Instant Readings Feature

Welcome Psychics and Mediums!

I’m so very happy to be able to offer you (and the public) the “Instant Readings” feature on If you're interested in participating, everything you need to know to get started is explained below.

If you’re already familiar with the Click4Advisor Instant Reading system and know you want to give Instant Readings on Best Psychic Directory, you can Click Here To Join Now


For years the public told me that they don’t like waiting days, weeks or months to get a reading. I’m not a patient man myself, so I fully understand their position. As a result, I added this feature to the directory that will allow you to give Instant Readings to directory visitors via phone or chat.

People can still call or email you directly to schedule a reading, but this feature allows people to also get an Instant Reading with you whenever you're available (whenever you log on).

Not everyone is required to participate in this new feature. But if you do choose to participate, it's your choice as to how often you'll be "available" for instant readings. You are required to use it at least once monthly in order to participate, otherwise it's your choice as to how often you'll sign on. What's nice is that you can simply log on to the system and your directory page will automatically indicate to our directory visitors that you're available to give an Instant Reading.

Using this “Instant Reading” feature, if you have a cancellation or a client doesn’t show, if you find yourself with extra time one afternoon, or you can’t sleep one night and would prefer to give readings than watch TV infomercials, you’ll be able to log on to our system and give Instant Readings to directory visitors. How cool is that? And you’ll get to choose if you want to offer phone readings, chat readings, chat and video readings, or video only (not chat). If you're not interested in one or the other--say chat readings for instance--you simply don't log on for that service (your chat button will indicate that you're not available for chat).

No longer will you miss out on potential clients who want a reading immediately. No longer will you miss out on new clients who don’t want to play telephone tag with you, or aren’t willing to wait for your email reply, or simply will not wait days, weeks or months to be on your waiting list. There are a lot of people who are like this, so now you have a new way to give readings to this segment of our directory visitors.

If you don’t want to participate, however, there is nothing you need to do or tell me. For you, the directory will remain the same.


QUESTION: What is the Instant Reading feature?

The Instant Reading feature is an effective way for you to improve your response on and serve our directory visitors by providing readings to people instantly—right while they’re visiting the site. And there are a few options for giving readings. One, you can give instant readings by PHONE. Two, you can give instant readings by CHAT (like instant messaging). And Three, you can give instant readings by VIDEO.

QUESTION: How does the public implement this Instant Reading feature?

For participating psychics and mediums, two buttons will be added to your directory listing page. One button is for Instant Phone Readings and the other is for Instant Chat and/or Video Readings. You can see a sample of what this will look like on this page: Click Here To View Instant Reading Buttons

The public merely needs to click on one of the Phone, Chat or Video buttons and they can begin the reading, although they must first Register for the system in order to use it if they’re not yet registered. Once registered, all folks will need to do is click on a button and begin the reading with any participating psychic or medium on the directory.

QUESTION: Will directory visitors still be able to call me directly?

Yes. Nothing will change regarding your phone number, email address and website on your directory page. The public can still contact you directly to schedule a future reading. Only now they will also be able to get an instant reading from you, as well—whenever you are available. We've had psychics and mediums with Instant Readings buttons on their pages for years, and they say it has not detracted from their scheduled readings.

Please note that if you choose to NOT participate in this feature, the Instant Reading buttons will NOT show on your directory page (your directory page will remain the same as it has been all along).

QUESTION: What is Click4Advisor?

Click4Advisor is the service we use to implement our Instant Readings feature. Their sophisticated phone, chat and video system is amazing, and I’m thrilled with their support. I think you’re going to like how it works. But there is a learning curve to any new program, so give yourself the time to read through their HELP info after you sign up to be an “Advisor.” You’ll find the HELP button after you log on. Then be sure to get acquainted with how it all works by touring the Web Interface.

Note: Click4Advisor will refer to you as an Advisor, clients as Users, and me as the Agent or Group Leader. My company is called Olson Media Group, LLC, just so you’re not confused when you see it.

QUESTION: How much does it cost to participate?

There is no charge to participate as a psychic or medium giving Instant Readings. We earn a percentage of the Rate Per Minute fee to cover our costs for all directory marketing, advertising and publicity, website maintenance and updates, office and staff expenses, Click4Advisor service fees, and hopefully there’ll be some remaining profit to help us grow our services and expand our reach. You’ll earn 55 percent minus 12 cents per phone reading (though no extra fee for chat readings), we get 30 percent to cover all our expenses, and Click4Advisor gets 15 percent for their services.

