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My passion conveying the Expression of Spirit-Source as a psychic and medium is entrusting its power as a catalyst for Spiritual and Personal Growth, healing on many levels, and heightened discernment.

I have formed a practice that is deeply rooted in the highest Principles of Life. With unwavering ethical standards, my choice is to be of service for those who appreciate the ancient lineage of the Psychic-Medium-Clairvoyant-Intuitive modality for conveying the expressions of the Divine as not being in the realm of entertainment.

With the fervent intention of providing a departure from the confusing mixture that includes skepticism and misuse, Truth is the only option in my being. I attend to this practice as a conveyor of Divine/Holy/Spirit Messages on a daily basis with reverence and mindfulness; to honor their Source and any who would choose me to accompany them in a reading.

While, inherently, it is truly not something to be marketed; to assist others with positive change by sharing the psychic-medium modality with you is why you find me online! With all of the beauty of Charismata, I cannot help but to present them for you as an eloquent, complementary pathway alongside your current wellness and discernment modalities.

"We are born to Love, we live to Love, and we will die to Love still more."

— St. Joseph Cafasso

My Reading Style:
__I work with you conveying the Expression of Spirit-Source (your term of reverence) as a Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Intuitive, and Animal Communicator for a pinpointed, professional, and confidential session that comes from my Heart. I use no tools or drugs, only Source/One Spirit.

[I am not a trance Medium; no séance, no channeling of other voices.] I relay Medium Messages just as I do clairvoyant messages; in my same voice, but Your Loved One(s) are sending the signals!

__I may ask you to do a simply visualization to help connect to your energy; it takes only seconds.

__Listening closely, I intend to ensure that you feel at ease, and free to express all questions and emotions in a Peace filled connection.

__I translate images and symbols for your comprehension and also share with you the spoken messages that are communicated.

__Feel welcomed to interrupt at any time; you are encouraged to ask for clarification or change direction.

__At the end of our session, I leave time to make sure that you are comfortable in your Mind and Spirit with what has unfolded.

My clients value that I am able to become attuned to you and be guided directly about the core of your needs. This way, you can receive the validation that you need about my competence, and I can work as effectively as possible!

___If you feel that within five minutes or so into the session the Information that I am conveying is not anywhere near accurate, please inform me as soon as possible during the phone call.

__Also, let me know immediately if the messages are not resonating with you, (if I have not asked you first!). The last thing I desire is that you politely not say anything and then after the reading you are left disheartened and your questions not addressed. When you let me know, I can better navigate / re-direct the reading so that we are truly synchronized and the Messages are fresh, relevant, and beneficial.

Any Psychic / Medium Reading / Animal Communication Session may provide an inspiring range of benefits including:
__Gentle assistance in healing from Grieving
__Finally having resolution about a matter concerning one or more Loved ones in Spirit (including animal companions) - which in turn brings healing and solace.
__You may feel comforted and assured.
__You may feel relieved, revived, and more free to Live Life fully.
__Awakened and full of insight.
__Steady with clarity, Wisdom, encouragement and guidance that will inform your decisions.
__Enriched for your Spiritual Life and personal development.
__Simply supplied with personalized answers to your important questions!

Thank you, in advance, for your thoughtful, and intuitive, consideration about scheduling with me.
Anne Marie at Our Charismata

© 2021 Anne Marie at Our Charismata
I am thankful to for providing me with this platform to connect with you.

Additional Information: 

Clairvoyant Medium, Animal Communication, and Psychic Intuitive; these ways of communicating are also called Charismata originally, "The Expression of the Holy Spirit to be used for the Good of others."

I receive all of my psychic/medium intuitive information from your, and/or my Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Loved Ones in Spirit, Higher Self, God, Pure Consciousness - by almost any name, only that of Light, of the Highest Good.
Divine Love/ Holy Spirit is the main source of your sought-after information or any present need. Spirit, Divine Wisdom and Love meets your needs, and even fulfills needs that you have not yet considered.

By Grace, we bring into focus an encouraging, revealing, and targeted reading that includes how to integrate the messages for your Life going forward.

I support your inner wisdom and awareness. I strongly believe in your ability to integrate the sacred messages into your Life moving forward. Afterall, it is your Heart and your decision about how to proceed with the Divine Guidance purely given to you. Remember, you have ongoing support.

For all faiths and non-faiths, I welcome everyone, and kindly be assured that I do not impose my beliefs onto your session.

Please respectfully be advised upfront that I do not provide: Tarot, Palm Reading, Fortune Telling, Casting spells, Removing spells, Chakra work, Entity clearing, Lottery, Pregnancy, Astrology/Horoscope, Past Life Readings.
You may find my full Privacy Policy and Disclaimer on my personal website.

© 2021 Anne Marie at Our Charismata

Listed since: Jul 7, 2019

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