John Stewart & Maggie Shetz

John Stewart & Maggie Shetz
John Stewart & Maggie Shetz


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30 minutes $70- 60 minutes $130- CRV-Remote Viewing $150 (no appointment necessary)

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717-340-2121 or e-mail


Receive two readings in one! As a team, reading together, our clients benefit from a comprehensive consultation. We are Professionally Trained Clairvoyants and Naturally gifted psychics. Intuitive Consultants , John and Maggie have been providing personal and confidential psychic intuitive counseling since 2010.

We are also trained in the military style of Controlled Remote Viewing. CRV is the only scientifically validated psychic skill. CRV was developed by the U.S. military during the Cold War era. CRV has rescued lost pets, located lost valuable items and provided significant details of missing persons, past events and future activities.
Our services are available worldwide through Skype video and telephone.

"You were instrumental in bringing Remy, our dog, back home to us!
Your hand drawn CRV sketch was dead-on for that surrounding area where Remy was eventually to be found. We even found the stream that you drew and we never knew it was there!!"

Shannon M
East Earl, PA

Additional Information: 

Intuitive Consultants are also Certified Hypnotherapists.
Providing hypnotherapy sessions for a wide range of client concerns. Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Phobias, Stress, and explore your past lives thru past life regression !!

John and Maggie are available for lectures and parties. Please see our website for details.

Listed since: Nov 17, 2012


I have had three readings and also some additional tarot readings with Intuitive Consultants. Details and future happenings did unfold as they predicted. I left each reading feeling more positive and having a greater understanding of the bigger picture. I highly recommend them!
Sometimes, you reach a crossroads in life. You don't know which way to turn. John and Maggie helped me find my way again. I recommend them to anyone who is also seeking answers.

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