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Bethany Sheppard
Bethany Sheppard


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$65.00 per 1/2 hour other options availabe see website under the fees and payments tab

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*Rated TOP Psychic by CBS Philadelphia*

I am a Professional Psychic Tarot Card Reader also Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, and Reiki Master. My readings are an intuitive experience for those seeking counsel. Born as the rest of the world, with intuitive instincts, I have studied, and worked for years, to enhance and preserve my mystical heritage. I’ve been a professional Psychic for over 20 years. I use my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. "When you change your perceptions.... You change your life"

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I'm available for small and large groups in PA, NJ, MD and DE. I am available for private readings in person at my location, or via Facetime, SKYPE, Facebook messenger and telephone anywhere in the world.

Whatever your needs private sittings, corporate events or gathering at your home call, text or e-mail me for details.

Love and Light,

Listed since: Jan 11, 2008


It's been 5 months, since my first reading with Bethany. Her reading was very accurate. She is a very kind and pleasant person. She made feel relaxed. I am looking forward to seeing her again. I truly recommend her to everyone who is looking for an accurate reading.
This was my first reading, and as with any first reading, I was skeptical... before I met Bethany. I am going through some tough times right now, and they happened to be the first things she brought up. Her reading was very thorough and specific to the point where I was getting chills! She nailed my personality to a T and gave me peace of mind and hope for the future. You can't just make this stuff up. She is GENUINELY GIFTED, a beautiful soul, and I can't wait to see her again.
I had my tarot cards read by Bethany and she was right on with specific situations going on in my life. She really helped me to see things more clearly.
Immediately upon meeting Bethany, I was filled with a sense of peace and calm. Bethany's reading was the best I have had--encouraging, healing, and thorough. I feel that I received the messages I was supposed to receive to make sense out of what was happening for me at present. A reading with Bethany is a spiritual gift to yourself (or a loved one or friend). I will definitely see her again!
Bethany is a gifted tarot card reader. She was dead on in terms of what she saw in the cards as it relates to some key issues that are currently going on in my life. Her interpretation helped me to better understand and assimilate what is happening now and to be more aware of how it might affect me in the future. She is also extremely passionate about her work, and I felt that she was very attuned to me during the session. I have seen her twice so far.
I just had a phone reading with Bethany and I was blown away. She was very accurate and was very direct with what is going on with my life. She gave me insights and her reading helped me be focused and enabled me to have a clearer and positive perspective. I will definitely recommend her and I am looking forward to my next reading.
Bethany Shepard is truly one of a kind. She is completely sincere, loving and caring. Just the sound of her voice is captivating. When I spoke with her she made me realize that I need to follow my own path. She made a few key points which put things into perspective for me. I know there are no guarantee's in life but you put my mind at ease and I'm sure this will help. Lots of Love Always.
My fiancé surprised me yesterday with a 50min ride to see Bethany. At first I was like "really? We are going this far away to see a psychic?" I couldn't be happier though! It's weird but the second I met her I felt like I've know her forever. Bethany had such great energy! Bethany was so ON POINT with everything that she said. She couldn't of been more right with everything. It's was crazy but at the same time she made me feel at ease with things that are going on in my life. She's AMAZING!
Loved it! Bethany describe me to a T. Past and Present, She was fun and easy going, felt totally relaxed with her. I was focusing on guidance in my Life path... and Bethany delivered the Inspiration, Empowerment, Enlightenment, Validation I so needed at this time in my Life. Thanks Bethany! Absolutely Loved it! Recommend her highly indeed! Sincerily, a very satisfied customer. Dina Giberson, NB Canada
Bethany is truly amazing! I've been visiting her for almost 3 years now! She has provided me with incredibly accurate guidance/insights. There is an instant connection with her. She is surrounded by positive energy that's contagious! She brings me amazing inner peace when I'm in her presence. I always leave excited at the next opportunity to see her!
Went to visit Bethany with my wife and sister and 5 other close friends. Was amazed by Bethany's abitlity to ascertain facts and events about myself and my friends and family members simply by turning over some tarrot cards. Obviously there is more going on here than just interpreting cards. Preety cool stuff. Be open to it.
I met with Bethany for the first time for a Tarot Card reading a few months ago. She is a wonderfully warm and inviting person who immediately makes you feel at ease. I didn't know what to expect, and was immediately amazed by what was revealed during the reading. What is even more incredible to me is that months later, details and events discussed continue to occur! Bethany has a true gift and I would encourage anyone interested to schedule a reading with her.
I recently spoke with Bethany and she is truly amazing. I needed to make some very big decision in my life and she told me what was happening before I even said anything. Thank you Bethany for validating for me and giving me confidence in moving ahead with my plans. Will definitely be back.
