Tara Grossi

Tara Grossi
Tara Grossi


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Scranton, PA


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$75.00- $250.00

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As a Medium, Healer,and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years, over 680 REVIEWS in connection to spirit and spirit animals, intuitive readings, past life regression sessions, energy healings, and more. I take great pleasure and pride in assisting people with practical guidance and tools for daily life; answering spiritual questions; communicating with loved ones who have passed on; creating comfort from grief and peace of mind. I believe "gifts of the Spirit", such as mediumship and intuition are God given tools for healing and inspiration available to all of us.

Additional Information: 

“As a child I had dreams that would come true and I would often see spirits. In the late 1990′s, I decided to develop my gift further and I’ve been guiding others ever since.

Tara is a gifted Psychic Medium known throughout Northeastern PA, and Upstate NY, & New Jersey, I read internationally as well. I am a certified psychic medium with over 20 years experience with clairvoyant and clairaudient skills. Tara has provided her clients with "messages from the other side" offering peace, closure and healing.
As a medium and intuitive communicator, I connect with energies in different dimensions. I am able to receive images and messages from those who have crossed over and convey them to my clients here in the physical.
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* Medium

* Intuitive Reader

* Certified Life Coach

* Paranormal Communicator

* Ordained Minister

* Past Life Regression

* Energy Healings

Listed since: Dec 31, 2011


I went to Tara twice and I will be going again in the future. She truly is amazing at her job and has helped me in ways I cannot even explain. The things she says during readings nobody would know, she is legit! She makes you feel right at home. I can’t wait to go back!!
My experience with Tara was profound. She can truly speak to our loved ones who have crossed over.
Tara truly has a gift. I have needed closure for a very long time on something, which Tara picked right up on, and with her help, I now feel as though I can put a period to it and move on. Thank you Tara!
I had an amazing experience with Tara Grossi! She made me feel very comfortable during my reading. She was able to connect immediately to my lost loved one and provided me with a warm and reassuring message. Tara knew things without me giving her hints or clues. Things that could not be researched in andvance. She is the real deal! She’s warm, caring, comforting and professional! I left feeling an overwhelming sense of peace. I would highly recommend her services!
I had an amazing experience!!!! Tara shared things with me that no one but my deceased husband and I would understand. She was wonderfully intuitive. I left feeling loved and peaceful. I would recommend her to anyone.
I recently had my second reading with Tara, and have scheduled a third. My husband passed almost 7 months ago, and I love connecting with him, I believe this is helping me heal. and Iwill continue to see Tara. She knows things only my husband and I could know.... She is truly the best, and I look forward to my next reading.
I have been to Tara several times and have always left there with a sense of peacefulness. I wish I could spend hours with her! She is amazing.
My reading with Tara was very enlightening. Staying connected with my husband through the spiritual will help me heal. She knew how my husband passed and things about him I would only know. Tara gave me a lot of insight to continue spiritually. I left feeling comfort and love. I will continue my readings with Tara. If anyone is skeptical in anyway I encourage you to experience a reading with Tara. It will give you comfort and help ease your pain. Thank you Tara for sharing your gift.
I had my first reading last month with Tara. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she is!!! My husband passed away 4 months ago. She knew things and told me things that there was no way she could have known. I can’t believe how comforted I have been since being with her. She gave me wonderful advice that I have followed and I am so very grateful to her. I am going back again in a few weeks, and I can’t wait. She recorded our session for me on my phone and I have listened to it countless times.
Had a reading with Tara yesterday it was amazing she knew exactly what I was going through and it just made me feel so much better!!
Had an interesting reading with Tara. She was accurate on so many levels it took me a while to replay her session and really disect it. I found her to be friendly and truly empathetic....... some great qualities for a medium. Looking forward to my next session.
Tara is so blessed with the gift she has. She was able to guide me and give me closure I have been waiting on for a long time. I am so thankful, she truly is special and I’m so happy that I was able to have this session. It was well worth the money and being able to sense and feel my grandparents again gave me great peace.
Tara is so blessed and when I need to hear from my loved ones she always comes thru. She is exactly what I need. Thank you Tara for all your help thru the years.
I lost my sister Tara helped me with grieving She knew things that was impossible for her to know I am planning a second reading in the fall I was there for an hour and could have spent hours more Thank you Tara
