Lisa M. Miller


700+ Positive Reviews including Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook: Every person & pet (living or deceased) brings a sense of awe when you realize your loved ones 'never really leave you' as they share an awareness of your present life, past memories and signs of how they are with you.

Our partnership with spirit creates validation of the continuity of life after life with loving memories, healing messages as well visitation signs. I recommend waiting 3-6 months after your people pass before making a connection so you have time to grieve and begin healing the heart. Pet connections happen soon after departure; when ever you are ready.

The best psychic connections between reader and sitter include a focus on your specific questions, intention for your highest good, receptivity to insight while letting go of what you think the outcome will be (expectations) and elevating your energy to the highest vibrations before, during and after the consultation.

Prepare priority questions so we focus on specifics in which you are seeking insight. You'll have given thought to your situation and may be seeking affirmation to what you 'know' or a different perspective. A question is like an anchor; it allows me to quickly connect to your concern, provide validation I am connected and move forward with potential paths and insight.

Animals are highly evolved and are amazing at surrounding us with unconditional love. It is no wonder just about every home has dogs, cats or birds. They are our babies, our family, our "people". Communicating with pets is one of my favorites aspect of this calling; to fill your heart with their touching and often humorous connections!

Connect with Living or Deceased Pet
Answers from your Pet's Point-of-View!
1/2 hr (1-2 pets) or 1 hr phone (3+ pets)

* Health
* Behavior
* Food Sensitivities
* End of Life Questions
* New Addition to Family (People or Pet)

A photograph in which I can clearly see your pet's eyes allows me to quickly connect as they share their personality, memories of time spent with you, conditions around their passing or understanding of choices you made regarding their passing. They may explain their soul purpose for being in your life, what signs they use when they come for visits to show they are still with you.

Past Life Reading (Multiple Lives Reading)
In a past life reading (multiple lives) I will relay the feelings and images of several lives, which often share a common thread or connection between your past and current life. I cannot emphasize this enough... every single reading is uncanny in how much you can relate to our past/multiple lives. A past life reading can help you recognize abilities you developed in the past and discover talents and hidden skills you may have today. Entertainment only; not past life regression therapy.

Style of Reading
​I have a down-to-earth style that embraces compassion, honesty, validity, accuracy, ethics and often humor. I have been in your shoes before so I understand if you are nervous, not sure how it works, and hopeful for a positive outcome. It's okay. I will take a few moments to explain how we can can work together so you get the most out of your experience.

Additional Information: 

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer with over 30 years experience. As a child, I understood God was within me and I was here for a mission/purpose, just not sure what at the time. Unknowingly at the time, I was clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient: I could hear the undercurrent of electricity in our home, see moving color energy dots that formed into geometric shapes, and as an empath, felt the emotions of those around me. One of my earliest 'visions' was 55 years ago when I saw myself inside a self driven car/van in which I could lay back to look at a projection screen on the ceiling (a computer screen).

Free time was spent outdoors; a 'rock girl' gathering stones every place visited. My fascination with experiencing the extraordinary led to the exploration of energy medicine, shamanism, intuitive development, metaphysics, philosophy, dream interpretation, tarot, rune stones, crystals, as well as creative expression in writing, acting, costuming, photography and gardening.

The pathway to this work was revealed while visiting Gettysburg National Park. One singular visit created a psychic bootcamp of multiple experiences in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that have been unmatched by any workshop I have taken. I was and am forever changed by it. Validation of mediumship was confirmed several years later as I was read by a medium during a platform demonstration. Jumping in whole-heartedly, I became a spirit messenger!