Bethany is a spiritual soul and a kindred spirit. I was so excited to finally sit with her for a reading in her beautiful home. A sense of peace, love, and joy are reflected in her presence as well as her home decor and garden. It was amazing to shuffle the cards and have her begin with one of my greatest concerns being addressed immediately, followed by answers to many other questions I never had to ask! I look forward to my next reading & these next couple of months to see what's next! : ) <3
I met with Bethany a few months ago, and she was fantastic. We got right down to business, and without asking me any questions about myself, she was able to instantly identify the issue first and foremost on my mind. In the past few months, I have watched her predictions unfold one by one. She is such a positive spirit, I cannot wait for my next appointment - it is booked already!
Was a non believer before going and Bethany did not say one thing that was not either correct,true,had happened or was going on presently. Very accurate and eye opening. I am going to return to see her along with another child of mine. Took my daughter and Bethany was quite spot on with her and where she is at in her life and future.
I made an appointment with Bethany Sheppard to get clarity in my life about strange feelings I'd be having after the recent death of my mother. My tarot card reading with Bethany helped to explain these feelings, and much more. I left her feeling so refreshed, confident, no longer uncomfortable and afraid. It was a truly amazing experience where I gained invaluable insight into my own self. While I may have entered slightly skeptical, I left Bethany knowing that she truly has a gift.
I have never had a reading done before so when I set an appointment with Bethany Sheppard I didn't know what to expect. Actually she is a very warm and caring person. She knew exactly what was going on in my life without me even telling her anything in the beginning. She was very specific with details that no one would know. At the end of my reading I was able to ask questions and even went over a little of my allotted time. I would recommend Bethany to anyone. She difinitely has a gift!
I had a reading with Betthany, it was amazing. She told me things that have come to past. I am setting up another reading with her. Thank you Betthany.
I had a reading today that was as close to perfection as it gets. I am still going over everything in my mind, I am so glad i recorded it. Having been in the field of psychiatry for 30yrs I believe i can say honestly that today was the very best Therapy I have EVER received,From my heart and soul Thank-you Bethany!!!!
I saw Bethany yesterday and she amazed me. I have seen other psychics and she is the first one to truly impress me. She knew things no one could possibly know. She has a warm and friendly disposition. She knew what career I was in and about my returning to school without any clues given. She j we of a recent breakup and said I made the right choice. She's the real deal. I recommend her to anyone wanting some guidance.
I had my reading last year in April and may I say I am very pleased everything Bethany told me would happen has so far! Going to go back in the next few weeks for another reading! I'm excited to her what is in store for me this year!!!
My first reading was amazing. Bethany and her husband are very warm and welcoming. The reading itself was very on point and had me in tears because she touched on so many personal things involving friends and loved ones. I would defintitely recommend her and will be going back this month with my best friend for her birthday gift.
I had a reading with Bethany. She was very warm and friendly so I felt very comfortable with her as soon as I sat down. I am 51 years old & recently widowed & by the second card she picked up on that which was amazing to me because @ 51 you would not expect someone to figure that out unless they truly have a gift. In addition my husband turns my radio on every day which she also knew about and told me that was him sending his love. I can"t wait to go back to her she definately has a special gift
1/12/13 today i met with bethany i found my self amazed. every thing that has been going on in my life she told me and bethany gave me insight into the future which made me happy. i had such feelings of happiest that i havent had in a long time. she is truly blessed and may god help her and her husband in their hour of need . thank u bethany
My husband and I went to see Bethany last June. We have been to other psychics before and no one has ever compared. She is truey gifted. From the first words to the last words out of her mouth I was blown away! She is so accurate, its unbelievable. Not only was what she totally correct about information about us, all of her predictions have come true. I was so blown away I insisted my mom and grandmother see her. They felt the same as we did after seeing her. She is the real deal!
I went to Bethany last June and it was a great experience...everything she told me from my tarot reading up to this point has happened..looking forward to seeing her again!. I would definetly recommend her if you are looking for a accurate reading.
I met with Bethany to hopefully find answers. Bethany was very welcoming and a warm hearted person. She knew stuff that has happened in my life that most people do not know. She answered most questions that I had in any way that she could. She was really good, and I reccommend Bethany!
I just met the most wonderful eprson and he rname is Bethany Sheppard. I instantly felt at ease with Bethany as she read my cards. My husband came with me and she trated him like a welcomed guest. Her eradings were so accurate that I had to pinch myself. She gave me the information that I needed and could use, along with my faith. She let me know that my parents were together in heaven and that information was so soothing and priceless. When you see Bethany- you just made a new friend.
I myself am psychic so it is often difficult to find another psychic to read me. Bethany is very honest and she genuinely cares. Many psychics will not be honest for fear of upsetting someone. I had a 2nd reading with her recently and it was even better than the first. I have met with 4 mediums/psychics, some world famous and she is the best I have ever met. She is truly gifted! She is not in the business to get rich. She is in the 'helping' profession.


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