Lisa M. Miller


700+ Positive Reviews including Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook: Every person & pet (living or deceased) brings a sense of awe when you realize your loved ones 'never really leave you' as they share an awareness of your present life, past memories and signs of how they are with you.

Our partnership with spirit creates validation of the continuity of life after life with loving memories, healing messages as well visitation signs. I recommend waiting 3-6 months after your people pass before making a connection so you have time to grieve and begin healing the heart. Pet connections happen soon after departure; when ever you are ready.

The best psychic connections between reader and sitter include a focus on your specific questions, intention for your highest good, receptivity to insight while letting go of what you think the outcome will be (expectations) and elevating your energy to the highest vibrations before, during and after the consultation.

Prepare priority questions so we focus on specifics in which you are seeking insight. You'll have given thought to your situation and may be seeking affirmation to what you 'know' or a different perspective. A question is like an anchor; it allows me to quickly connect to your concern, provide validation I am connected and move forward with potential paths and insight.

Animals are highly evolved and are amazing at surrounding us with unconditional love. It is no wonder just about every home has dogs, cats or birds. They are our babies, our family, our "people". Communicating with pets is one of my favorites aspect of this calling; to fill your heart with their touching and often humorous connections!

Connect with Living or Deceased Pet
Answers from your Pet's Point-of-View!
1/2 hr (1-2 pets) or 1 hr phone (3+ pets)

* Health
* Behavior
* Food Sensitivities
* End of Life Questions
* New Addition to Family (People or Pet)

A photograph in which I can clearly see your pet's eyes allows me to quickly connect as they share their personality, memories of time spent with you, conditions around their passing or understanding of choices you made regarding their passing. They may explain their soul purpose for being in your life, what signs they use when they come for visits to show they are still with you.

Past Life Reading (Multiple Lives Reading)
In a past life reading (multiple lives) I will relay the feelings and images of several lives, which often share a common thread or connection between your past and current life. I cannot emphasize this enough... every single reading is uncanny in how much you can relate to our past/multiple lives. A past life reading can help you recognize abilities you developed in the past and discover talents and hidden skills you may have today. Entertainment only; not past life regression therapy.

Style of Reading
​I have a down-to-earth style that embraces compassion, honesty, validity, accuracy, ethics and often humor. I have been in your shoes before so I understand if you are nervous, not sure how it works, and hopeful for a positive outcome. It's okay. I will take a few moments to explain how we can can work together so you get the most out of your experience.

Additional Information: 

I am a Spiritual Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator and Energy Healer with over 30 years experience. As a child, I understood God was within me and I was here for a mission/purpose, just not sure what at the time. Unknowingly at the time, I was clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient: I could hear the undercurrent of electricity in our home, see moving color energy dots that formed into geometric shapes, and as an empath, felt the emotions of those around me. One of my earliest 'visions' was 55 years ago when I saw myself inside a self driven car/van in which I could lay back to look at a projection screen on the ceiling (a computer screen).

Free time was spent outdoors; a 'rock girl' gathering stones every place visited. My fascination with experiencing the extraordinary led to the exploration of energy medicine, shamanism, intuitive development, metaphysics, philosophy, dream interpretation, tarot, rune stones, crystals, as well as creative expression in writing, acting, costuming, photography and gardening.

The pathway to this work was revealed while visiting Gettysburg National Park. One singular visit created a psychic bootcamp of multiple experiences in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience that have been unmatched by any workshop I have taken. I was and am forever changed by it. Validation of mediumship was confirmed several years later as I was read by a medium during a platform demonstration. Jumping in whole-heartedly, I became a spirit messenger!