Since you will still earn the same hourly reading fee that you currently earn, it will not cost you a penny to participate in this new feature. In fact, you’ll likely earn more than you do now.

QUESTION: If I don’t earn 100 percent of the Instant Reading, how do I still earn my current hourly reading fee?

The truth is that you’ll earn your currently hourly reading fee—or more—using this new Instant Reading feature because Instant Readings cost more to the public for three key reasons:

1) We live in an instant gratification society today. We pay at the pump, have drive-through coffee shops and rent our movies on-demand. Sometimes this instant gratification comes with a price. In this case, people are willing to pay more for not having to wait—especially if it means not having to wait days, weeks or months.

2) People don’t mind paying more because they aren’t obligated to get half-hour or one-hour readings. Instant readings give the public the option for 15-minute readings or 20-minute readings—or whatever amount of time they choose. While this freedom of choice might lead them to pay more by the minute, chances are they’ll pay less for the overall reading.

3) Many people worry that the psychic or medium they choose won’t be good. If they’ve already paid for an hour but they’re unhappy with the reading, they now have to complain about the reading and ask for a refund. Most people don’t like being put in that awkward position. With instant readings, there’s a sense of safety that comes with paying by the minute. Clients get to stop the reading at any time if they aren’t pleased with the way the reading is going. There’s a security in this because they aren’t locked into paying for a whole hour if they’d like to stop after 20 minutes. Again, they pay a higher fee per minute for this luxury, but many people prefer it and are willing to pay more for this built-in protection.

QUESTION: So how much will my Instant Reading Rate-Per-Minute be?

You get to choose your per-minute, however I’m requiring that you do not charge less than $3.99 per minute. In order to earn what you normally earn with “scheduled” readings, I recommend the below rates (depending upon your current reading fee). If you choose these recommended rates, you will earn your current hourly reading fee or more.

CRF = Your “Current Reading Fee” (hourly)

  • If your CRF is under $130, choose $3.99 per minute (55% = $131.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $131 - $164, choose $4.99 per minute (55% = $164.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $165 - $197, choose 5.99 per minute (55% = $197.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $198 - $230, choose 6.99 per minute (55% = $230.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $231 - $263, choose 7.99 per minute (55% = $263.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $264 - $296, choose 8.99 per minute (55% = $296.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $297 - $329, choose 9.99 per minute (55% = $329.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $330 - $362, choose 10.99 per minute (55% = $362.67/hour).
  • If your CRF is between $363 - $395, choose 11.99 per minute (55% = $395.67/hour).

Most of the psychics and mediums on fall between the $3.99 and $11.99 rates. If you don't, see the next question.

QUESTION: How did you determine these Rates Per Minute?

It’s simple math, really. I just multiplied the Rate Per Minute by 60 (minutes) to determine the hourly total, then multiplied that by .55 (your 55 percent earnings). So, for example, $3.99 times 60 equals 239.40, multiplied by .55 equals 131.67. Therefore, in this case, if you choose $3.99 per minute as your rate, you’ll earn $131.67 per hour. Just keep in mind that Click4Advisor charges a 12-cent fee per phone reading (for phone connection charges), yet there is no extra fee for chat readings.

If you want to do it backwards, although it’s not quite as accurate, multiply your Current Hourly Reading Fee times 2, then divide by 60 (minutes), then round that figure “up” to the nearest per minute fee below 3.99 (3.99, 4.99, 5.99, etc.). So, for example, if you charge $200 for a reading now, multiply that times 2 (which equals $400), then divide that by 60 (400 divided by 60 equals 6.666), so you round that up to $6.99, which will be your Per-Minute Instant Readings Rate.

QUESTION: How and when do I get paid for my earnings?

You will get paid by Click4Advisor, not me (Olson Media Group, LLC). 

WEEKLY BY DIRECT DEPOSIT: You will get paid electronically by DIRECT DEPOSIT into your BANK ACCOUNT or PAYPAL ACCOUNT “weekly” every Friday for the prior week’s aggregate income. For example, payout on Friday, May 14th will be for transactions that occurred from Monday, May 3rd to Sunday May 9th. If Friday is a holiday, then payout will be made the following Monday. Click4Advisor charges you 2% of your income for this payout (which is a perfect example of how getting something faster costs more). And I'm told that Direct Deposit usually takes a few days to show up in your bank account (commonly Monday) while it usually shows up in Paypal accounts the same day they send it (Friday).

