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Bethany Sheppard
Bethany Sheppard


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$65.00 per 1/2 hour other options availabe see website under the fees and payments tab

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*Rated TOP Psychic by CBS Philadelphia*

I am a Professional Psychic Tarot Card Reader also Reconnective Healing Practitioner®, and Reiki Master. My readings are an intuitive experience for those seeking counsel. Born as the rest of the world, with intuitive instincts, I have studied, and worked for years, to enhance and preserve my mystical heritage. I’ve been a professional Psychic for over 20 years. I use my insight to guide others on their own unique journeys. "When you change your perceptions.... You change your life"

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I'm available for small and large groups in PA, NJ, MD and DE. I am available for private readings in person at my location, or via Facetime, SKYPE, Facebook messenger and telephone anywhere in the world.

Whatever your needs private sittings, corporate events or gathering at your home call, text or e-mail me for details.

Love and Light,

Listed since: Jan 11, 2008


A+++reading from Bethany Sheppard! Her reading was wonderfully accurate and positive without being "wishy-washy" in terms of guidance. What makes Bethany outstanding as a psychic reader, is her positive practical advice on how to make the changes one needs for happiness and contentment. This I believe is going way beyond what one would expect from a mere reading. No wonder Bethany is such a beloved psychic! Thank you Bethany!.
WOW! Bethany is just wonderful! I didn't have to say anything for her to read my troubles, my concerns, the weight I've been carrying on my mind, heart & soul. Things she had absolutely no way of knowing, she could see. The atmosphere was comfortable & she made me feel comfortable. She was just absolutely wonderful and hit things right on target. Gave me some new insight to work toward and I will return to her with out a doubt. I believe in her so much, I referred some friends to her!
Bethany is amazing! She made me feel right at home when I visited on March 25th. She really put my mind at ease, and made me very excited for my future. I cannot wait to schedule my next reading! Highly recommended!!
I waited a full 6 months to post this review to see if things she said came to fruition. I had the most amazing reading with Bethany Sheppard! She said things to me that no one could have possibly known. I left there in awe. What's even better is that everything she predicted for the future has come true-- even down to the timing! I can't wait to go back!
I have been to other psychics and felt as though the things they were saying were generic and could apply to pretty much anybody. I did not feel like that with Bethany at all. Everything that she said was so spot on and it was a very moving experience for me. Bethany makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend that everyone should go see her!!
I had such a positive and transformative experience during my reading with Bethany! Having never been to a psychic before, I had absolutely no idea on what to expect. Bethany was able to provide me with excellent insight into my future which was helpful as I am still in school and deciding on a future career. She validated many truths that I already knew about myself and loved ones. She is truly gifted and I recommend her to anyone seeking to learn further about their abilities and life path!
I went to see Bethany in her (beautiful) quaint home... which happens to be right down the street from my mom! Bethany was a gracious host and her reading for me was amazing! She knew so many things about my past and really showed me that the path I was on was the right one. I am excited to see Bethany again and know that her abilities are beyond those of most! Thank you, Bethany!!
I have seen Bethany several times and her readings are truly amazing and accurate. My last reading was 1215/16 and I told her my daughter was going to have a baby. She started turning cards over and said "It's a boy". That was confirmed on 1/19/17 when my Grandson announced that the baby was indeed a boy. Every reading I have had with Bethany, she has been on target. I definitely recommend her to anyone without hesitation!!
I'm super excited about my reading from Bethany. She talked about the importance of energy and let me tell you this WORKS ! I've been focused on positive energy and I've never felt this way before. I approach everything with this outlook and I find myself super confident in everything I do. Especially with romance. I am 49 years old and I feel like I'm 21. I highly recommend Bethany to get you focused and back on track. The funny thing is I actually very better physically too, POSITIVE!!
Bethany is a lovely person and I trust that she is a legitamate psychic. She told me things about my present life that were specific and accurate, and even offered insights into who I am spiritually that has helped me become more in touch. For example, she told me I draw energy from water. The events she predicted aren't supposed to happen till summer, but I believe they will come true! In addition to the near future, she laid out a prediction for most of my life path.
I LOVE BETHANY!!. she is amazing .. she made made feel AMAZING.... and then the reading began.. she allowed me to record it and she was so on point with everything and she gave me answers of questions I have only asked in my head! I am so looking forward to the upcoming year and whats in store!!! i will be sending many people to her!
I had a wonderful experience with Bethany in December that is still resonating with me today. Her space was as warm and inviting as she was. She knew a lot about me and my family and where i was struggling. I felt empowered and content after my tarot reading. I will definitely be back.
Christmas came early this year! When Bethany read me it was nothing short of amazing! She is as sweet as pie! I felt like I had been to her house a million times. I felt like I was talking with a friend and that friend was giving me “the tea” on the upcoming things that will be unfolding for me. I came in with a heavy heart and a lot on my mind and by the end of my reading I felt peaceful and relaxed and I had a blueprint for the near future. I can't wait to see her again! Bethany is a blessing