Listed since: Apr 20, 2011


Lisa is the real deal. She knew things that only a real physic would. She helped me with 2 pets now. She allowed me to ask my questions which really helped make sure I got what I wanted out of the session. More importantly, she was compassionate and understood the grieving process. She predicted things in the future w/o knowing it and was able to help me understand what my pets were going through and how to connect with them which was priceless. Lisa has a gift to heal.
I cannot say enough amazing things about Lisa. I contacted her when I was going through a really tough time after losing my beloved pet. We had an amazing session together where she really channeled his spirit and energy and helped me find the closure I so desperately needed. It comforts me to know that I can use Lisa to help communicate with my baby whenever I need it.
Lisa was professional and very accurate during my session. Some information you receive and it resonates right away- other things may take a day or two but everything Lisa tells you stands true! I will recommend Lisa!
Lisa is absolutly amazing! I cannot say enough good things about her as I've already recommended her to so many and cannot wait to do another session with her.She helped me connect with my sweet siamese fur baby whom we had just lost. Our connection was so strong and he was my best friend! I always knew Koby and I had a special bond and after doing a session with her I now understand why we were so close. This experience gave me such peace of mind and comfort knowing he is still with me everyday
Lisa is abaolutely amazing. She helped me connect with my fur friends whom both passed suddenly. She was able to explain everything she passed through to me in such an understanding and empathetic way. I 110% recommend her to anyone looking to connect with a lost loved one.
Lisa was able to help me talk to my sweet fur baby that I had lost only weeks prior to our reading. I was in the middle of grieving and she was able to help me talk to my baby with provided me with so much comfort to know he was okay and happy.
This was my second session with Lisa, this time Spirit contact. It was amazing. She was able to give me messages from my husband and father, who showed up together. It was uplifting, and gave me much comfort. Lisa’s easy, positive, and often humorous approach makes her a joy to work with.
Lisa was a huge help regarding a problem with our two rescue pups. She had some very helpful insights that I was seeing but "not seeing." I am comforted that she is there, and I would totally consult her in difficult people situations. I am so glad I found the way to Lisa!!
Lisa was accurate and compassionate and I left the conversation feeling at peace. She gives helpful tips on how to prepare for the reading and provides an audio download soon after. Very professional.
Lisa was amazing! She was so sweet and funny. Her service was great my mom and I did the spirit connection she really picked up on our loved ones who have passed I felt there presence. She was detailed and spot on. I also felt relief too knowing they are ok. I can’t wait until our next session!!
Lisa was amazing, she helped us to talk to our dog Chloe who just passed a month and almost 3 weeks ago.It has been incredibly painful for us losing her so getting to talk to her through Lisa was amazing. She answered questions for us that we wanted to ask Chloe about. She even gave us things we didn’t know about. The end of our call was very powerful! Can’t wait to have a second call with her and Chloe in a month to talk to her more about the ending she gave before the call was over.
Lisa conducted a spirit reading recently. My parents and grandmother came forward. Lisa was able to describe them and their personalities. They seem to be enjoying reminiscing over some of my fondest memories. It was an incredibly heartwarming experience. Lisa is truly remarkable, with the gifts of insight and empathy. Anyone wanting to reconnect with family and friends who have crossed over, should contact her.
I had a reading with Lisa to connect with loved ones who had passed away. I was specifically hoping to connect with my grandfather who passed away 6 months ago. It became apparent almost immediately that she was connecting with him and she was able to tell me so much information that was incredibly helpful for my healing. She knew things no one else would know. She was also very professional and compassionate during the entire reading. This is definitely something I would love to do again!
Lisa is the real deal, had a wonderful experience with her, don’t hesitate to contact her.
Lisa is kind, compassionate and caring. Speaking with her was like catching up with an old friend. Her reading was amazing and right on. She made my heart fuller knowing my family who passed are still with me and we will be together again. I highly recommend Lisa and will be doing more readings with her.
My session with Lisa was connecting to my dear Angus, a Yorkie-Wheaton who I nursed the last 2 years of his life because his kidneys were failing. My greatest concern was letting him go too early as on the outside he hid his illness so well…Lisa calmed my concerns and let me know that Angus also knew he had to leave, as it was so very hard on me, yet the dualism of him wanting to stay with me was so very hard for him. Thank-you Lisa for your love, compassion and gift.
