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Lisa M. Miller

Lisa M. Miller
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500+ TESTIMONIALS; Spiritual Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator. Top 50 Psychic Mediums 2016 published by Jennifer Diamond (Amazon). Your spirit people & pets are beautiful, eternal souls that shine brightly when we connect in a partnership full of excitement, openness and receptivity to their loving memories, healing messages and validation of how they connect with you STILL through signs and symbols. What a joy to connect with you to bring healing, comfort and closure through Spirit Contact Readings or Insight and Guidance in relation to your psychic questions about relationships, career, finance and health. Readings are honest, compassionate, ethical, accurate and healing so that you leave our session with hope, guidance, and/or greater clarity. Visit website for full details and testimonials.

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Listed since: Apr 20, 2011


I have talked to Lisa twice. As a Medium, she told me the quirkiest things about deceased loved ones that no one would know. As a Psychic, she gave me insight into some major life changes I had thought about making. I always feel better after a reading whether it is support of a change in my life's direction or comfort from a deceased loved one.
I recently spoke with Lisa about my beloved pup, Joey, who I had to let go of last month. He was a little hard to connect with at first but everything she started telling me described his personality and life to a tee. It gave me comfort knowing that I gave him the assurance that he would be ok in the after life. It’s obvious he has come to visit since he knows I have an area with all the memories I have of him. Thank you, Lisa. Hope to reach out again another time.
I usually have a half hour phone session with Lisa twice a year; but the last one was a doozer! My life is changing drastically and she helped me deal it it. She sees things that I don’t and when I hang up have peace and a better direction. She can be trusted and is a good friend. Thanks Lisa and I will keep you posted as to what happens.....course you already know that!
This is the second time that I've used Lisa to contact a deceased pet, this time for my cat Bandit. Lisa had accurate details about Bandit, including his personality, the greatest clerical error that gave me Bandit instead of the cat I was supposed to adopt, and details about his early life and eerily, specific details about his final resting place on the dresser next to my bed! I enjoyed being with my cat once again; knowing that he's still around gives me immeasurable peace. Thanks Lisa!
I had an unforgettable session with Lisa. Over the last two years, I lost several close family members. Lisa was able to channel my family and I was so comforted having this opportunity for verification. This was a wonderful and emotional session. Lisa is amazing and such a warm spirit. I look forward to having another session with her again.
My family and I had an amazing reading with Lisa today. She absolutely channeled our loved ones and shared a message that touched each one of us. We are so appreciative of her time and gift. We look forward to meeting with her again one day!
Last night, I attended a group demonstration with Lisa. That was the third time I have been a part of a group reading with her. She is amazing! Although I did not have a personal experience, she channeled the mother of my dear friend, and it was amazing! She has a true gift and is very down to earth. I look forward to meeting with her again in the future. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!
I had my first mediumship with Lisa and it was truly an amazing experience to be able to connect with so many and our beloved furbaby as well.. Lisa is amazing and I am more than grateful for the amazing reading. Joanne Salem
I just had my first mediumship with Lisa and she was truly amazing. and although she is an amazing animal communicator I didn't expect our furbaby to come through.. She is so warm and caring and no sugar coating more than that shes humble enough to tell you she's not always right!!!! I you are wanting the connection you so need. Call her love JRS JRS
I saw Lisa Miller for Spirit Contact, and she has an amazing and genuine gift. Through Spirit, she relayed a lot of healing memories and messages to me, things that were impossible for anyone in the world to research beforehand, especially the details she was so spot on with. My session with her was exactly what I needed right now in my time of grieving. Hearing from my loved ones brought me tremendous comfort in helping me heal and I absolutely plan on seeing Lisa again.
I said goodbye to my beloved beagle last month, and the visceral feeling of loss has been nearly unbearable. At times, the pain has been so intense, that's it's difficult to breathe. Finding Lisa Miller and participating in the reading to communicate with my sweet boy was a true gift. She shared very specific details that brought great comfort to me. I feel tremendous gratitude that she brought me and my pup together again.
I just had a reading with Lisa for my dog and can't thank her enough! He is completely back to normal and I'm following up on her recommendations in smudging the house to keep him happier!! She is amazing! I'm going to attend the April 22nd event and can't wait!!
You need to know what your pet can't tell you and Lisa is a beautiful conduit for relaying that special knowledge! She has been given a gift that allows the rest of us to love our pets even better. From beginning to end, Lisa was professional and thorough and on time. She connected with my dog immediately, validating quickly. I highly recommend Lisa.
I have used Lisa before, and she is excellent! She connected with someone who I had been feeling their presence and she confirmed what this person was trying to let me know about!
