Ten Simple Ways To Improve Your Directory Response

There are 10 easy things you can be doing to maximize your response from the directory. If you really want to attract more clients, here are my 10 recommendations:


If you haven’t uploaded a headshot of your smiling face, you’re not getting the response you could be getting. Yes, smiles typically perform better, but sometimes it works if it's a non-smile but friendly look. Full body photos have proven to be less effective than headshots for years. And we don't allow photos of rainbows, crystals or anything other than yourself because these definitely diminish the credibility of the directory. The headshot photo affects your response so much that it's worth testing a new photo every once in a while to see if it improves your success rate. If it doesn't, switch back to the previous one. But if it does, now you're getting even more clients than ever.


Your first paragraph of your directory listing is the most important. Make sure that you tell visitors a) what kind of readings you offer AND b) how they will benefit from a reading with you. Only AFTER you have told them how your readings can help them should you begin talking about your experience, credentials or awards. And only AFTER all that should you be talking about your family life, hobbies and personal interests (if at all).

PS, If you give Instant Readings, your first paragraph cannot have a phone number, website, or any other info that will lead people away from the Instant Readings page. Why? Because you signed a contract with Click4Advisor stating that you would not encourage their Users to get readings with you outside the system (that's essentially stealing). So to prevent you from breaching your contract with them, don't list any websites, phone numbers or email addresses in the first 450 characters of your directory page. And as I stated above, all you should be writing here is a) what kind of readings you offer, and b) how visitors will benefit from a reading with you.


Some Internet readers read everything on the page and some visitors merely scan the page when they read. Make sure to write your directory copy for both. So if you have a lot of copy (lots of information), be sure to write in small paragraphs and use headlines and subheadlines to separate your sections. You might have a headline titled, "How To Book A Reading," and another titled, "What A Reading Is Like With Me," and still another one titled, "How To Prepare For Your Reading."


It's proven to be more effective when you write directly to your audience in the first person. Don't talk about yourself as if you're a third person, as in "Jane Doe is a world reknowned medium." Instead write, "I've been giving readings to people around the world." And write directly to your audience by using the words "you" and "your," as in "You can call me by phone to book your reading." Your directory listing is promotion and promotion is all about creating relationships. So talk to the directory visitors directly and they will more likely feel a rapport with you, thereby choosing you for their reading.


This another important step that many people on the directory are missing. Rarely do I have a Featured Listing tell me that they are not getting most of their new clients from Best Psychic Directory. However, on that rare occassion when a psychic or medium tells me that they are not getting enough response from their listing, in almost every case these people have no reviews. Even five or ten reviews is better than none. When a visitor sees that you have no reviews, what that tells them is that nobody is willing to take the time to say something positive about you. And since quite a few people on Best Psychic Directory have 100, 200, and even 300 reviews, most visitors just won't call those psychics or mediums with no reviews.

To get reviews, all you have to do is send an email to all your past clients asking them to submit a review for you. Be sure to copy and paste the URL (directory website link) for your specific directory page to make it easy for your clients to find your page and leave the review. Let them know that even one sentence is enough, and people will be more likely to do it.


The more options you give to your clients, the more clients you will get. This is true for where you give readings. If you only give readings in person, you've really dimished the size of your potential clients. Offer readings by phone, in person, via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. Many people offer email readings and chat as well. Some people prefer phone readings, others want to see you online. I once tried to get a reading with a spirit artist who only offered Skype readings. I didn't want her to see me because I planned to test her anonymously. She wouldn't do it any other way, so I never tested her.

It's also great to have multiple payment options. The less options you have, the more likely you will deter some clients who want a reading from you. For example, not all visitors use Paypal or even know how to use it. If that's the only form of payment you accept, you might be losing clients because of it. It's recommended that you accept all forms of credit cards, including American Express. If you accept checks, just be sure the check has cleared before you make the appointment.


I created my Psychic Medium Training Workshop to teach psychics and mediums like you how to grow to the next level in your calling. I knew I had information that could help psychics and mediums a) Give better readings and b) Reach a larger audience (and thereby attract more clients and income). Here are a couple testimonials about the course. There are a lot more on the website.

“I'll be putting your ‘Psychic-Medium Best Practices’ into my work from now on. I learned so much from you last weekend, I'd hire you as my consultant because I know I'd benefit so much from it! I found your class to be structured, well organized and jam packed with highly useful information that will help me solidify my business methods. I love your approach, it's practical, down to earth, business sense, that obviously comes from a strong knowledge base of research and investigation that has made you an expert. I'm so glad to hear from your experience with so many readings and psychics, it gave me a great perspective on what the best psychics do versus what not to do.” Lisa Kumaradjaja, Psychic Medium and Angel Therapist®

"I have taken classes at [a workshop venue] and had different teachers throughout the years but no one has ever explained things in such a way that has made sense to me! I know the teachers I've had have been phenomonal but I always left feeling that I already knew that, I already did that so I stopped taking so many classes. Something about Bob resonated with me and so I took a chance on this purchase… I am beginning segment three of the workshop now and I have never gone through a workshop this quickly. I just can't get enough of it. I love the presentation. Blessings, Kat Tringo"

I sincerely believe this workshop can help you, and I have lots of psychics and mediums who will attest to it (see website for testimonials). So here’s the link to read more about this workshop: Click Here For Psychic Medium Workshop website.


If you’re still plugging along with your basic listing, you owe it to yourself to find out why approximately 150+ psychics and mediums not only have a Featured Listing, but have kept it month after month, year after year. I have many psychics and mediums who have been a Featured Listing since 2007 and 2008. Your free listing gets you listed on your State or Country page. However, Featured Listings offer all these extra advantages too:

  • MORE EXPOSURE: Featured Listings are listed on over 600 pages in the right-hand column: free listings, articles, videos, state & country listings, specialty listings, events, About Us, Instant Readings, FAQ, News & Noteworthy, and Contact Us page.
  • ABOVE FREE LISTINGS: Featured Listings are located above all the free listings on the state and country pages.
  • HIGHLIGHTED LISTING: Featured Listings are highlighted in gold.
  • PROMOTE EVENTS: Featured Listings are eligible to submit unlimited events to our Events page (within guidelines).
  • PROMOTE WITH VIDEO: Featured Listings can add a YouTube video to their directory listing.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Featured Listings can link to their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  • SCHEDULING PLATFORM LINKS: Featured Listings get to link to their scheduling platform site so visitors can schedule on their own.
Read this little article that teaches one of the most life-changing concepts that I teach in my workshop about psychic
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If you log on to edit your page, you'll notice that there are multiple Specialty pages from which you can choose, such as Animal Communicators, Spirit Artists, and Tarot (Card) Readers. You can choose up to 3 that fit your abilities. Our visitors actually use these categories when choosing their psychic or medium. So be sure that you assign yourself to those categories that fit so that you are attracting new clients who want what you offer. It's a great way to attract your ideal client.


There is a field for "Scheduled Reading Fee," which many psychics mistakenly leave blank or tell visitors to see their website for fees. This is a mistake because many visitors won't visit your website and will instead just keep looking at other psychics or mediums on the directory for one in the price range they're seeking. So you will actually attract more new clients if you write your reading fee in this field. Just be sure to edit it if you ever change your fee.