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Lisa M. Miller

Lisa M. Miller
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500+ TESTIMONIALS; Spiritual Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator. Top 50 Psychic Mediums 2016 published by Jennifer Diamond (Amazon). Your spirit people & pets are beautiful, eternal souls that shine brightly when we connect in a partnership full of excitement, openness and receptivity to their loving memories, healing messages and validation of how they connect with you STILL through signs and symbols. What a joy to connect with you to bring healing, peace and comfort through Spirit Contact Readings or Insight and Guidance in relation to your psychic questions about relationships, career, finance and health. Readings are honest, compassionate, ethical, accurate and often healing. Visit website for full details.

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Listed since: Apr 20, 2011


my life was all about my beloved chocolate Lab Molly Brown who passed away suddenly from pneumonia in November a friend of mine referred me to Lisa and I had a reading with her and I have to say that at a point where my grief was so debilitating after my reading with Lisa and having her relay very personal messages that only MOLLY and I knew between us my heart felt so much lighter and I am so sure her spirit is with me at all times I can’t thank her enough and highly revommend her ❤️
I used Lisa to communicate with my dog. She was very helpful and guided me in the right direction in managing some of his issues. Lisa was very pleasant and the session was wonderful! I highly recommend Lisa!
I had an animal communication session with Lisa yesterday in regards to a loved pet who went missing over two years ago. I did not share any information with her. The information she brought to me was 100% accurate. I am thankful to finally have some closure now, to know that my cat has passed, to know he is in peace and to know that he is trying to help my new cat come out of her shell to be more like him. While I will always love him and miss him, I no longer have to wonder what happened.
I had a reading for my deceased cat Boots, who we had for 15 years. Lisa was able to connect with Boots' spirit and provide answers to some nagging questions and concerns that I had directly from Boots. While we still miss him deeply (and always will), knowing that he's OK now and happy does give comfort. A reading with Lisa is an excellent way of being with your beloved pet once again.
I've had 5 animal communication sessions with Lisa, the most recent one being yesterday. Lisa and I have never met, and I have never shared with her details about my pets or myself. Yet, everything she has ever relayed to me has been spot-on. Lisa is the real deal. Not to mention that she has a great sense of humor and is one of the warmest, most compassionate people I've never met! Lisa's gift is authentic. I know, because I've witnessed every session with my own ears. 
I have used the psychic services of Lisa Miller several times over the last 3 years. I used telephone consultations. Each consultation was very informative and helpful. She provided specific guidance in answer to my questions. She always understands my questions and provides straight-forward answers with explanations. She picks up on the situation immediately and is truly interested in helping her clients.
I had a great reading with Lisa. She is an excellent animal communicator and though not the intent of the reading, she had other messages for me as well. My fur-kids were being challenging and Lisa really helped with it by talking with them (and I know she was by some of the reactions she was explaining). Without going into all of the details, information Lisa provided came true two weeks later. Lisa is an excellent and ethical psychic-medium. Thank you so much, Lisa!
I had a psychic reading with Lisa and she was spot on about a lot of things! It was nice to receive a validation on the questions I had. I knew the answers in my gut but it was nice to hear I was on the track. She is also very warm and inviting, friendly and easy to talk to! I will definitely be back soon, I want to try spirit communication with her next.
I found myself reaching out to Lisa after losing 2 dogs within 2 weeks of each other. Lisa helped me more than words can express. There is no way she could have know very special personality traits of both of my dogs. Knowing they are still with me has helped me to start to heal. I will definitely be a repeat client. She is truly gifted. Thank you so much Lisa!
Lisa Miller is amazing!!! We have been working together for about 6 years now and she is always kind, patient, understanding, and is a genuine soul. I LOVE working with her to help me sort through all the ups and downs that life can bring, and I always feel better after we've spoken. She truly has a gift and I encourage anyone who is considering working with Lisa to just do it. Thank you!!! :-)
I love lisa she is so great with what she does for the spirit and the people who are looking to hear from the spirit. I have two people come and it was so exciting. Thank you Lisa
Lisa Miller is an amazing animal communicator. I've had several phone sessions with her for my deceased little dachshund who was my baby. She's accurate and knows things only you and your baby know. It's very reassuring to know my babys spirit is still here and not gone. I recommend Lisa to anyone, believers and skeptics.
I just had another session with Lisa after not having spoken with her for about a year. As with all my previous sessions with my other pets, Lisa never in a million years could have known about Dixie's favorite place, her personality, nor, most certainly, her physical issues, unless someone had told her -- and I know I didn't! Dixie knew just what I wanted to 'discuss' today and she explained to me all I wanted and needed to know. I am clear now, and comforted beyond words...
Ive been to Lisa many times and she has helped me be at peace when it came to my human friends and family. This time is different, we are struggling with the decision to put our beloved Thor to rest or wait it out? I called Lisa and she got me an apointment that same day. She communicated with our Thor and although he knows the time is near hes not quite ready yet!! Thank you Lisa Miller for givng us mote time with Thor knowing that is what HE wanted!!!