I saw Lisa last night, and she blew my mind when she came in the room and started speaking of someone in the Navy. My husband was in the Navy and I had his Navy charm from a necklace in my hand hoping this would help her connect with my husband who passed. She described a lot of things that are current in my life. I enjoyed listening to Lisa and I hope to hear her again!
Lisa read my cat Seamus who passed a few weeks before our reading. I was not emotionally prepared for her fantastic connection she had with him. I was astounded at how accurate and insightful she was with my questions regarding Seamus. I recorded the reading and I play it back every now and then to hear him through Lisa. I recommended her to some co-workers and I plan to employ her incredible gift to talk to and hear from loved ones who are no longer on our physical plane. Thank you!
I had a reading with Lisa less than a month after having to put my 2 year old Nila down. I was in a very bad place with the decision, and having this reading was my saving grace. While I was very emotional during the reading, Lisa was comforting and provided very specific details about Nila and her potential return to me. I was skeptical about mediums prior to the reading, but afterward I was assured.
I was referred to Lisa Miller after my dearest sweetest Pomeranian of 12 yrs passed this March 3 2018. I was devastated. We had a 1/2 hr phone session 3 Days later It was amazing Lisa was 100% right on everything she communicated. I still was hurting over not having my baby with me but it helped knowing her spirit was alive and well. Thank God Lisa is willing to share her gift. The things she mentioned were specific and only known to me and my pomeranian
Just finished my second reading with Lisa. She connected with my loved one even before our meeting. She conveyed to me that my loved one was still around me and was joking about how I still hand wash my dishes. Unbelievably spot on and a bit embarrassing. Our meeting went on for an hour and so many questions were resolved for me. Lisa is absolutely legitimate and brings me to a new level of relief and joy to my heart knowing that my wife is thriving and at peace in her spirit form.
I was very nervous about receiving a reading, but after the sudden and unexpected passing of my heart dog Champ, I was lost and searching for answers. Lisa was very kind and understanding, and she helped put my heart at ease. Lisa was able to communicate with Champ and validate aspects of his life, passing, and things occurring after his passing which assured me that his spirit is with me and that he is watching over his family. I hope to check in with him in a few months. Thank you, Lisa!
Lisa was kind, excited when talking with our deceased dog, and very great to work with throughout the entire process. We would definitely use her again!
I've worked with Lisa a few times now and have good results each time. She is helpful and caring and explains her process to help you understand how she uses her skills. It has been wonderful to connect with both my living and deceased pets - particularly after my little girl kitty passed recently. It was a great experience and I look forward to working with Lisa again some time in the near future.
I have worked with Lisa in person and via phone and each time the readings have been aligned with my life. She describes people I know and many times comes up with their name, nick name or initial. Over the years, questions that I have asked her and the answers that she has given me have come to fruition - not that I have always liked the answers. She has contacted my dad and my boyfriend more than once and I feel happy and lighter after the readings when they reach out. I always take notes.
Lisa is very kind, and compassionate. I found speaking to Lisa extremely helpful in moving me along in my grief process. She was able to connect with my furbaby angel Chrissy, provide validation and give me a great sense of peace. I am very grateful!
Lisa was spot on about my 2 (living) dogs. It was very comforting to hear how they felt and they both have seemed to be calm down since my reading with Lisa. She nailed the personalities to a T, it was almost startling! She’s the real deal. Would recommend a reading from her to anyone.
I think Lisa is Awesome! So personable and really spends time to try and get the most out of each appt. Gives valid directional feedback and explores your focus topics deeper; sometimes without understanding or clarity but things reveal themselves in future months. I hooked!! ;-)
I contacted Lisa regarding my furry friend Muggs for an animal communication reading. I was desperate for answers that no veterinarian could explain. He was having weird episodes of trembling and frantic anxiety behavior that would sometimes last for hours. I contacted Lisa and she squeezed me in her schedule. In our reading she was sure it was caused by all the medications he was on. I took him off the meds and wow what a turnaround he had. He's been getting better every day. Thanks Lisa!
I did an Animal communication with Lisa for my little Yorkie Ziva - I was amazed how accurate she was with Ziva's personality. She helped me understand my little so much more and let me know if there were any concerns for her health and well being. I will definitely call on her again
Yesterday I had an animal communication by phone with Lisa and our two beloved cats. They have been missing since our neighborhood was consumed by The Tubbs Wildfire (Wine Country Fires) October 9, 2017. Lisa was able to connect with BOTH cats, one which crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and one who survived!! She was amazing!! There were many things she revealed that validated the accuracy of her reading my beautiful fur babies!! Priceless! It brought my skeptic husband to tears! Thank you Lisa
I recently had a phone reading with Lisa. She was wonderful. This was my first ever reading with a medium and I did not know what to expect. She was very comforting and provided me with some answers and peace I was seeking . I will definitely work with Lisa again.


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