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From the TV show Southern Soul Searchers, Shelly Frey is a down to earth, average mom and wife. She loves helping people and has committed her life to it. She makes you feel like family, you'll feel so relaxed, like chatting with someone you have known for years! She is very open about herself and very honest about the reading, and her own life as a medium. If you need help, Shelly can help you find answers and peace!

Having won numerous awards for her specific details and accurate readings, Shelly is the perfect Psychic Medium for those feeling skeptical or lost while searching for help. She has very strong abilities in communication with both passed loved ones & spirit guides and angels.

Regardless if you need life direction, are missing a loved one, or just need answers, Shelly can help you! The best part is, you'll feel relaxed and comfortable during your reading.

Readings can be done via the telephone. Service NOT limited to local area.

There are thousands of reviews on her FB Page and website.

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"I have committed myself to helping others realize that life after death not only exists; but that spirits, ghosts, and other paranormal phenomenon are a part of our everyday life. While many people have had experiences with the paranormal, there are countless others that still do not believe in the existence of other dimensions beyond the physical world. So many people are suffering from a tragic loss or just trying to get by in this life, and I pride myself on helping them find some peace & answers"
~Shelly Frey Psychic Medium

Listed since: Jan 21, 2012


I went to see numerous psychics & mediums for the last 6 years hoping to hear from my mom. I needed to know why she committed suicide when I was 10. None of them ever compared to Shelly. I found peace after my first reading. She knew about my moms suicide (from 1970) & she knew I had recently had a miscarriage plus much more. She has a true gift that is priceless & I now do regular monthly readings that I call visits with my mom...she's AMAZING
Shelly is phenomenal! I recently had a session with her, my first session ever, and it was beyond my expectations. My dad came through with information that I could immediately validate. I could feel him around me as Shelly spoke. I was on cloud nine for some time following the reading. It has further opened my heart and mind, and given me comfort I can't describe. I'm so thankful to have found Shelly, and I would book another session in a heartbeat.
Absolutely amazing. Shelly gave specific names, she said Bruce slept with our daughters blanket (true), told us of letters put in our daughters coffin, I thought was one letter, she was right. Shelley revealed our daughter knew her little boy was now riding w/o training wheels, and Shelley kept asking about the number 12. We just let it go and at the end of our session we told her our story and how there was confusion about our daughters time of death and we thought it was midnight. Yes! 12 midn
My experience with Shelly was amazing. More than I could have ever hoped for. She helped me communicate with my passed loved ones and helped me lift a huge weight off my shoulders. I am not religious, I was semi-skeptic but very hopeful - and everything she said was completely accurate. There was no way she could have known any of it. She even caught the fact that I have Anemia. Beyond her amazing abilities, she was very kind and welcoming, and very 'normal'. Thank you, Shelly!!

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