Reading was beyond what I had expected. I was skeptical going into this, I must admit. But I believe she communicated with my husband and she also validated how he passed. Tara was honest and sincere. She is gifted and if you are deep in grief you will find a reading with her so healing.
What an incredible experience! Tara was so welcoming, easy to talk to and unknowingly spot on - she provided valuable perspective. Excellent visit and will return.
Tara grossi is the real deal! I have see others in the past, I tell u now they can hold a candle to Tara. Not only has she brought me some peace with 3 different deaths I have been dealing with. Tara u can just feel something while she is in the Spirit world She was dead on everything it brought tears and laughter and peace. I wish everyone could meet with her that is struggling with missing a loved one. I can’t say enough here but if u get a chance go go go it is so worth it
Tara has helped me so much with lessening the grief I have felt over losing my son a year and a half ago. Each time I meet with her she connects with him and I receive messages from my son that are so right on and true. She is very sympathetic and a great listener which helps when I am sad. Through meeting with her over the past year, she has helped me come to the realization that there is no such thing as death. Love never dies.
This was my second reading with Tara and I can't say enough about all the comfort she has brought to my heart. My first reading was during a very rough time in my life and she brought to light the situation and the reason for the heartbreak that I was experiencing. I have come to understand and move forward knowing the cause of my feelings. My second reading was spot on and she touched many happenings going on around my life. I would and have recommended Tara to my friends and family.
I had my first visit with Tara last week. She is simply amazing. Tara is a beautiful soul with a God given talent. I do believe the angels sent her to us to help heal the grieving and lost souls on this earth. Tara was able to communicate with my mother after her passing, and was able to relate messages to me that only I would have known in regards to the relationship I had with my mother. Tara was light and comfort. I would recommend anyone go see her for a reading. She is pure love.
Tara’s reading was truly amazing. I was so nervous to go to my appointment but something was telling me to just go and I would’ve definitely beat myself up if I didn’t go. She has a great soul and made me feel like i knew her for years. She was literally on the dot with everything she mentioned and she really gave me hope that there is an afterlife I can’t wait to go again!
Another great reading. Moving through life with confidence and great guidance thanks to you. Being able to connect with loved ones giving me such a deep contentment. You are wonderful. God bless you and thank you. Looking forward to another session soon! Xo
I went into my reading hoping to connect with a specific person. Tara not only connected me to her but also to other families members that have passed. She hit specific points right on the head and scheduling a reading with her ultimately helped me find the closure I have been longing for the past few years! I highly suggest booking an appointment with her.
What a wonderful experience! Tara was spot on and so wonderfully real. I was a sceptic, as it was my first time with a medium. She was fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers to tough questions from those who have passed. Tara has a God given gift.
Colleagues of mine recommended Tara for spiritual guidance. I am not a skeptic and have always been open to feeling energies. Tara had no difficulty connecting with my Aunt and Grandmother. The experience was very emotional. Not only was Tara accurate about the details of my family's life but she communicated words, sentiments, and mannerisms that only I would know my family would use/say. My hour reading went by in a flash and I left feeling more than satisfied with my experience. Thanks Tara!
I had a reading with Tara almost three years ago and I still refer to it. She was extremely thorough, described my children to a T, knew my profession, and described various relationships. She referred to past lives to explain facets of my personality with a high degree of accuracy. Viewing oneself through the lens of past lives may be difficult for a skeptic, but for me it was meaningful. Very interesting and helpful reading.
Tara is blessed and has shared her gift with me at my reading. She was a comfort to my soul and mind and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.
I’ve always wanted to meet with a Medium for many years. Getting the call last week to meet with Tara was worth the wait. It was all that I had hoped for. She connected with loved ones that I had hoped would come through. I’m at peace knowing that they are at peace and watching over me. I feel much lighter and at peace knowing this. Thank you Tara. You will see me again in the near future.
Went to see Tara last week. She was totally awesome. Only had the angel card reading, but I will definitely be making another appointment.
I really enjoyed Tara's reading I feel I needed more time 20 min wasn't long enough , I will be booking a another reading in a few months


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