Tara Grossi

Tara Grossi
Tara Grossi


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Scranton, PA


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$75.00- $250.00

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As a Medium, Healer,and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years, over 680 REVIEWS in connection to spirit and spirit animals, intuitive readings, past life regression sessions, energy healings, and more. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people with practical guidance and tools for daily life; answering spiritual questions; communicating with loved ones who have passed on; creating comfort from grief and peace of mind. I believe "gifts of the Spirit", such as mediumship and intuition are God given tools for healing and inspiration available to all of us.

Additional Information: 

“As a child I had dreams that would come true and I would often see spirits. In the late 1990′s, I decided to develop my gift further and I’ve been guiding others ever since.

Tara is a gifted Psychic Medium known throughout Northeastern PA, and Upstate NY, & New Jersey, I read internationally as well. I am a certified psychic medium with over 20 years experience with clairvoyant and clairaudient skills. Tara has provided her clients with "messages from the other side" offering peace, closure and healing.
As a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions. I am able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the physical.
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* Medium

* Intuitive Reader

* Certified Life Coach

* Paranormal Communicator

* Ordained Minister

* Past Life Regression

* Energy Healings

Listed since: Dec 31, 2011


I had my first reading with Tara last week and it was amazing! It was a time for healing and to feel the connection with my love one again who had past was indescribable! I have been recommending her to other friends and family.
Tara is the real deal . I've had readings from some wonderful mediums . Tara is truly enlightened and is also warm and open . She has brightened all of the light withinn me . God Bless her
Went to Tara feeling unbalanced this time and as expected she was able to explain "why" , came out of reading with homework but I have no doubt that if I am able to do the things she told me I will profit from it. Love You Tara p.s., the phone call that stopped the recording was from of course one of my anchors.
I had my yearly reading with Tara, it was an amazing, uplifting experience as always. Looking forward to next year.
Tara was awesome! Within the first 5 minutes of our session, she picked up on things about me that she couldn't have known. She was able to connect with my recently deceased grandfather and even my beloved dog who passed last year! The information she shared could not have been researched, found on social media, etc... this truly made me a believer. This was a great and healing experience.
Tara was awesome and I truely enjoyed my time with her! I must admit in the beginning I was nervous and was unsure about how my time with her would go but after 5 minutes into the reading she and I both were laughing and she spoke on things only I truly knew. She connected with my past future and present and even though our time went a little over board she still took her time explaining everything to me. I definitely would recommend her to everyone!
I had my third session with Tara in 4 years, each time it has been a cleansing & healing for me. I connected with my mother this time, who has been gone for 30 years now, she wants me to ask for help, she sees my suffering, pain, & tears, but I never thought of asking her spirit for help. As always the session was emotional, but also healing for me just knowing Mom is right there when I ask.
Sitting on that couch, I felt surrounded by so much love, by so many departed relatives. Tara was able to connect me with my mom again, and Tara knew things that only we knew. I left that reading with so much of my grief and pain surrounding her passing eased and lessened. Additionally, Tara affirmed for me my own unique path on my spiritual journey, which I had been questioning. Thank you, Tara, and I will be sure to see you again soon.
Tara is the real deal! I had a few readings now and I'm always amazed by what she says. She knows only things that my family in spirit would know. So I'm 100% sure she is talking to them and would never doubt it. Some people say that psychic's try and trick you and get answers out of you. Not true, at least not with Tara, besides for a few nods and a soft yes, I could barely speak cause I was so overwhelmed with amazement and Awe to be able to talk to a loved one again. Healed my heart too.
It took me 2 years to decide to see Tara and I'm so happy I did! I did not tell her anything... and she connected me with my best friend, aunt, and oddly enough.... my grandmother's companion of 20 years (she drove me to the appointment and waited on the patio) my grandma was so happy to hear everything. As was i. Will definitely be going back to see her!!!
I recently had a session w Tara. I was looking for direction and peace of mind. Tara was spot on with details and helped me to feel sure of myself and decisions that need to be made. I left feeling like a weight was lifted from me and I look forward to what the future has in store for me.
I left my reading with Tara more at peace and with a better direction of where I need to be. Something happened right before our session and right after that stopped me in my tracks and made me in awe of her amazing talent. Needless to say she was spot on. I look forward to future meetings.
Tara is by far one of the most talented mediums I have ever experienced. I have visited many before, and many offer their own unique gifts. Tara, however, has something very different and very uniquely special. She has a special gift to connect with the other side that cannot be believed until you experience it for yourself. It is hard to describe. She is excellent and worth returning to over and over again !
I treated my mom to a session with Tara for her Mother's Day gift. This was her first experience with a medium and she enjoyed the process!
Having a reading with Tara gave me peace I had been searching for. She was extremely accurate and made me immediately feel at ease. I highly recommend her.
I would like to thank Tara for my experience with the connection of my loved one I felt together and a great peace in my soul has released me of ever wandering of my loved ones peace thank-you for sharing your special gift with me God bless you.
Tara was very welcoming and kind. I had never gone to do this before and Tara was wonderful. I already made a second appointment. The information she had was very accurate. She has an amazing gift.
I had a reading with Tara it was my second one,I will be going back in the near further.
Very accurate reading. I would defiantly recommend her to a friend. Looking forward to next time.
I had my first reading ever with Tara. I am amazed at how she was able to channel people that have passed. I am so happy that the people I really wanted to come thru did. I'm so grateful to Tara. Truly Amazing.
Tara truly has a gift and was able to give me peace of mind. She helped get questions answered that were weighting on my heart and helped me to know I am on the right path in life. Her ability is mind blowing and she is truly the real deal. I would recommend her to anyone and have. She truly has a gift and can truly answer anything you need to know. She was spot on and very detailed in the information she shares with you. Truly changed my life and through her gift she is helping so many people
I've gone to Tara several times for readings in the past several years after losing my sister and continue to do so because grief is a long and arduous battle. I've also gone to many of her workshops and love her ease of teaching, her passion for her craft, her charismatic personality, but most of all, I have trust in that she seeks knowledge from the highest. She's got warmth and integrity and honest. Very hard to come by anymore. Love the lady. I recommend her highly to anyone seeking moreMb
I want to thank tara for giving me some piece she had great insight with her connection i have had the chance have questions answered i am so grateful i will be making another appt it maybe less emotional. Thank you again so much
My reading with Tara was amazing. All my questions were answered and of course so much more was given to me. I have been to Tara several times and am never disappointed. Usually it is because I need that guidance she somehow always delivers. It is a wonderful experience. I can't wait to go again!
Such a wonderful experience! It was my first time and I hope to go back again! So comforting. I definitely recommend going to see her!
Had another reading with Tara and I am so amazed at how accurate she is. It is always very enjoyable and interesting. Can't wait for the next reading! I highly recommend her!
Very interesting. The past life experiences make Sense. They went hand in hand as to why things are the way they are. Thank you!
I recently had the privalege to have Tara do a reading for me!! She is always been right with her predictions!!! In fact, she is so accurate, I try to get a reading every few months from her!!! She is not only accurate with her predictions but as she is doing a reading, she has the ability to relax me! I have not gone to any other pyscics since I have had readings from Tara. Like they say; when you have a good thing, stay with it!!!!
Tata was so on target with my situation She knew exactly what was going on with my life. I would definitely recommend her.
Tara is truly wonderful and has an amazing gift. I have not only had readings with Tara but also have attended her guided mediatation and her empathic class. Tara has the ability to but you at ease and and a way of explaining her visions so it is easy to understand. I would strongly recommend a visit


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