Tara Grossi

Tara Grossi
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Scranton, PA


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$75.00- $250.00

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As a Medium, Healer,and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years, over 680 REVIEWS in connection to spirit and spirit animals, intuitive readings, past life regression sessions, energy healings, and more. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people with practical guidance and tools for daily life; answering spiritual questions; communicating with loved ones who have passed on; creating comfort from grief and peace of mind. I believe "gifts of the Spirit", such as mediumship and intuition are God given tools for healing and inspiration available to all of us.

Additional Information: 

“As a child I had dreams that would come true and I would often see spirits. In the late 1990′s, I decided to develop my gift further and I’ve been guiding others ever since.

Tara is a gifted Psychic Medium known throughout Northeastern PA, and Upstate NY, & New Jersey, I read internationally as well. I am a certified psychic medium with over 20 years experience with clairvoyant and clairaudient skills. Tara has provided her clients with "messages from the other side" offering peace, closure and healing.
As a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions. I am able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the physical.
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* Medium

* Intuitive Reader

* Certified Life Coach

* Paranormal Communicator

* Ordained Minister

* Past Life Regression

* Energy Healings

Listed since: Dec 31, 2011


Tara is absolutely amazing! My reading was everything I had hoped for and more! I was able to find some of the peace I needed with her. I am so impressed by her abilities and her compassion is second to none. She truly uses her wonderful gifts to help people!
This was my very first reading with any form of experience that is out there. I was blown away with the personal reading and how much it overwhelmed me in a good way. I am already planning another reading .
I would highly recommend Tara, it was my first time getting an angel card reading and Tara was great at explaining step by step what to expect. It was an amazing and uplifting experience she was right about so many things and she gave me great advice and I just felt right, I can't wait to go back again to see her! Thank you so much Tara!
I had my second reading this week with Tara.. She is just amazing..SO spot on..Truely the most wonderful experience I have ever had.. Thank you to her again.
I had my second reading with Tara last week. It was a wonderful experience as, it was last time. she is just amazing. I would recommend everyone to go to her at least once.. It was truly the best and most wonderful experience for me. she is so very accurate.. you cannot come away as a skeptic..
A few months ago I went to a read. I have to say she is the best in the business. I have been to several. So much of what she was has come true. I will definitely be going back. It's amazing the things she sees and says..... definitely the best!
It was a pleasure meeting with Tara, what a calming aura she has. Her reading most definitely helped me get some questions I so badly needed answered. I may have jumped the gun a bit, yearning to hear from a loved one who had newly passed but Tara helped me to learn that there is growth process spirit needs to to through in some cases to to understand the way they lived their life. I'm looking forward to hear more with my next from my loved one once he completed his journey in the other side.
I have been to Tara for readings 4 or 5 times now in as many years.s5 She always amazes me with her ability to connnect with spirit. She is very reassuring and her work space is very calming, and private.
Tara made me feel so relaxed and she was spot on with everything! She took her time and really connected with me. She was Amazing I can't wait for my next reading!! Thank you Tara!!!
Went with my cousin Helene and she is still reeling from Tara's reading. She (my cousin) needed a kick in the behind and Tara gave it to her. Thanks Tara, I knew you would help her
Had another session with Tara yesterday and she did not disappoint! She is spot on connecting with the other side and also connecting the dots for you in this life. I always am comforted when I leave there. Tara is someone I could spend hours with as you would one of your good friends. She has a God given gift and shares it with the world and That my friend is what it's all about.
I am very, very impressed with Tara's intellectual spiritual qualities...Her communication with spirit was precise... I left feeling an internal bliss and want to say Thank You for an awesome reading.. I'm looking forwadr to my next session. "Blessings To My New Friend In Life"
Tara is so kind - she immediately exudes a calm, comforting atmosphere which envelopes you and puts you at ease. Her reading was accurate and enlightening. I look forward to another appointment in the near future!
It Was Really Nice to Come to a Place where I Could Quickly go thru the Topics that I Needed too So Quickly. I Feel Very Blest to Have the Experience work out so Well. From the Beginning of the Reading Clear down to the Last 5 Seconds- We Packed alot in such a Short Time Frame it was Amazing. - I thank the Spirit Side for Helping and doing their Part so Beautifully. - A Word to others that Doing the Steps to Prepare Yourself Prior to the Reading Happening will Help for a Much Better Experience.
I have had readings done by Tara several times now and I am always moved by both her connections with loved ones who have passed and her accuracy regarding with is currently going on in my life. The sessions are always inspiring and thought provoking. Looking forward to the next one!
Once again Tara was spot on. This is my 4th year seeing her. Can't wait til next year.
I had my first reading with Tara a few days ago. She made me feel completely comfortable right away. She was very insightful and spot on connecting with my deceased family members. I can't wait for my next session! Thanks so much Tara.
I had my first reading with Tara and it was a wonderful experience! Her office area exudes calmness, that along with Tara's demeanor put me at ease immediately. I will definitely recommend her to others. Thank you Tara and I look forward to my next reading!
I went to see Tara for a reading yesterday and it was amazing . She was spot on with connecting to my dad and gave me relief knowing he was in a good place and watching over me.. I look forward to going back in the future!
Tara, Thoughtful, insightful, caring and very accurate.
I had a great experience with Tara...she has an amazing gift...she was very informative and helpful..would definitely recommend.....
The reading I had with Tara was both amazing and enlightening . The information that Tara brought to my attention has given me peace of mind and the realization of my place on the planet. Thanks again Tara and see you again
As usual, Tara has given me a very favorable reading! She is a very good life advisor as well as a very gifted psychic! She always makes me feel very comfortable. I always look forward to seeing her since her readings are always very informative!
I met Tara for the first time yesterday and I was blown away with how on spot she was about so many things. She was able to connect with my grandmother and my son whom have been gone for awhile. I have never experienced such a wonderful and relaxed feeling. I was very nervous going in but she managed to put me right at ease and immediately my loved ones began to come through. She gave me such a healing experience. I can't wait to go back and see what else she has for me from my loved ones.
She was very nice. Said an opening prayer which was calming. She said things will make sence in 4 to 6 months. I look forward to confirming that. I will definitely do another reading with her. It was my first reading.
My first appointment with Tara exceeded my expectations. She was able to communicate with my deceased relatives and provide me with guidance for different areas of my life. I enjoyed how the reading began with a prayer and the positive effect the reading had on me afterwards. Additionally, I attended Tara's Meditation class at NearMe Yoga the following weekend. That was a very enlightening experience and I would definitely go to more sessions. I highly recommend meeting with Tara!
This was my second visit, just as incredible as the first. Its amazing to see how accurate Tara is. I cant begin to say how much comfort and peace I get from these sessions. Another incredible session! Thank you so much, Tara.
My first reading with Tara was a just a few days ago. I've had other readings, but this was unique. I genuinely felt the connection she had with my deceased family members. I enjoyed hearing from my mom and conversing with her through Tara. An hour appointment was not long enough, so I am definitely going back.
This was my first time visiting with Tara. My mother had visited with her once before and she could not stop talking about the caring nature of her personality and her readings. So this sparked an interest in me and my need for meeting with her. From the start Tara was very comforting and validating. I could not believe her accuracy. I have since made recommendations to friends to make an appointment with Tara and lok forward to meeting with her again..
Tara thank you so much for my reading. For the last 3 years I have been coming to you, you have been so accurate and made me feel at ease. Thank you and I look forward to scheduling before March to get my energy aligned. Thank you again!


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