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Joss Moroney

Joss Moroney
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$20.00 for 15 minutes and $40 for 30 minutes

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774 295 0022


If you wonder what is going on with your pet, why you are noticing different behaviors or concerned about a health issue, I can help. Perhaps an animal you loved has died, and you have unanswered questions or words you wanted to say but couldn't, I can help.

i have been communicating with pets since a child and helping people with relationships, money matters, business decisions and life path as I grew older. I am also an animal medium and can connect with your departed pet. What makes me unique is that I worked as a criminal investigator, scientific research project manager, veterinary practice manager—all of which give me laser focus in detecting and solving issues with compassion and positive results. I use my abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant, veterinary/medical empath and medium to assist in the areas of animal communication, medium work, personal relationships, and business.

Additional Information: 

Whether you are asking for yourself or your animal, a session begins with your giving your name and your animal’s name if for animal communication, then asking your question or area of interest.

Listed since: Jan 15, 2018


Joss did a medical and business reading. She was able to pick up on all physical issues, both minor and major. I had a concern about a physical issue, she was able to talk about the origin of the issue and gave me practical suggestions to deal with it. Her ability to connect to my business concerns was spot on. She was able to address the big picture and minor details, suggesting a course in order to for me to reach my goals. Overall, great reading and will check in with her again.
I highly recommend Joss. She communicated with my dog regarding her back pain. She was able to locate the exact spot where she is in pain. This exact spot was later confirmed by the vet via tests. We were able to focus on the pain location to achieve pain relief. My dog also has a very sensitive stomach and was feeling very lethargic. Joss was able to point out the issue right away. We we took our dog to the vet, he administered a shot of B12 and confirmed what Joss had determined.
joss was very spot on with descibing my dog as we did a phone reading she also gave me some good advice

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