Note: A balance of at least $20 must accrue in your account before a payout is disbursed. And you must submit the required W9 and Direct Deposit Authorization Forms (available when you join) to Click4Advisor, so please remember to send or fax these forms before your first scheduled payout date.

QUESTION: What is the average length of an instant reading?

An average reading will last 15-30 minutes. This means you’ll have some that last only five minutes and others that go a half-hour or more, but on average you can expect most readings to go for 15-30 minutes. In spite of this data, I have learned that it’s not uncommon that readings can go for 45-minutes or an hour. A lot depends upon the client’s budget that they have set for themselves, which is a feature I really like about this system—clients set a budget first and work off that budget rather than get charged after the reading. This prevents clients from spending more than they can afford.

QUESTION: How many hours a week must I participate?

It’s up to you. As for right now, you can participate for only a few hours a week or as much as 50 hours a week. You must, however, participate at least once per month in order to remain in the system. If you do not, you will be deleted from the Instant Readings system. If you find you're not going to be using this feature after trying it, just email me to let me know and I'll remove the buttons from your directory page.

What I don’t allow is for any psychic medium to be logged on as AVAILABLE when they’re not available. For this feature to remain effective on the directory, these buttons need to accurately announce when a psychic is available or not. So do your best to not forget to log out as NOT AVAILABLE when you’re done—for both phone and chat (these have separate log in and log out buttons). If I find that anyone is abusing this, I’ll unfortunately have to remove them from using the feature.

Note: What’s cool is that you can change the phone number where your Phone Readings are forwarded (by logging onto the system) AND you can sign up to get a text message on your cell phone whenever someone requests a Chat Reading (so you don’t have to sit in front of your computer and wait). Once you get to know the system, it makes it pretty easy and convenient to use.

QUESTION: Can I try using the Instant Reading feature and then stop if I don’t like it?

Sure. I encourage everyone who is the least bit interested to try the Instant Reading feature and see what you think. If you don’t like it or find that you don't use it, it’s simple for me to take the buttons off your page. One of the key secrets of good marketing (that I teach in my workshop for psychic mediums) is to test new methods that might increase your income, career fulfillment and client satisfaction. So feel free to test it.

QUESTION: What if I already have an account with Click4Advisor?

One of the great things about working with Click4Advisor is that it's all integrated. When you sign up for Best Psychic Directory's Instant Reading program via the link below, just be sure to use the same email address that you have on your current account. That way you can manage more than one account within the same Web Interface.

QUESTION: I have a paid Featured Listing on Best Psychic Directory, how will this feature affect me?

First, the Instant Reading feature drives new traffic to the directory, so that helps, of course, whether you participate in the Instant Readings or not. If you choose not to participate, this isn’t going to affect you beyond that. You’ll still get the same great exposure you’ve been getting.

If you choose to participate, you’re now offering the public a new way to get a reading from you, so that’s going to improve your response. Some people just don’t like playing telephone or email tag, and other don’t like to wait for a scheduled reading, so now they won’t have to. You’re also going to get a better response than participating psychics who are not Featured Listings simply because you are listed at the top of your State page and you’re listing is highlighted in gold. Plus, we now also have an Instant Readings page (that rotates randomly) where your listing will stand out from all the other participating psychics because it’s highlighted in gold.

So, now more than ever, it pays off to have a Featured Listing, which is why we have approximately 150 psychics and mediums benefiting from it month after month.

QUESTION: Okay, I love it! How do I participate in this Instant Reading feature? HOW DO I SIGN UP?

You merely need to sign up under my group: Click Here To Join

This may take a business day or two, three if we're super busy working on the site.

Again, once you have signed on as an Advisor, be sure to read the Click4Advisor HELP section and acquaint yourself with their system. If you have any questions once you’ve signed on as an Advisor and have read the HELP section for Advisors, my team and I will do our best to answer your question or get the answer for you if you email us.

Best wishes to you for increased abundance, fulfillment and client satisfaction.


Bob Olson

PS, Again, if you're ready to give Instant Readings: Click Here To Join