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Psychic Medium & Spiritual Advisor Christopher Trotter is a naturally gifted healer. He is a trance medium, clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairgustant, empath, reiki master and remote viewer. His abilities allow him to help others create a healthy well balanced lifestyle with accurate guidance, offering intuitive solutions and problem solving. Straightforward answers to his clients questions are delivered in a caring, nonjudgmental, compassionate nature.

Readings continuously prove to be an uplifting, positive experience as he channels what your soul needs to know now in the present and near future. A variety of spiritual tools and concepts such as tarot cards, Angel cards, astrology, numerology, remote viewing, psychometry, distance reiki, dream analysis, aromatherapy, sound therapy, meditation, automatic writing, runes and crystals are often utilized to promote the best and most accurate psychic reading.

Chris has been notably rated and reviewed as a top consultant and tarot reader (cartomancy) in Pennsylvania as well as across the United States. Officially discovered at age nineteen, he rose to popularity during the Nationally syndicated talk radio show “Your Time with Kim Iversen”, demonstrating readings live on air for listeners around the country. With many happy returning clients, his vast knowledge of paranormal topics and expertise in the spiritual arts has helped countless people from all walks of life for over 14 years. Rest assured that you have come to the right place if you are searching to find true guidance.

Communication with our loved ones in Spirit (mediumship) can help provide a healthy space for closure, knowing that they are safe and at peace in Heaven. Proof of life after death can be very powerful in aiding with the healing process of grief and loss. Spirit guides often give advice on anything and everything from career paths to family matters, love, relationships, travel, pets, health, finances, real estate, business etc. during their visit. They will share vivid memories, dates, names, places, emotions and descriptive special details. Chris actively interprets and communicates these messages directly to you. This is how spirits show that their love still exists beyond this world and physical body. It’s a special way of saying, “you are not alone and I’m still here with you!”

He also combines his Life Coaching skills and metaphysical knowledge to help those searching for authentic spiritual support and further self-discovery. Spiritual psychic medium training classes are available on a one-on-one basis, upon request. Teaching others how to learn to develop and use their own talents is one of Christopher’s many passions along with his love for cooking, blogging, art, literature, music, exercise, web design, home decorating, comedy, antiques, history, animals and nature of all kinds.

Remember, Psychic Medium readings are a wonderful way to center the mind, body and souls innate needs. When you open yourself up to receive signs from the Universe, beautiful things begin to happen! Transformational energies start to manifest and align us in a healthier, more fulfilling way! Empower yourself today with divine insight into your most pressing questions. Allow yourself the gift to move forward freely with confidence, becoming and creating the best possible version of yourself! Feel your heart and steps become lighter on your soul journey today...

Listed since: Dec 29, 2020


Thank you for my beautiful reading today. I can still feel your energy it's wild what an effect it has had. The messages from my father were so special and just what I needed to hear. I have always known he was still with me but the uncanny way you honed in on things only he would know was incredible. It's nice to find a genuinely gifted medium who I know is actually reading me, my energy, my life. I can't thank you enough.
I spoke with Chris a few weeks ago to connect with my husband. My husband came through with full energy and he was able to tell me so much about him, our life, and guidance that it brought me so much comfort. I still play our conversation in my head and I feel at peace, for that I’m grateful. I’d hope to reconnect with Chris in the future to reconnect with my hubby for comfort and peace
Chris has connected for me several times, and each time was remarkable. Along with his abilities being amazing, he truly makes you feel comfortable and calm during the readings. I wouldn’t go to anyone else but him.
I spoke to Chris just a few days after my godfather passed suddenly. He came through and it provided me immediate relief knowing all was well with him! The hour flew by much too fast as Chris had many important and helpful messages for me! I can’t wait to schedule another reading!
Chris was wonderful, he definitely helped me settle some problems I was having in my household so I can live more peaceully. He is definitely a blessing and I will be returning 10/10
Chris was absolutely amazing! He is the real deal, I was blown away by his accuracy and guided me through a few areas in my life that I’m questioning. If you are looking for a reading PLEASE contact him. I’m so glad I did
My reading with Chris was amazing. He knew intimate things that even I forgot. He reminded me of the love I continuously receive from the other side by edifying certain things. All I could do was smile during my session. He does a great job at explaining any issues you think you have and why it’s happening. I highly recommend his service and I’ll be a repeat customer in about 6 months. Be well.
Christopher was spot on with my reading. He connected me to loved ones that crossed over and I am forever grateful for this experience!
I would highly recommend Chris! He’s not only gifted, he’s damn spot on with every reading. Chris is gem of a medium , he connects to those who passed and his future predictions are so accurate is hard to believe he’s real. I have referred many people to him who are blown away to say the least. I myself have had many readings from Chris for years. Anytime I’m uneasy or I don’t feel right I contact him and he NEVER disappoints. He’s worth every penny and an Angel on Earth. Call him now!
I was in search of a gifted clairvoyant, someone who could guide, advise and help me through issues presenting in my life. I left it up to the universe and stepped away, and the universe let me know that Chris was the one. I couldn't ignore the sign, so I text him right away. Totally worth it. The amount of accurate info that he provides is unparalleled,accurate and you won't get that anywhere else, not to mention his energy. I've had 2 sessions and will continue to work w Chris whenever I can.
Christopher is the most genuine and profound medium I have come to know. Ive had readings with multiple psychics in my life and no one even comes close to my experiences with Christopher’s readings. Not only does he go above and beyond to help others, he does so with a good heart and pure intent. He truly is Heaven’s interpreter. After a point in my life where my faith in the universe was challenged, speaking with him restored my belief system fully. I recommend him to everyone and anyone!
I have known and loved Chris for many years. He did readings at our wellness center when he was just starting with his abilities. He gave accurate and heartfelt reading to dozens of people, including me. He brought joy in connections with spirits and his psychic intuitions helped many to decide on a good path. Highly recommend Chris!
There are no words that can share the feeling of relief and peace I had when I spoke with Christopher. I told her my heart was broken when my family member died two years ago. There is so much pain i felt like there would never be joy again. He shared thoughts from my loved one and they were ideas and things that Christopher couldn’t have possibly known. I can’t believe how much better I felt after my time with him! Call him as soon as you can so you can feel better.
My hour talking to Christopher was nothing short of unbelievable. I lost my cousin a few years ago and have been completely crippled by it. Every single word from Christopher said was dead-on. My hour talking to Christopher has allowed me a certain amount of relief I haven’t felt in years. The pain will always stay, but because of Christopher, I feel so much closer to my cousin and know he’s not as far as it seems. Thank you. A million times. Thank you for such a priceless gift.
Chris was great and super spot on with everything that we talked about! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for guidance or to talk to a loved one who has passed on.
I would highly recommend going to Chris! He is beyond amazing. I have went to him twice already and plan on going back for the third time soon. He was spot on with everything. A friend of mine is a skeptic and I sent him to Chris, and he was mind blown, jaw dropping. I have been to a few mediums and chris is by far the best one. The real deal. I have a better piece of mind knowing my sister is at peace and always with me.
I have know Chris for several years. He has done readings for me and most of my family. He is SPOT ON!! He was able to connect with my mom and a few others that crossed over. I am in such awe every time I talk to him. He makes you feel at ease and so peaceful. Those boggling questions will be answered. I am grateful to have Chris in my life ❤️
Chris has been blessing and a Godsend. His accuracy and compassion are unmatched. I have been very satisfied and comforted with each and every experience. I Highly Recommend him and have done so.

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