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Take a deep breath, open your heart and mind and get ready to discover what you need for your highest good right now. It's time to release your Inner Magick! (*Magick with a "k" refers to the power within us.)

I'm a Transformation Guide, but really I'm a Perspective Changer and Blockage Buster. I'm a wiz at helping women find their Inner Magick. And I've devoted most of my life to finding ways to be happy in the present while creating the ideal future.

To sum it up? I am a master at bringing magick into the everyday.

I am an intuitive consultant, author, teacher, and Reiki master with a master's degree in clinical psychology. I've been in professional practice for 30 years using tarot, energetic consciousness, astrology, and a blend of traditional and intuitive methods for personal development.

When we work together, you can expect to come away with a higher sense of self, a brighter view of your life, and extraordinary tools to create your ideal future. And you'll be enchanted by using magickal methods to reach your goals.

​Whether it's an energy reading, using the ancient tools of tarot and astrology, or through transformational life coaching sessions, you have opportunities to release your Inner Magick in every aspect of your life: at work, in your business, in your relationships, ​in your personal development, in your purpose, and in the way you serve others.

My work inspires and motivates because it allows you to experience your life as a wonderful adventure.

My role is to bring you out of mediocrity and allow you to see a more expansive and amazing YOU!

What questions do you have about your life that need clarification?
Let's reconnect you to yourself for the highest good and best possible outcome.

If you're tired of skimming the surface of the energies around you and are ready to discover your Inner Magick, it's time to get started.

Get clear * Get Grounded * Get Energized

Together, we will uncover obstacles, the essence of your relationships, and the patterns of your life so you can attract happy, healthy relationships, gain confidence, and live in peace and joy.

Choose the approach that speaks to you:

Energy Consultation - Start by taking my FREE Vibrational Quiz (https://www.dianewing.com/wing-vibrational-scale-quiz/) and find out your vibrational level

This session includes one or more of the following depending on the length of the session:

- Connect to your energy field, clear stuck energy, and replenish your aura to feel lighter, relaxed, and energized

- Discuss aspects of life and understand the energetic interactions taking place to remove emotion and anxiety, enabling you to look at the situation objectively

"Diane identified the true source of my anxiety and confusion within minutes. What a gift! Then she suggested simple, specific steps for my next action. Cleared so many cobwebs in one session. If you're stuck in an anxious loop, worried and not sure what to do next, Diane's your gal!"
~Lana McAra, award-winning bestselling author​


Tarot Consultation -The Tarot has been used for centuries as a gateway to the soul; a tool to open to new levels of psychic awareness and personal growth. A tarot reading cuts through the drama of a situation and enables you to tune in to what's important.

"Thank you again for all the help and guidance through readings and continued support. The readings helped soooo much to clarify and also to open to more specific wonderings. The readings helped so much just in the power to trust inside. I am so happy to have had the pushes you gave in the readings and vantage of clarifying things felt but not understood. A big smile of gratitude."
- Erika Henson, Washington, DC


​Astrology Consultation - Using your date, time, and place of birth, your chart is crafted and interpreted. We can do a natal chart showing the energies you were born with and indicate your purpose and vocation. It's the map of your life. Or choose a solar return chart that tells you the energies of the current year from one birthday to the next and the transformations that await you.

"I got a solar return reading from Diane Wing for my birthday. It tells you the planets and houses, what you naturally will be working on for the year. It amazes me how incredibly helpful this tool is. The things that are in my life, the situations, the feelings, the challenges and transition are all in the chart. It is a reflection of what is occurring, what you have to work with and a way to surf through with greater ease. And it just astounds me too, how accurate it is!"
​ - Lyn Hicks, author The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman


​Life Coaching - Are you ready to create the life you really want? It’s easier when you have an experienced guide. With a Master’s degree in clinical psychology and over three decades of experience helping people achieve their goals through personal insight, Diane Wing can assist you to feel more confident and harmonious on your journey. With the right guidance and support you can:

– Enhance your effectiveness professionally and personally
– Increase your overall productivity
– Set and achieve career or personal goals
– Achieve work/life balance
– Trust yourself and live with more meaning and purpose
– Be resilient in the face of change
– Dispel inaccurate beliefs and remove barriers to success
– Identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses
​– Make significant changes in your behavior and beliefs

“Diane, you always take me to the next level of thinking. You guide me along to a different thought process. I am more aware of myself after listening to you. You make me aware of things I wouldn’t even be thinking about, you take me there and beyond. To a better place, to a safer place where I can begin to do the work within that I know I must do.”
– Lia Fabbricante, Oreland, PA

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If you'd like to dive deeper into tarot, energetic consciousness, or ways to be happy, check out my books at www.dianewingauthor.com. Thanks!

Listed since: May 11, 2018

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