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Melody Bishop

Melody Bishop
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Nearest City: 

Harrisburg, PA


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$45.00/30 minutes $75.00/1 hour

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

717-432-2410 9:00am-5:00pm EST


Melody Bishop left her career as an optician behind to follow her true path of psychic rune readings.A certified Reiki Master, she offers psychic rune readings as well as using the pendulum to dowse yes/no answers. She can see situations using her gift of remote viewing. With over 20 years of experience, her readings are profoundly accurate and healing. Readings can be done in person (see event schedule), or online through Skype.

Your future is not set in stone. You can change it. How you change it is up to you. The runes give the questioner a "game plan" for what the spirit needs at the moment. Once you tend to your spirit, the material world follows.

The runes have been my guidance and support through good times and bad. Whenever I had any doubt or question on right action, the runes were there. The feeling of my hand in the rune bag with all of the runes moving through my fingers has always been an incredibly soothing experience. They have never steered me wrong. They have been a wonderful friend.

This is why I love the Runes and I hope you will too.

Listed since: Sep 24, 2012


Amazing! Picked up the people in question with very minor to no information. Thanks Melody for the sound advice, bringing me back to reality and saving me from what could have been a very bad decision.

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