Bethany has read me a couple times in the span of a few years! I have NEVER left unsatisfied and she is always on about what is bothering me! She lets me know I'm on the right path and I've sent friends to her that loved her as well!!! Very happy customer!! :)))
Bethany was absolutely amazing! Her warm welcome made me feel very comfortable and I was in awe of her beautifully unique home. She had me sit down and shuffle the cards. Bethany hit the nail on the head about my current situation with the very first two cards she laid down. Then from there it was nothing but spot on. She made me feel very positive about my life and what is to come and then directed me towards some answers that I was unsure about before seeing her. 100% authentic and pure.
Perfect reading. Great experience. Answered many questions and I was very comfortable for my first reading. Will be scheduling another reading.
Saw Bethany Sheppard the other day and she blew my mind, she saw stuff that is going on inside my head and never have said to anyone. I asked about a job and the next day a job offer came through. She is simply amazing at her craft! She even went deep with personal things that only a few people knew about and she brought me encouragement regarding those choices. So I guess we will see the next few months what will life will bring.
Bethany was awesome! My reading was in January, and she was spot on about soooo many things. Her energy is extremely positive and friendly and I can't wait to book my next appt with her! What a fantastic experience!
I came to Beth during a time of personal turmoil and depression. Her reading was so energetic and personal, it struck close to home and still comes to my mind almost everyday. Beth's reading was a highly energetic ongoing conversation between us, rather than a simple card reading. She picked up on many areas of anxieties and personal habits that I was aware of, but also gave me sound advice to better understand those habits to move forward.She gave me better advice than any therapist could.
About two weeks ago my brother gave me a gift of a reading with Bethany. I had readings before from other psychics and they were good in of themselves but the reading with Bethany was truly special, she is a very warm caring person, I very much enjoyed her reading she was very much on target with what she said. Some of it was uncanny as to how she hit the proverbial nail on the head. I very much look forward to having her read me again and I have been advertising her to other family and friends.
Bethany is by far the most gifted and connected psychic I have had the pleasure of meeting. She was so accurate and on point it was uncanny, and her bright energy leaves you feeling refreshed and recharged. Cannot wait for my follow up reading, she is the real deal!
I scheduled an appointment with Bethany as another source of guidance as I genuinely believe that some people have very open and clear channels to information that can be helpful. Bethany is such a woman. She is genuinely intuitive, connects deeply through the reading, and shares her gift with love. I am very grateful for her guidance and would definitely return to her again.
Bethany provided a comfortable yet professional environment. Right from the start she hit every nail on the head. I needed some reassurance in the career aspect of my life and she provided me with more than I had expected. I would definitely recommend Bethany to my family & friends.
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and having my cards read. I am taking your advice and getting blood work and other medical tests done. I would certainly look forward to meeting with you again.
I first saw Bethany about a year ago and was so impressed with her that I gifted a family member with a reading as a birthday gift. At my reading she she "saw" somethings that were to take place, not as I expected but essentially she was quite accurate. She helped my family member broaden her thinking processes regarding many of her life situations. I am ready to go back to see her.
This is a first for me. My daughter brought me to you for a reading a few months ago. your reading was very good & right on track.It was amazing, She also did my daughter Victoria Just about everything she told her has come to frutition. We will be going back to see her soon. Thank You SOOO Much
I've never written a review before but wanted to share the positive experience I had with Bethany. Right from the start, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Her reading was very accurate and insightful and I never felt like she was trying to solicit any information from me. I very careful about the information I share, so this was very reassuring. I was saw her for the first time during the summer and have already scheduled my next reading. I highly recommend a reading with Bethany.
I saw Bethany about 4 years ago, and absolutely loved her reading! She made me feel very comfortable during the reading and everything she said was on point! I have seen many other psychics and mediums and none have compared to the connection I felt with Bethany! I cannot wait to see her again for my next reading!
Bethany was by far the best psychic I have been to in a while. She was recommended by my cousin who has seen her twice before. She touched on so many different areas of my life and future that I have a better sense of myself and life events. I highly recommend and look forward to seeing her again in the near future. She was warm and very welcoming. Made the experience all that more enjoyable!
Bethany read me back in February and I am blown away at the accuracy of my reading. I have experienced just about everything she had explained. I loved the atmosphere Bethany provided for the reading and I trusted everything she had told me. I have been read by other people before but this was different, and I will never be read by anyone else. The last thing she had discussed with me was estimated to occur 11 months from my reading, so I am patiently awaiting and excited to go see her again.


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