I’ve had a past life reading, animal communication and spirit contact over the past 4 yrs with Lisa. She is amazingly gifted. Her accuracy in different settings with multiple people is magical and comforting. Bonus she’s an honest and fun energy herself.
After loosing my best friend in June, I contacted Lisa and he came through and gave me some answers to the details surrounding his death. She was able to describe his personality so I knew it was him. I will definitely use her services again
I have had multiple readings with Lisa specifically for animal communication for both living and deceased pets. Each time she is able to connect and convey specific messages from each animal. She is such a warm and caring healer and each session is unique and makes me still feel connected to my fur babies.
Lisa truly is gifted l had a pet communicaton with her for my dog max and the first thing she said was how pushy he is that he was using his head to get her attention she had no way of knowing thats what he did in life he would stand on me and push his head and chest against me to make me do something .She nailed it for what illness he had and specifically where he had lumps she was spot on l will be having another session in the future and thank you lisa for helping me with my grief
I have had a number of pet psychic sessions with Lisa. Each time she tells me things a person could not possibly know and provides details I had not previously shared or even been thinking of. Lisa lives many states away yet has even described the path within my rural community where my dog Stewie and I had walked and the joy he had in our walks together. To be able to maintain this connection to him is truly a gift.
You may pay a little more for Lisa than other communicators, but it's worth it. She has an extremely strong connection with animals, so is able to give you information quickly and accurately. Lisa immediately assessed both of my cats' personalities. Connecting to Mozart (who is in spirit) through her was wonderful. Lisa was laughing because Mozart was such a "clown" and full of antics to get attention. It made me feel like he was still with me, which was wonderful.
Lisa was able to connect with my mom and was extremely empathetic to her and me. There was never any long moments of silence. She was continually able to tell me things only my mom would know... and also put me at ease with some things. Some of the things I was confused on at the time are now starting to make sense. I wanted much more time with her and will def go through her again. Thanks Lisa!
Lisa conducted an animal communication for me, shortly after I my dog Buddy passed. She detailed his physical problems, and interpreted his beautiful, loving personality. She relayed to me that Buddy was showing her a round item that he was excited about. I explained that I had had a paw print cast made right after he passed. Any one suffering from the overwhelming grief from the loss of a pet should contact Lisa. Just realizing that your pet's spirit is alive is a comfort.
I have had readings with Lisa for over 3 years now. She has given me so much comfort and insight regarding my pets that have crossed over. There is no over the top drama with Lisa but if you open your ears to the subtle things she presents you will know for sure that she has reached your loved ones. I always have much better night sleeps after my readings just knowing that my babies are all together and will be waiting for me
Each time Lisa and I talk she is able to communicate things that no one would know but me - and certainly nothing that would be an "easy guess" or common to many people's experiences. Lisa very consistently shows that she receives information from sources that people like me without gifts cannot reach. I value deeply her honesty during those times when she must tell me that she is not sure, that she cannot tell. The importance of this cannot be underestimated and makes her even more credible.
I had a psychic consultation with Lisa. She immediately put me at ease, and I felt as though I could discuss anything with her. She offered insights that were realistic and hopeful at the same time. I will be scheduling another session, for sure!
Fantastic session!! Lisa knew things about my little girl Molly (that passed) that she should NOT have known. There is no way in a couple of emails and two pictures that I sent her would have revealed the communication between Molly and myself. Just really unbelievable. It was money well spent. We never discussed Molly during our couple of emails, just myself being challenged in trying to use the computer to pay her bill. She had no clues, but came through. Thank you
Lisa was wonderful! Her words were kind and compassionate. She answered my questions and guided me through my journey. I feel positive about my directions and intentions. Thank you, Lisa!
My families experience with Lisa was amazing and left us with comfort after losing our family dog after 19 years! She connected with both of our pups and was spot on with their personalities and gave us so many laughs, felt like they were right there with us! Thank you Lisa for such an amazing gift!


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