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What's the purpose of psychic medium readings?

What’s the purpose of a psychic medium reading (readings of spirit communication)?

by Bob Olson,, &

The purpose of psychic medium readings is to communicate with our deceased loved ones, which helps comfort and heal our grief. It gives us evidence that our deceased loved ones still exist, only now they exist in spirit. It teaches us that the departed are still with us and watching over us. And it teaches us about the afterlife.

Spirit communication through a psychic medium also teaches us that we survive death. Once a person develops a “knowing” that life after death is real, their entire perspective, and therefore their entire life, changes in positive ways. Many of our psychological issues are based in our fear of death. And since the mind-body connection is so powerful, losing this fear can help us physically as well as psychologically.

Psychic medium readings also show us that there is more to life and death than most people realize—much more than we can perceive using our five senses. This inspires us to seek more information, to investigate the truth, and to explore new experiences that lead us to deeper understandings of where we come from and where we are going.

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