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“Helping People Heal, One at a Time” - Jodi-Lynn 2012

Jodi -Lynn has said in many Interviews that she is “Just a mom with a special gift to share.” She has been helping people heal for more than 13 years and has become somewhat of a household name throughout New England for her uncanny ability to connect Heaven to Earth. Her abilities do not have boundaries, therefore, she been fortunate enough to have worked throughout the United States and Internationally by phone or the Web, allowing her to be a catalyst for many to experience the healing power of Spirit Communication. She works with total professionalism giving comfort, guidance and validation. She is a firm believer that she was given this gift for a reason, to help others to the best of her ability at all times and treat everyone who sits before her as she would her own family. The majority of her clients have been referred to her by Therapists, Hospice and Bereavement groups to aid in the healing and comfort process. She does not conduct “Open” sittings where you would just see who steps forward. Her connection is typically undeniable including personalities, memories and relationship of the loved one to the sitter. She was asked in 2012 during an interview to describe what she does. " I like to think I am helping to heal, one person at a time and I honestly know this is why I was chosen to be who I am today." She has been called upon many times to take part in experiments for universities that are working with both the Scientific and the Spiritual aspects of death bringing the proof of one existing after the other. Please remember that she advises that you to take the time and realize where you are in the healing process. She believes that the time you allow yourself after loss, plays an important part of what you receive in a session to help your healing journey. She advises to wait at least 6 months after a passing. The reason she advises tis, is not because Spirit is not ready to communicate with her, they are ready right away, but due to the fact that the sitter would have started the grief process. As she explains to many clients - “It is like when we are teaching our children how to walk and we are behind them with our hands out, ready to catch them if they fall. They do not know we are there. I look at it the same. They are behind us, hands out. They are not RIGHT there making their presence known because we have to learn to walk alone without them a bit first…but they are there.”

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She offers various types of services, depending on her clients needs. "1/2 hour of Healing" This Session is where communication is established between those in Spirit and those searching for connection. Jodi-Lynn's clear, evidential messages have not only helped many people who are dealing with grief but has also helped those preparing for end of life. She has been called to hospitals to communicate on behalf of those who have not crossed, but do not have the ability to "speak" for themselves prior to transitioning. Jodi-lynn books 30-minute sessions. Her clients typically receive an immense, powerful connection within the time allotted but if you feel a longer session would be desired, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. This type of session is also offered by Phone, Facetime or Zoom.

Jodi-Lynn has the ability to communicate with Animals in Spirit & with those with us now. Her communication has helped many people through the grief process of a loss of a pet, yet her ability has also been utilized in helping owners in many various situations of all types such as behavioral and emotional issues.

In Depth Psychic Intuitive Readings- Lovingly named "Spiritual Butt Kicking" by her clients many years ago. Many of her clients call on this personal consultation f they are trying to make a decision or just want to see the direction their life is going. This session is where Jodi-Lynn connects using her Psychic Abilities to provide you with an immense amount of information. This intensely in-depth session covers both past, present and possible future events. This type of session has been highly utilized by many Therapists for their clients to help them break through emotional barriers and possible trauma. She does call on your loved ones and Spirit Guides to aid in the dispersing of helpful information but please note that * This is NOT a Mediumship appointment. Be prepared to cover many topics that may arise.

“It felt as if I was having one of the old conversations we used to have, like my grandmother was sitting right with me. Thank you Jodi”

~Anna B.

Listed since: Nov 23, 2022

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