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Welcome! I actively cultivate my ~14 year Professional practice as a Specialized Spiritual Director ["psychic" is as close a descriptor as can be] and as an Animal Communicator. I work in the context of mindfulness, a strong ethical code, and with the compassion for uplifting others and highlighting clarity.
I do not take up your time with general Life advice or personal suggestions, rather, I stay on target with translating messages from a realm that is beyond the 5 basic senses, and where it is relevant, from a specialized form of communication with pets and animals in various welfare settings.

I am delighted to present to you the bridge between Spiritual Counsel-sourced services, made possible by the gifts of the Holy Spirit within the Christian Spirituality lens, and the wider demographic of people who are more familiar with the world of psychics.
​My widely diverse clients consistently experience and trust that I get directly to the heart of the matter, and I do not impose my beliefs onto the session or in any correspondence. That is an ethical premise within my practice.

___Full-time Profession
I have been sharing these services over 8 years internationally by telephone or Zoom, and 5 years prior to that locally in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

With reverence and gratitude to serve as a trusted provider of:
__Specialized Spiritual Director ("psychic / clairvoyant contents")
__Animal Communication \ Interspecies Telepathic Communicator [IIC]
__A pioneer in the speciality of "Words for the Non Speaking" - translating for those living who have medical conditions that severely inhibit the ability to communicate in any way.
For examples, Non Speaking autism, advanced ALS, Parkinson's, affected by stroke, in a coma, in hospice and more.

A session by the Spiritual senses to perceive reality provides lucidity for your quality of Mind and orientation towards Life, which clarifies your perspective on how your Life situations are unfolding.

I acknowledge these gifts, ways of perceiving, as being latent within all of Life and continuously accessible by all. Genuine support and validation for what you are sensing does help along the way!

___From Birth
I am a "from birth" heightened Spiritual senses, Insight Clairvoyant, humble steward of the gifts of the Holy Spirit situation! I did not actively seek to attain or 'achieve' these faculties.

I have and still DO actively refine these faculties, and I maintain a contemplative daily practice that ensures the qualities in the sessions people trust and feel refreshed by.
I also stay updated on the scientific and academic research, as well as the Dialogue related to the services offered for you. I have reflective practice, and a personal community that helps to keep me centered, grounded, humbled, accountable, and encouraged. I have had, and continue to be receptive to mentors, as part of my professional development.

___Ultimately, these are Gifts, and I serve as a Steward
Our Charismata services are deeply rooted in unwavering ethical standards and serve the highest Principles of Life to honor their Source and any who would choose me to accompany them in a reading.

___Not Intended to Be A Stand Alone Option. Interwoven.
The current and ancient lineage of these modalities have existed to be a supporting companion to your established discernment and well-being modalities.
They can provide substantial, holistic, applicable, edifying, and consoling supportive insight to work in harmony with your intuition, and your established faith practice, community, healthcare network, therapy, and the Veterinarian, as examples.

These services address areas that pertain to your quality of Life and Mind, which is significant... and so you have my full attention, presence, and focus with each session.

___An Aspiration

___With all of the beauty of *Charismata* [gifts of Grace]
It is an honor to present them for you as an eloquent, complementary pathway that proves to illuminate any situation from a transcendent vantage point, open channels of communication that, before, were thought non-existent or unnecessary, and articulate the inspirational wisdom that is not perceived from the world.

"We are born to Love, we live to Love, and we will die to Love still more."

— St. Joseph Cafasso

__I serve as an Animal Communicator Specialist and Specialized Spiritual Director . Those descriptors are popularly named "Psychic Intuitive," as you see; here we are on "Best Psychic Directory!"
The sessions stay on target, are pinpointed, evidential, applicable, inspirational, professional, respectful, unconditionally judgment-free, and confidential, all coming from a deep place of respect, and compassion.

I use no tools or drugs; purely the Spiritual senses...
also known as the collection of clairvoyant qualities...
also known as the Gift of Wisdom, of Knowledge, of Counsel, of Discerning spirits (1 Corinthians 12: 7-11). [All backgrounds have always been welcome. I use neutral language, and never impose my beliefs.]

Awareness: I do not talk about myself during our session, nor do I impose my beliefs or opinions onto you, the session, or any correspondence.

For any session style, you are in an atmosphere of non-judgment, right motive, mindful Lovingkindness, and thanks for you.

__Initially, I may ask you to do a simply breathing / visualization to help connect to your energy; it takes only seconds.