Listed since: Apr 20, 2011


I had a psychic consultation with Lisa. She immediately put me at ease, and I felt as though I could discuss anything with her. She offered insights that were realistic and hopeful at the same time. I will be scheduling another session, for sure!
Fantastic session!! Lisa knew things about my little girl Molly (that passed) that she should NOT have known. There is no way in a couple of emails and two pictures that I sent her would have revealed the communication between Molly and myself. Just really unbelievable. It was money well spent. We never discussed Molly during our couple of emails, just myself being challenged in trying to use the computer to pay her bill. She had no clues, but came through. Thank you
Lisa was wonderful! Her words were kind and compassionate. She answered my questions and guided me through my journey. I feel positive about my directions and intentions. Thank you, Lisa!
My families experience with Lisa was amazing and left us with comfort after losing our family dog after 19 years! She connected with both of our pups and was spot on with their personalities and gave us so many laughs, felt like they were right there with us! Thank you Lisa for such an amazing gift!
I had an appointment with Lisa on July 23rd for animal communication on my baby girl that I lost on July 16th 2020. She said things to me nobody else knew by the end of our conversation I was speechless in a good way i highly recommend her and I will be giving her a call again. Thank you again Lisa your the best
Lisa was the best animal communicator that I’ve ever used. She got all four of our pets in the reading and pegged each personality 100% accurately. I gained so much useful and comforting information! I am signing up for a psychic reading next. I will use Lisa time after time and refer her to friends and family.
Lisa was amazing! My heart is so broken from the loss of my bird Peaches. I know without a doubt that she connected with my baby. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs to connect to their beloved pets. Thank you so much Lisa
After losing my Maddie (dog) I had so much emotion and question. Lisa connected with her immediately, and shared many "Maddie things" such as her personality and her resiliency and so much more! Lisa's connection was amazing and filled me with great warmth of knowing Maddie was connecting and sharing and was safe. I highly recommend Lisa for anyone who truly wants a warm, compassionate person to connect with loved ones. Thank you Lisa!
I recommend Lisa to anyone who has lost someone they love. I lost my parents at a relatively young age and because of her I was able to connect with them and get clarity on things that have been weighing heavy on my heart. In many ways I felt like I was able to have a conversation with them again, how many people can say that? It was therapeutic and healing in so many ways. She truly has a gift and has given me something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.
We were very impressed with our reading. It brought some things to light and she knew important facts about our pet who passed. Highly recommended!
Lisa Miller was such a kind caring voice. My session gave me great peace regarding the loss of my dog. I will always be grateful for her reading. This was my first reading ever and a wonderful experience
My reading with Lisa was wonderful. She was spot on and I truly believe she connected with my husband, who passed unexpectedly in October. There was a level of comfort with her as soon as I got on the phone with her. I will definitely be reaching back out to Lisa again.
Just had my second reading with Lisa on Saturday and she was amazing she put my mind at ease she knew my children spot on I highly recommend her!!!
I have worked with Lisa on many occasions. Every time I am more impressed. In addition to her incredible gift for connecting with spirit, Lisa does an excellent job of interpreting signs and messages. She is a wonderful guide and offers advice on how to process your journey by honoring and appreciating your unique experience.
Lisa was wonderful. This was my first reading after the incredibly painful loss of my beloved dog 2 months ago. She was able to talk to me about some possible health issues connected to his passing and she was so empathetic about the pain I have suffered since his loss. She even talked about his pacing or “rounds” as we called them, and how he was checking in on me constantly for 11 1/2 years and is still doing so today. I highly recommend connecting with her.
Two days after Christmas, I lost my mother and my best friend. The devastation I felt was indescribable, not to mention the guilt from blaming myself for not doing more, doing better. Lisa was able to connect with my mom even though she had only recently passed and with my husband who passed almost six years ago. She shared information that no one other than my mom or husband would know. The messages and information Lisa shared have brought me peace.
After being devastated by the loss of my only dog I reached out to Lisa and I'm so thankful I did. The information Lisa provided could have only come from my little Rocky's spirit. She gave me peace of mind that my little guy was in a great place and always with me. Even though it was a pet reading my grandma even popped in to say hi. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Lisa if you're looking for some spiritual guidance like myself.
