Joss is my guardian angel. She blew me away with her ability to communicate with my cat, adjust feeding issues, medical issues, etc. Also, doctors thought I had lung cancer and she was able to feel my body with her special scan and talk to her spirit helpers and they said no, it was fungus. Can't tell you how relieved I was. She also helped me with supplements. Have had numerous readings and you won't be disappointed, she is the best. You won't be disapointed.. She is so accurate.
Another wonderful reading from Joss today. She is a gift from heaven. She is always there to help me with my cat Missy and also my animals that have passed on. She helps me with many issues, and always asks her spirit helpers for what they have to say. Such a comfort to have her help.
So greatful to Joss for wonderful medical information that doctors did not find which I plan to follow . She gave me peace of mind that I would not have more cancer and live long life. She also gave good insight into future so I can plan accordingly. Joss has also helped me with my cats, one in physical and 2 others in spirit. I plan to be a regular from now on and would recommend her to anyone. Mary Oakes
Joss was kind, warm, genuine and incredibly accurate. She was able to provide information and guidance about any situation I asked her about during our reading. The reading is a lot of question and answer which allowed me to learn more about the situation I was asking her about. She is gifted. Thank you Joss.
Joss gave me a wonderful reading regarding my older Bengal cat, who was diagnosed with tumor in her liver. Vet gave us about 2 months. Devastated, I reached out to Joss, who answered my call immediately! She put my heart/mind at ease and scheduled me in a timely manner. Her pricing is more than fair and she is generous in conversation timing. Much appreciated! We also discussed other pets and she got them spot on! I highly recommend her services! Looking forward to next visit!
Joss helped me communicate with my little dog Nina. She was spot on with some of Nina's health history, which was very helpful. But most important to me was that Joss captured Nina's personality so that I knew they were really connecting. Nina was able to relay a message to me that I really needed to hear. Joss is kind, caring, and the real deal. I would not hesitate to schedule with her.
Joss's persona is one of insight, compassion and knowledge. She helped me through the illness and subsequent loss of my two beloved beagles. Her guidance helped me to understand and accept their passing and acknowledged family was waiting to bring them home to heaven. In the everyday questions of life Joss has been amazingly accurate, her communication with spirit gives you clarification, hope and validation in the details she is able to provide. Looking forward to another chat with Joss!
I called Joss because we have an aging cat who has recently developed a number of health issues. I was hoping for more clarity about putting the puzzle pieces together so we could focus better on the next steps of testing and treatment. She has an incredible wealth of experience in health issues and nutrition! Her body scan picked up everything we knew about, clarified some things we weren't sure about, put the whole in a clearer light. Truly blown away by her accuracy and detail.
Joss is spot on. Gives a real time scan of organ functionality, specific problem areas, digestive, pulmonary, endocrine, skeletal and muscular systems and finds what is really causing the issues that normal veterinary practices cannot. Finds underlying causes not always visible in modern analysis methods. Makes appropriate recommendations afterward. WOW!
There are NOT enough characters to describe the amazing ACCURACY of Joss's readings, she is one of the BEST psychics I have ever been too. Her readings on my cats were spot on. It helped in the end when I had to decide whether to keep or put my aging cat down. Even my vet was open to her opinion as to what was wrong with my kitty. It was not an easy decision but I knew it was the right thing to do and not let her suffer. She put my mind at ease when she said my cat crossed over and was happy .
Joss was a phenomenon; the help she offered was invaluable. We have two dogs that exhibit behavioral issues, one more than the other, and she described each of them perfectly. Her communication with them both allowed me to better understand our dog's inner workings and offered clarification and validation in moving forward successfully. We now have a solid set of solutions, which we are going to pursue. This wouldn't have unfolded the way it did if not for Joss and her gifts. Thank you!
Joss is genuine, without doubt. She was able to see and feel my furry son, Smudge, in spirit while we talked on the phone and my husband, Clark, was with a prostrate Smudge in the hospital. I was amazed when Clark told me after, that the very moment we started the call, when Joss told me she was speaking with Smudge, our weak puppy actually got up and started to speak to my husband! He corroborated much more that happened while I spoke to Joss too. She is a God-sent, kind angel. Thank you, Joss!
I asked Joss to do some work on my departed dog and determine when she was ready to come back and how we could reconnect. Joss was instrumental in recognizing the signs and figuring out where my departed dog would reappear. She was able to connect to the new dog and confirm the connection with my other dog.
Joss did a medical scan and was able to connect quickly with my dog and determine the exact reason she was not eating. Joss was extremely helpful and spot on! She provided specific information that was the source of my dog not eating. I cannot thank her enough!
Joss did a Medium Session on my dog. She asked that I not share any information. Joss provided specific information about Willie's health before he passed. She also let me know how Willie is now which provided great comfort.
I am so grateful to Joss for making time to speak with me on very short notice during a critical time for me and my dog. Her wise and intuitive counsel helped me make a difficult decision without painful second guessing. I will always remember and appreciate her compassion and help.
Jocelyn was so wonderful, she was able to talk with my beloved Sasha on very short notice. Sasha wasn’t doing well and I had a subspecialty vet appointment scheduled, but it just didn’t feel right. Jocelyn was able to scan Sasha energetically and discover her issues w/ amazing accuracy. She pointed me in the right direction and within a day you could see a huge difference. I’m forever indebted to Jocelyn-she is so gifted and loving and truly cares about your fur baby.
Hello, I just want to say after our reading I felt this calmness. I did see my dog in a orb and there she was. I feel blessed and want to thank you so ver much for contacting Tizzy. GOD BLESS YOU.
Joss is the real deal. She is kind and makes you feel extremely comfortable. In just a few minutes she was able to solve a mystery that was troubling my dog. Because of Joss' help I am now able to get him the right medical help he needs. She was able to do a body scan that was able to identify the root cause. Most importantly she was able to give me answers when other vets could not. I would definitely use her again. It was like talking to a family member and she really does care.
My experience with Joss was very positive, she was very kind and helpful. She helped us find our missing cat, her pointers were true on the cats behavior and state of mind he was in she was also able to see he was close to home and from that information we then set out a safe trap and were able to get our cat back safely! Will definitely use her again if needed.
I just had a wonderful session with Joss. She is the real deal. I called for all my personal and business questions. About career, moves, important events, relationship and it was a great session and very very helpful. I asked a lot about business questions in my professional career and also for my own personal business that I am creating and she is phenomenal. I look forward to having more sessions with her.
Joss did a medical and business reading. She was able to pick up on all physical issues, both minor and major. I had a concern about a physical issue, she was able to talk about the origin of the issue and gave me practical suggestions to deal with it. Her ability to connect to my business concerns was spot on. She was able to address the big picture and minor details, suggesting a course in order to for me to reach my goals. Overall, great reading and will check in with her again.
I highly recommend Joss. She communicated with my dog regarding her back pain. She was able to locate the exact spot where she is in pain. This exact spot was later confirmed by the vet via tests. We were able to focus on the pain location to achieve pain relief. My dog also has a very sensitive stomach and was feeling very lethargic. Joss was able to point out the issue right away. We we took our dog to the vet, he administered a shot of B12 and confirmed what Joss had determined.
joss was very spot on with descibing my dog as we did a phone reading she also gave me some good advice

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