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Laurie Blomer
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I'm a psychic, channel, and animal communicator. My mission is to help people embrace their divine natures and experience their connection to all living things, both on this plane and in the spiritual realms.

As a psychic and channel, I communicate with clients' Spirit Guides to help them gain insights that will benefit their lives, relationships, happiness and decision making.

As an animal communicator, or "pet psychic," I help clients communicate with their animal friends, both living and deceased.

I help people access the wisdom of their past lives both through accessing the Akashic Records on their behalf, and through facilitating past life regressions. We then discuss how they can integrate those past experiences into their current lives, so they can benefit from that wisdom.

I offer group events such as reading parties and message circles, and regularly teach workshops on a variety of spiritually related topics:
Psychic Development
Animal Communication
Working with Spirit Guides
Exploring Past Lives
Accessing the Akashic Records

I look forward to hearing from you!

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I give individual readings in person (Kennett Square PA and Wilmington DE) and via phone, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and Facebook Messaging video. I offer in person workshops as well as online/web-based classes.

Please contact me at to schedule your reading, event or workshop!

Listed since: Feb 2, 2012


I like this lady a lot! As some of the other commentors said, she is very helpful and is willing to give follow up emails. I am very grateful for everything!
I just finished a reading with Laurie and, once again, new insights for my spiritual journey have surfaced. I love speaking with my angels through Laurie and am always filled with gratitude for the guidance they give. Laurie is sensitive, funny, loving and kind. And, because of these attributes, Laurie is able to connect with the angelic realm in a way that no other Medium has accomplished for me. I have had a few readings with Laurie, some in person, others by Ecuador. Thank you.
Laurie is very good, very clear and very direct. All the best attributes for any reader. I enjoyed my hour with her very much and left the session feeling more positive and with a better idea of my direction. She was also very generous with follow up emails, I had a few questions and she continued to be helpful several days after my reading.

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