I highly recommend Lisa. She helped me to connect with my husband in a way I didn't think was possible. She knew things that no one knew and gave me some comfort in hearing my husband cheer me on. I can't thank Lisa enough. I have given her name to my grief group.
I was referred by a friend and I was interested in connecting w my husband who died 9 months ago. I was very nervous but Lisa made me comfortable immediately. The connection she made w John was comforting and heartwarming. I am thrilled that she was able to relay to me a message that was no doubt in my mind him. I am looking forward to reconnecting w him again in the future and have shared her info w my grief group!
Lisa has an amazing gift that she has chosen to share with the world and I feel so fortunate to have found her when I did. Our dog of 11 years passed away.I had unanswered questions and was heartbroken. She told me things that only we knew that our sweet girl did, her favorite things and insight to her health before passing. I quickly knew that she had connected us and got the answers I needed for closure and to know that she was with us all. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.
I contacted Lisa to set up an Animal Communications session after losing my soul dog unexpectedly and our other older dog one week later. I wrote down some questions and really tried to prepare for my session, seeking to be in the "right" place emotionally & spiritually. I understand now why I was drawn to Lisa when there are many animal communicators to choose from. She fully received my unique soul dog & the older one, descriptive & precise. I felt her presence & so much clarity. Thank you.
OMG I cannot say enough about Lisa. Her energy and bubbly disposition was excellent! I was nervous at first, but as soon as she spoke I felt relaxed. She let me know upfront that she will not fabricate anything and she definitely did not lie. If there was something she could not answer she let me know. I will definitely reach out to her again.
Lisa was wonderful to speak to and I felt that she was really tuned into the subject matter of my questions. She offered the level of detail that I was not expecting. Even though it has only been a few days since the reading, her insight has already proven to be accurate - even down to the detail of what a certain person might say in response to my questions. Overall, my psychic reading session helped clear up some key questions and provided an actionable road map for the next 6 months.
It was very comforting speaking with Lisa and I felt she really described my beloved girl's personality accurately, who had passed on a month earlier. Lisa provided me with the peace of mind that I needed and let me know that I was with my girl every step of the way to the Rainbow Bridge and that my girl is still very much around me. The signs Lisa said to look for, I have experienced.
I recently had a dual reading with Lisa. My first session was an AC with my living dog Buddy. He was very near the end of his life and I needed to know he was ready and wouldn't hate us for gently, lovingly helping him cross the Rainbow Bridge. Lisa was wonderful! We cried together as Buddy let her know his devotion to me and that he was ready. I am so grateful for Lisa's compassion and insight. Buddy is now in Heaven. My second session was Psychic. Just awesome! Lisa was spot on! Thank you!
Lisa is an excellent medium and psychic. I have worked with her for a number of years, and is honest, caring and passionate about her work. She tries her best to describe what she is feeling and seeing to help you as the client interpret it.
I lost my son in May of 2019 and I made an appointment with Lisa on his birthday January 11th to communicate with him. I could not have been happier with my session. Lisa is down to earth and told me things no one but me would know about him and I felt so good after my session and I highly recommend Lisa. I will definitely be making another appointment with Lisa in the near future!
I have been getting reading with Lisa for three years now, but this is the first time I am making a review, because Lisa deserved its. For all questions I brought to Lisa, she has been intentioned, and always looked deeply into its, and always give me the best answer to my preoccupations. I am never disappoint with her. I definitively recommend Lisa to anyone who is looking for answers to specifics questions. I will always contact her for future more preoccupations.
My session with Lisa was very helpful after my beloved cat, Frosty passed. I was troubled about the circumstances and whether or not I'd made the right decision, and I felt much better after working with her and connecting with Frosty through her. What came through was both comforting and heart warming. I felt I understood Frosty's experience better and it put my heart at eas.
Decided on a Past Life reading with Lisa since I had never been to a medium before and didn't know what to expect if anything. Knowing that it was to be taken as entertainment only really took pressure of me although there is a reason why I chose that particular type reading. It went beautifully and now even more intrigued. Lisa was very easy to understand and a pleasure to speak with. I would definitely do this again. Highly Recommended.


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