__Listening closely, I intend to ensure that you feel at ease, and free to express all questions and emotions in a Peace filled connection, FREE OF Judgment or agenda.

___If you feel that within five minutes or so into the session the Information that I am conveying is not anywhere near accurate, please inform me as soon as possible during the phone call.

__IMPORTANT TIP! Feel welcomed to *interrupt* at any time. You have my full encouragement and support to ask for clarification, change direction, or to say that nothing is resonating.

__I translate images and symbols for your comprehension, (and also share with you spoken messages when they are communicated [clairaudience]).

__At the end of our session, I leave time to make sure that you are comfortable in your mind, emotions, and Spirit with what has unfolded. Clients have appreciated that the sessions have their own way of being infused with a type of Peace or balance that happens beyond me!

My clients value that I am able to become attuned to you and be guided directly about the core of your needs. This way, you can receive the validation that you need about my competence, and I can work as effectively as possible!

__Again! Kindly let me know immediately if the messages are not resonating with you, (if I have not asked you first!). The last thing I desire is that you politely not say anything and then after the reading you are left disheartened and your questions not addressed. When you let me know, I can better navigate / re-direct the reading so that we are truly synchronized and the Messages are fresh, relevant, and beneficial.

Any Animal Communication, Specialized Spiritual Direction, and Words for the Nonspeaking Session may provide an inspiring range of benefits including:
__Validation for what you already sense and intuit.
__Gentle assistance in restoration from Grieving alongside your other support systems.
__Checks and Balances for your own ongoing discernment.
__You may feel comforted and assured.
__You may feel relieved, revived, and more free to Live Life fully because you are equipped with real-time insight beyond what is perceived from the worldly perspective.
__Awakened and full of inspiration about any situation in your Life, or that of a Loved One.
__Steady with clarity, Wisdom, encouragement and guidance that will inform your decisions.
__Enriched for your Spiritual Life and personal development.
__Supplied with personalized, practical answers to your important questions.
__Solutions rich with precision and applicability.

Thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful, and intuitive, consideration about booking your appointment and connecting with me to assist you.
Anne Marie at Our Charismata


© 2023 Our Charismata
I am thankful to for providing me with this platform to connect with you.

Additional Information: 

"Animal Communication, and Specialized Spiritual Direction;" these ways of navigating using the Spiritual senses are also called Charismata originally [from Greek], "gifts of Grace (charismata)," to be used for the beneficial service of others.

I intend to safeguard you from becoming in any way dependent upon these services.

I acknowledge and support the continuous access to your very present inner wisdom, awareness, and intuitive autonomy. I strongly believe in your ability to integrate the sacred messages into your Life moving forward. After all, it is your Heart and your decision about how to proceed with the Divine Guidance purely given to you.

For professional Insight Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counsel service providers, the deepest of Truths may be named in diverse and personal ways, and there is honor held for the names that others revere, as well as for those who do not identify with any beliefs.

____For Christians Clients of all denominations, an important Principle:
I receive all of your Insight Clairvoyant / Specialized Spiritual Direction (closest popular term is "psychic") by putting into action the gifts of the Holy Spirit [The gift of discerning spirits, of Knowledge, wisdom, Counsel].
Services are not a place of fortune-telling, not for the profit of power, and not to control the future. Our Charismata services do not to add to, change, contest, or compromise the supremacy of Scripture. I am not a prophet. I do not practice in the Spiritist tradition.​ I do not lead people to worship foreign gods. Thank you for understanding this as you consider booking a session.

I deeply respect and honor varying religious principles and teachings, never intending that what I do should supersede or conflict with them.
These services are not meant to be a substitute for your own personal relationship with how you define ultimate reality. I call it a supportive accompaniment!
Divine, Unconditional Love / Holy Spirit is the main source of your sought-after information or any present need. Spirit, Divine Wisdom and Love meets your needs, and even fulfills needs that you have not yet considered.

By Grace, we bring into focus an encouraging, revealing, and targeted reading that includes how to integrate the messages for your Life going forward.

Please respectfully be advised upfront that I do not provide: Tarot, Fortune Telling, Lottery, Pregnancy Readings, Astrology/Horoscope, Past Life Readings, Sorcery, Divination.

* * *
Thank you for your interest in Our Charismata services!
It would be my joy and honor to be trusted to assist you.
The schedule is open for you to book when you feel ready.
* * *

You may find my full Privacy Policy and Disclaimer on my personal website.

© 2023 Anne Marie at Our Charismata

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