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As a Psychic/Medium/Healer, I work with my Guides to assist those with fears and doubts in different areas of their lives. We work together as a team to help shift your paradigm to a positive energy flow to get more out of life's experiences. As a Medium, I work to communicate with your loved ones that have passed to receive messages and pass them along to you for guidance. As a Healer, I help my clients regain their faith and love for themselves so that the healing can begin. I hope to hear from you soon!

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As a child I was intuitive.....but didn't understand why I would know some things before they happened.

I lost "focus" on my gift or was not as "aware" growing into my adulthood until....

I met a wonderful woman who told me how gifted I was and took me under her wing and....she believed in me. Bennie Calloway, (Apache heritage) was my mentor, friend, mother figure and most of all, my spiritual teacher. I remember the first time we met and she did a reading for me telling me all sorts of "stuff" that I thought was "crazy". Little did I realize that what she told me was going to come day, one week, one month and yes one year at a time.

Bennie would invite me to go with her as she did house clearings and spiritual work; she was a woman of integrity. She taught me that this was a gift to be honored and to abide by Spirit's rules not ours. We were to hold our integrity intact when working with the messages to be given to others. This work that we do is not about "Ego" as it is done with "Honor and Love" for mankind. We are light workers here to help Spirit and we are to stay true to ourselves. She told me that one day I would be following in her footsteps.

I know that Bennie is one of my guides, and although I miss her, I know that she is with me when I need her. When she passed, her daughters gave me her reading cards. They told me that "their mother would want me to have them". They have meant so much to me and I honor her with "following in her footsteps" as she predicted.

So, in sharing my story about my teacher Bennie, I hope that it sheds light on who I am as a Psychic/Medium. Integrity is key, that is how I will honor my mentor as I carry
her gift in my heart.

I bring the messages from your loved ones; make connections to those that are no longer here. My readings are accurate, honest and Spirit-filled. I also work with Energy Healing, as I will work with clearing / healing emotional issues that have manifested in physical areas of your body.

I enjoy my volunteer work with Findme2, (an organization of Spirit Gifted people that donate their time to find missing people). I mentor other Light workers so they can continue on their path with confidence.

So, thank you again, and sign up for my monthly newsletter.....coming soon!

Love, Light and Blessings!

Listed since: Jul 22, 2011


Feeling stuck in life,almost like a clog in a drain! My dad passed away a little over a year ago my life has pretty much stopped. I've been stuck for many reasons. I needed that plunger/ someone to help restore the flow! I had a phone reading with Sylvia. After our call I felt like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders! Sylvia knew exactly what was going on and how to fix it! Connected me w my dad. I felt refreshed & a sense of peace. She's "home" to me after going through a few others!
I had a reading with Sylvia and WOW!!!! She predicted some things that ARE happening!!! Sylvia talked about things that I had happen to me which were correct! She has the heart of an angel, and she went above and beyond to help me. I want everyone if you have the chance to experience Sylvia, please do!! Thanks Sylvia for all your correct predictions, and for all your help ♥.
Sylvia is AMAZING. I have spoken with her several times in the last two years- and I am floored by the things completely out of left field she has said that have come true. She told me last spring that I would meet someone in Nov that would give me an opportunity that would open new doors for me. I met someone in November and in December they asked for my proposal for a business opportunity! That is just one of many amazing, on target things she has said. Sylvia ROCKS.
I met Slyvia about a month ago for a session. I was feeling very down about myself and life. Slyvia helped me to get a different point of view and lifted me back up. Some of the things she told me I wasn't able to connect anything with right away, but as time has gone by they now make sense to me. I am now feeling very optomistic about the future and hope other things she told me will come true as well. I WILL be going back to see her again and I recommend her to everyone. Thank you Slyvia!!!
I had my first reading with Sylvia a few weeks ago, and I was amazed at many things she knew without me saying anything. She even started coughing when my uncle showed up to give advice - He died of lung cancer from smoking last spring. There were several things that she related that haven't happened yet, but there's no doubt in my mind that they will. Definitely call her with your questions.
March 25, 2013 My first reading with Sylvia was through email, I was amazed at how accurate she was about important dates & events in my life.. She is truely a blessing so I had to go see her in person... I scheduled a Spiritual Healing & Reading & am so glad I did... So much other information came through & after my healing I felt so peaceful & more positive...Experiencing her gift in person was truely amazing & I will continue to reschedule sessions with her. Thank You so much Sylvia!!!!!
This was, without any doubt, the best psychic reading I have ever had. This is saying A LOT because I have had a lot. I have never called anyone the best before. This woman has a gift I have never really encountered before. This was an amazing experience for me. I am sitting here blown away by all she knew. She didn't even have me tell her anything until about 45 minutes in!! She just told me what had happened, when it happened, and how it was going to happen next. Amazing.
I just recently spoke with Sylvia, and she was wonderful. She gave me so much helpful information, and she was very accurate. She is very compassionate and kind. I also appreciate that she keeps her reading prices low, so many more people have the opportunity of having a reading. Many mediums and psychics have fairly high prices which makes it difficult for many to be able to have an experience of a reading. She also did not rush the reading. She is wonderful!
Sylvia is a beautiful, shining soul and I'm so glad that I connected with her for a very accurate reading. She shares the truth in a very loving and clear way and holds your heart as well as your hand during a reading. She creates very sacred space and is worth many more $ than she's charging. Thank you Sylvia!
I had an email reading with Sylvia and could not believe my eyes when reading it, so i ordered a phone reading. This woman is amazing and truly a gift from God. Thank you Sylvia for what you do. Connie
Sylvia is one of the most compassionate psychics I have dealt with. Her honesty shines through. I found her gifted and kind. If you are looking for a psychic who will tell you the truth; do not hesitate, give Sylvia a call. You will be glad that you did. Sylvia made me believe in myself again. I feel so much better now than I did before. Sylvia could do the same for you. Call her now.
AMAZING!!!!  My best friend and I had a reading together earlier this week and amazing is the only word to describe Sylvia and her ability.  My heart is smiling and is so happy. I wish there was some way to repay her but tonight, all I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am/will telling everyone I know about her so that she can hopefully help and guide them. Love you Sylvia <3
Sylvia is  GOD sent. I had a reading with her and she uplifted my spirit to an amazing high and I feel so empowered and connected to my source.  Sylvia was so sincere and empathetic to my pain and understood what to do and say to calm my soul and direct me to a complete understanding. She is amazing and I would recommend that anyone who is in doubt, see her.  Thank you so much Sylvia you are amazing and I am so thankful for your help.
I had my reading done about a week ago...I am still taken back and in all by the details of my reading. Like many I am very skeptical. Someone in your family is sick or is there a man in your life, or the are you having trouble at home questions just makes me not a believer. However, this is not the case with Sylvia. I believe she has a God given gift for the good of others almost like a channel. Here is why. My reading was on point! Descriptions of items of sentimental value, points of my life
I have had the wonderful opportunity to have a reading with Sylvia and she was spot on for everything. She enlightened me and strengthened my belief in myself and empowered me to move forward to make the steps that needed to be made for the betterment of myself and others. I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful experience and guidance she has given to me and shown me!

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