When she described my moms personality, our relationship, I felt her next to me. How she described my son looking at stars, talking to Nana, & how they had a quiet understanding of each other. My heart was put at ease. Lisa, your gift has given me something that NOBODY else could give & I know without doubt Angels are with me. Life, traditions, & family have a new meaning. My perspective has changed and I have PEACE. Its something that is priceless.
From the moment I arrived I felt at peace. Lisa took the time to explain everything to me and then we got started. So many spirits came forward and I was shocked. I came away with spiritual healing and understanding. Lisa is very easy to talk with and she gives some great insight. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer.
Before meeting with Lisa, I wasn't sure I truly believed that people could connect with the deceased. However, Lisa blew me away. I met with her a few days ago in hopes to connect with my little brother who recently passed away. Lisa was my last hope in finding comfort, easing the pain, and finding closure. She said things that no one knew, things that were specific to my brother, his passing and my family! She's truly amazing and gets so connected to the spirit! I can't wait to go back!
I recently had a phone reading with Lisa for my two dogs who are deceased. She told me things about each one that only someone who knew them would know. She made me feel so much better to know they are together and both are looking out for me and sending signs. I’m so please that I decided to reach out to her, and will again in the future.
My session with Lisa was awesome. She helped me with a problem I was having and this has given me peace of mind. Thank you so much Lisa for what you have done for me and Willow. Everything is back to normal. ☺️
This was my first time seeing a medium and Lisa was warm and welcoming. She made me feel at ease and explained the process. I enjoyed my reading and even plan to see her again. It was fulfilling and Honestly I feel like a piece of my heart has been healed. My boyfriend came with and believes in Lisa’s ability as well. Thanks so much. See you in the future. Catricia
This was my first time contacting a psychic/medium and I’m really glad that I chose Lisa to do the reading! She was able to connect with my cat who passed away unexpectedly and it was such a great experience as it provided some closure and reassurance of that special bond that we had. I will definitely plan another session in the future, but probably a longer one. If you think 30 minutes is a long time for a session, it goes by quicker than you expect. Thank you Lisa!!!
Phenomenal !!!! I was nervous to do anything like this but after my mom passed away there was nothing more I would rather do just to get one more chance to communicate with her. I felt so comfortable with Lisa, she made me feel at ease from the very second I spoke to her. My great grandmother and my mother came through. There were things that only I would understand and I felt a sense of closure after the reading. I would do it again in a heart beat and I recommend lisa to anyone !
I had used Lisa in the past to contact my cat while she was alive and after she passed. I decided to use Lisa again to contact my who passed in November. Not only did I get my mother, my father and my cat (of course) came thru as well. The session took me through all the emotions, I laughed and cried, and I was very surprised that my mother was the same as she was in life, lots of laughter and likes that I talk to her before sleeping. I know they are always with me.
I did a deceased animal reading with Lisa Miller and she was great. Not only did Lisa read my dog perfectly she showed such compassion and care that I wasn’t nervous at all (this was my first time ever doing any type of medium contact.) I could really tell that Lisa knew what she was doing and not making any of it up I know she was communicating with my pet. If you are on the fence about contacting your deceased pet I would definitely recommend it it brought me a lot of closure.
I have used Lisa 3 times so far and she is so accurate I keep going back. o i figured it was time to write a review. She is excellant.
I have talked to Lisa twice. As a Medium, she told me the quirkiest things about deceased loved ones that no one would know. As a Psychic, she gave me insight into some major life changes I had thought about making. I always feel better after a reading whether it is support of a change in my life's direction or comfort from a deceased loved one.
I recently spoke with Lisa about my beloved pup, Joey, who I had to let go of last month. He was a little hard to connect with at first but everything she started telling me described his personality and life to a tee. It gave me comfort knowing that I gave him the assurance that he would be ok in the after life. It’s obvious he has come to visit since he knows I have an area with all the memories I have of him. Thank you, Lisa. Hope to reach out again another time.
I usually have a half hour phone session with Lisa twice a year; but the last one was a doozer! My life is changing drastically and she helped me deal it it. She sees things that I don’t and when I hang up have peace and a better direction. She can be trusted and is a good friend. Thanks Lisa and I will keep you posted as to what happens.....course you already know that!
This is the second time that I've used Lisa to contact a deceased pet, this time for my cat Bandit. Lisa had accurate details about Bandit, including his personality, the greatest clerical error that gave me Bandit instead of the cat I was supposed to adopt, and details about his early life and eerily, specific details about his final resting place on the dresser next to my bed! I enjoyed being with my cat once again; knowing that he's still around gives me immeasurable peace. Thanks Lisa!
I had an unforgettable session with Lisa. Over the last two years, I lost several close family members. Lisa was able to channel my family and I was so comforted having this opportunity for verification. This was a wonderful and emotional session. Lisa is amazing and such a warm spirit. I look forward to having another session with her again.


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