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alexandra hope flood
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Greetings! I am a second-generation intuitive, medium, and past life reader. I am also a spiritual energy healer and spiritual teacher. I am grateful to work with hundreds of beautiful clients from all over the world. In addition to my private reading practice, I was the Intuitive Life Coach at All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Health Center (the largest non-residential yoga center in New England) in Rhode Island for 5 years. I am here to assist you in discovering your true gifts and soul’s purpose so that you can reach your fullest and happiest potential. I can offer intuitive guidance about any issue in your life -- all you have to do is ask! There is always loving cosmic wisdom here to support us for our highest good, healing, growth, and evolution. XOXO -- Alix


To listen to how I work + explain my intuitive process, you can listen to me on the wonderful Seed of Awakening podcast (available on iTunes + Spotify). Episode links are available on my site's homepage.

Seeds of Awakening, Episode 19, Tapping Into Intuition

Seeds of Awakening, Episode 18, Personal Intuitive Readings



Insight Into relationships, love + romance

Twin Flame identification, healing + support

Learning your soul's purpose + mission

Clearing unconscious shadows potentially be blocking you

Releasing and healing fears

Understanding your karma (not as scary as it sounds!)

Illuminating your highest potential + gifts

Healing past lives, including past life trauma clearing

Guidance on relationships, family, career + purpose

Clearing + balancing your Chakras

Cutting cords of negative attachment

Removing entities from spaces and energy fields

Connecting you with your spirit guides

Healing messages from deceased loved ones

Animal communication and healing (we love our pets!)

Providing you with new tools to further support you on your path

Teaching Intuitive development

And whatever else your spirit guides and higher self delivers!

NOTE: I also offer remote property clearing + healing (aka "ghost busting")

No two sessions are alike... but they are always loving, light-filled, and a safe process which is ultimately a form of healing and positive powerful transformation.

Love + Blessings,
Alix <3 XOXO

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“Alix is amazing in every way. I’ve had a few readings from her; each of them uniquely insightful, extremely helpful and profoundly deep. She has the ability to see beyond the obvious to make connections between self, relationships and events. Alix offers gentle guidance along life’s path, brings options and ideas to light and transcends time and space to bring an understanding to the origins of current patterns and inclinations. My sessions with Alix have brought me comfort and clarity, I’ll never hesitate to seek her council.”

Liz Lindh, Director at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers, Costa Rica + Doctor of Acupuncture/Herbalist

“Alix never fails to impress me with her intuitive brilliance. An investigator through and through, she has the uncanny ability of posing profound, precise questions that get us to the heart of the matter. She is straightforward, compassionate, methodical, and extremely generous. I trust her wholeheartedly with the thorniest of issues, as her perspective is unfailingly honest, kind, and best of all, empowering. She is a pure channel. Psychically, she nails it, every time. The spiritual lens through which she speaks is soul-soothing and inspiring. She has a knack for bringing out one’s better angels, with humor, truth, and beauty. Her wisdom has prompted me to start creative projects that are healing and meaningful. Connecting with Alix is a truly precious gift. She’s the best of the best.”

Suzanne Guillette, Writer, Author, Intuitive,, New York, NY

“Alix gave me a wonderful reading. It helped to ease my heart. I was then able to let go, be in the moment and trust. I am a skeptic usually, however Alix has an extremely gentle way of guiding one and is very insightful — I am no longer a skeptic! I also read her blog, so nice to read what she has to pass on to everyone. I suggest reading it – very profound, intelligent, keen and sensitive for all. It gives me the opportunity to know and understand her intuitive gifts. Thank you Alix!”

Josie Campbell Rock, Middletown, RI

Please email me with any question about my services + I will respond within 24 hours (holidays + weekends please allow for 48 hours :)!

All sessions are over the phone so location is never an issue!

Please visit my website to read my client testimonials!!

Listed since: Jun 1, 2015


It has been a pleasure working with you, Alix! There is the presence of trust and kindness in your manner and voice which really facilitates the work and experience for me. You have relayed messages and images that made sense and touched my dusty boxes of memories and moments in my life that perhaps could use a dusting off and a re-evaluating the worth of holding onto them. Thank you for your non-judgement. I look forward to many future consultations!
I HIGHLY recommend Alix for any help you may think you need. She helped me greatly when my husband was going through a mental breakdown. I was at a loss as to what was happening & what to do. She gave me insight into the situation & confidence. I also attended her "Intuition 2020 and Beyond" presentation BEFORE this pandemic. Through her words, via her guides, I am calm and ok, & understand this pandemic is not so bad but a catalyst for a renaissance of Better World Wide Humanity.
Alix is an exceptional intuitive to work with and human being to know. She discerns the wisdom that will be most healing, and she communicates with joy, positivity, and humor. She shines in her ability to share her guidance in ways that are concrete, practical and loving. Having been fortunate to work with many intuitives over the years, I can say from experience that Alix is THE BEST! A reading with Alix is a profound, life changing, delightful experience not to be missed.
The reading Alix gave me was the best I’ve ever had! And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve had about 5-10 readings in my life and while they all gave me some insight, none really resonated and stuck with me the way this one did. Without any prompting, Alix was able to tell me so much and answer questions I’d been struggling to answer my entire life. My perspective was changed and my life took on new meaning because of her. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for the real thing. She’s it!

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