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Rev. Francine Milano: Francine is a clairvoyant medium and nationally renowned radio psychic. She is part of the WARM 103.3 family in south central PA and you can hear her live on several local and national stations throughout the year. She offers private readings and family grief sessions in person (Lancaster PA). Sessions are also available by phone, skype video, and 2-question intuitive readings are available via email.

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Spiritualist minister, Rev. Francine Milano also serves as the pastor for The Center for Spiritual Awareness ( in Leola PA. Through CSA, she also offers hypnotherapy, NLP, past life regression, spiritual life coaching, mentoring, classes and workshops.

Listed since: May 18, 2007


Francine was concise, compassionate and clear in communicating truth to heal. In my quest to get clarity on a painful situation, she delivered messages of truth and love from loved ones in the spirit world that comforts the heart on a healing journey. Truly authentic.
Had an email reading. I will spare the exact details, but essentially I was ready to relocate for work and wanted some guidance. Before I even applied for jobs let alone have any idea of where I wanted to end up (ultimately applied for positions in 20+ cities), she named two cities across the country, that I had no prior connection to, which ended up having jobs that were far and away the best fit for me. I'm in one of those cities now. This was not a "good guess" - she has legitimate abilities
To everyone that's been drawn to the testimonials; my name is Sean and I couldn't be happier to endorse Rev. Francine for readings. I've used Rev. Francine mostly for my business. She's given me great insight and clarity into my business. Even when the answers are not what I am expecting to hear I always take that information and use it as a tool to prepare and use it to my advantage. I understand that Spirit is always here to help me, and Rev. Francine is a wonderful conduit for that.
Francine is excellent at what she does! My reading was detailed and so very confirming of what I would have imagined my loved ones would be doing. I couldn't believe it. She is down to earth, funny and compassionate! I highly recommend her!
Rev Milano was so easy to talk to. I love her descriptions of my loved ones who have passed on. It was an incredible reading. Because of info she gave, I have reconnected with a loved one. It is so nice to have an idea of what is to come. Rev Milano was spot on in what we discussed about my daughters. And even my husband confided something to me after I told him what she saw. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Angles, Thanks Rev Milano
I did an email reading with Francine back in August 2012. I was not liking my job and was trying to find a different one. Francine said that she saw an opportunity in October if I worked really hard but that she saw doors opening for me in January. I did find a new job.. Was hired in October. Got an email a couple of days ago, it's now January, asking if I would be interested in a position. An employee resigned and they now had an opening. She was spot on!
Francine has a true gift. I will be forever grateful for the peace she gave to me. It was wonderful to hear from my family and just to know they remain a part of our lives.
Spot on. Unbelievably accurate. There was no way she knew the things she did without being legit. Don't hesitate
Amazingly detailed with only a name given! Francine is a bigger picture reader with intricate details included. I have had lots of readings over the years that only fill in bits and pieces, however with Francine, all the pieces of the puzzle come together!!!
I was VERY impressed with the reading! We came away feeling more at peace with things and amazed at how spot on Francine was with the things she told us! We are already making plans for another reading. Thanks Francine & we will see you again!!!
I got one of her emails and it was amazing, my mom and friend got emails afterwards because they were so amazed by how spot-on she was about things.
I just had the most amazing reading with Francine she was right on. She saved me from a lot of heart ach. She has cleared me of alot of dought.Even on a phone reading she got it all right.Thank you Francine you saved my mind.
I just saw Francine on Saturday 25 April 09 and she was amazing. Her gift is remarkable. This was my first time ever seeing someone and I was skeptical but within five minutes she had me amazed. I am a different person today because of that hour with her. I have a crazy year to deal with but I know I can deal with it now. Thanks Francine for being there.
All I have to say about my reading is wow it was amazeing!!! I highley recomend Francine to anyone looking for a reading I was blown away at how on point she was with my reading she has a true gift!!!!
Francine is bang on! The real thing! Things came up that only a family member would know. I'll definitely be back!
I was very pleased and satisfied with my session with Francine. She was spot-on with things about my life there is no way she could have known. The best part of my session was hearing from my son who passed in 2002. When she said to me who's birthday is it? as my son handed me a red rose which is a sign of a birthday, it was my son's birthday on the day of my reading. There is no way she could have known that, as I never mentioned it. I highly recommend Francine she is truly blessed.

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