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I have formal training in meditation, psychic reading and energetic aura healings. I have certificate programs in clairvoyant readings, healing and teaching meditation. I have 13 years education and 20 years practical experience. I'm also a former engineer and worked in the corporate world for 13 years and have a practical scientific side. I have learned to create inner contentment & happiness for myself. I love to teach people how to manifest their reality by shifting internally & refining the spirit body connection.

Healing to me can be likened to a wave, in that there is always change happening. Being spiritually in tune is like riding the wave with ease and grace. Change becomes exhilarating.

I can lead people to get the root of their issue so that they can transform with ease. There is no magic pill to get what you want, you have to go through it and process the pain and patterns BUT it can be easier and more *efficient* when you have more awareness and tools. Motivation, validation, encouragement and enthusiasm are energies I bring.


Physical healing/ Medical intuitive (seeing the emotional and patterns that caused the problem and removing them, shifting the energy in the body, getting stuck stagnant energy moving, help to process the emotions and pain, guidance in self healing, also knowing how the healing process happens on an energy level will help to heal & obtain your goals more efficiently)

Detoxing: how to support your physical detox with spiritual detoxing first, then physical body has space to release more efficiently and sustainably. Also mentoring in the physical detox space especially support for the triggers/patterns/pain/emotions that emerge

Creativity (generating more creativity, removing blocks. Athletic, performance & expression coaching)

Healing Expression & Performance (Athletic, mental game, mindset coach, Acting)

Chakra and Aura healing & reading

Healing from abuse (childhood abuse, psychic abuse, alien abuse, entity abuse, mind control, exploitation in general---incarceration abuse, sex trafficking, --any trauma),

Self image and weight loss

Addictions, healing permanently (drugs, alcohol, food, sex, relationships)

Spirit removal and deprogramming how and where they attach

Women's issues

Coaching, motivation and encouragement


Spiritual counseling

Past life resolution & karma clearing

Relationships, intimate love life is a reflection of your spirit body connection, sexuality, staying present and having spiritual growth within a relationship

Classes, guided meditations (recorded)

Chord-cutting, family issues, birth spiritual agreements, resolving and creating freedom

Kundalini energy, using it for health, clearing blockages

House & Business space healing

Preppers, getting in inner shape before the ‘end of the empire’, the currency crisis

Spiritual makeovers and workouts!

Finding root causes of issues.


I was an engineer in the corporate world for 13 years and miserable because I could not find the space to heal myself. I desired a sanctuary where I could address my problems and find a way to heal. My pain at the time was very great and I was determined to find a way to heal. I trusted my inner voice that told me that I could find a way out of being sick and spiritually lost. Along the way, I had to fight off naysayers, and trust that my inner voice was guiding me to the truth. Eventually I learned an array of psychic tools that I could use to better my life.

I am a licensed minister. I studied at the seminary of the Church of Divine Man at the Berkeley Psychic Institute for 13 years after leaving the corporate world. While at Berkeley, I was in the Clairvoyant Training program for 1 year, and studied to become a certified meditation teacher for 2 years. The ministerial program included an additional 5 years of training in other areas, such as advanced meditation and spiritual leadership.

I coach people in healing themselves through meditation and energy tools. To help make room for the unique spirit to shine through. The outer conditions of your life are brought about by your inner spiritual state (the Law of Attraction). If you can consciously change your energy inside, you can reach your outer goals with less effort. The most efficient way to shift energy internally and therefore your life.
Digital recordings available for custom guided meditation.

“Yoga” teaches us that the outer conditions of your life are brought about by your inner spiritual state. If you can consciously change your energy inside, you can reach your outer goals with less effort. I believe that clairvoyance, the ability to see energy in yourself and others, is not a gift but a skill that everyone can develop. During teaching and coaching, I work with clients to calm the nervous system, shift awareness to spirit, run energy through the chakras & aura to clear patterns, ground their bodies, protect themselves psychically, past lives & karma resolving, mental patterns deprogram, entity and relationship resolution and ultimately heal themselves. I love to inspire and motivate my students to aspire to reach their own spiritual freedom and happiness. The original meaning of yoga was *meditation*. In sanskrit the word yoga means to “yolk”, meaning to yolk your spirit to your body. Unifying the spirit and body through meditation techniques like running energy, grounding, becoming more present, is yoga.

Listed since: Jul 27, 2016

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