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$80 for 22 minutes / $150 for 44 minutes

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Visit Sherrie's on-line Calendar @ • Phone/Skype Readings • In Office appointments available Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays • Bend, Oregon Office: 1900 NE Division Street, Suite 106, Bend, OR 97701 • 541-640-0270


Sherrie offers Psychic / Intuitive Readings as an opportunity for you to bring your questions and concerns on the areas of your life you would like insight. Sherrie's goal is to help you unravel what is happening around you and reveal potential outcomes. This will empower you to move forward with confidence. You are much more powerful than you realize and when you see your life situations clearly, you transcend into living as your highest self. She assists you in drawing upon your own inner resources for expansion and transformation, helping you open to the infinite where all things are possible.

Sherrie has been gifted since she was a child and has had 2 near death experiences which have had a huge impact on her life. They have opened her up to her gifts in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Sherrie has taught several classes on different subjects ranging from learning about your psychic abilities, intuition, women’s groups, meditation, crystals and Visionary Art. Her gifts are in the areas of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

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Sherrie Wirth is located in Bend which is the heart of Central Oregon. She is certified as a Life Coach, Psychic Master Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Past Life Regression Hypnotist, Certified Spiritual Counselor, Certified NLP Practitioner & Access Bars Practitioner.


My reading with Sherrie was one of the best hours I’ve ever invested in myself! Sherrie is warm and kind and most certainly possesses a keen divine talent. I immediately felt at ease with Sherrie, like we had known each other for a very long time. She was incredibly accurate about details and communicated messages to me in a clear and loving way. I look forward to meeting with Sherrie again in the future!
~Suzanne Anderson

“My reading was so precious! Sherrie has a gift that she has offered to all of us, her customers! I feel so blessed that I recieved a christmas gift of her reading, that I could walk away knowing some truly heartfelt things, as a forever keepsake and comfort in my heart. Sherrie is an amazing person, giving you her fun loving personality and the warmth of her friendship. Sherrie is the real deal, honest and a true professional. I can’t wait for the next session with this lovely lady. ~♡b”
~Brenda Degree

“Sherrie is a very compassionate and intuitive soul. She helped me better understand my spiritual path and showed me how to ground myself in the midst of a family tragedy. She provided messages of love, encouragement, and hope that make my future feel brighter. I treasure the time we spent together and look forward to experiencing her gifts in the future.”

I came to Sherrie in a bit of an unconventional way. I had won a session with her that she had donated for a fundraiser. I’ve never really been drawn to visit a psychic… However my Session with Sherrie was amazing. I loved how she encouraged me to find my own voice and only take the things that she said would resonate with my higher self. Her words have been insightful and valuable in my life and I’m still using them daily. Will definitely go and see her again!!
~Janette Gyesky ♡♡♡

“Sherrie is warm and lovely, and although some of the things she had to tell me were difficult to hear, she delivered them in a way that made me feel empowered and in charge of my own life. She was encouraging and insightful, and I am excited for our next session.”
~Jess H

Sherrie’s readings bring clarity and insight even amidst turbulent times. She is pure heart and doesn’t give advise based on her ego. She is straight forward and tells you what she sees. I love her honest and caring approach. I highly recommend her!
~GG ♡

Sherrie focused on the areas of concern for me and addressed each one with clarity and accuracy. That is how you can tell the real true person who is connected to Spirit! Thank you Sherrie for allowing Spirit to work through you to help others. I very much appreciate your assistance at a time I needed insite most! You are beautiful inside and out!
~Suzie B

“I have chosen this form of what I like to call a “spiritual tune up” ever since my father passed away suddenly 12 years ago. I have seen many psychics along the way, and I can say that without a doubt Sherrie is the best I have ever seen. Sherrie has a beautiful gift that she shares with lots of light and love upon delivery. The way she delivers the messages she receives is honest, heartfelt, and genuine. She’s an amazing person and I gladly will be back for my next spiritual tune up”
~Jill Perks♡♡♡

After my second experience with Sherrie’s reading, I am grateful once again for her insight and informational wisdom. I was able to understand and apply it immediately. She is and amazing balance of warmth and truth. I will be sure to go to her again, for additional readings, as insight is needed.
~CG ♡

This was the first reading for me and Sherrie put me at ease immediately! She was spot on for many of my personality traits and made some great suggestions about how to move forward towards future goals I definitely left our session with clarity and a sense of peace.
~Lisa S ♡

Sherrie gave me a very accurate reading and made me very hopeful for 2018! She had details that there is no way she could have known and gave me great guidance on each of my questions. She also has such a empathic and compassionate way of communicating these amazing messages! It eased my nervousness for the reading. I’m so glad I had this reading and will definitely be back for more!
~Holly Petersen ♡

I found that I and Sherrie connected easily. I was very comfortable speaking with her about my life and concerns. She was very kind and had a genuine nature She was very insightful and helpful. I really enjoyed her spiritual wisdom and knowledge. I came away feeling more on track with life and dealing with things.
~MH ♡

“My daughter and I recently had our first sessions with Sherrie, and look forward to more in the future. She was attentive, accomodating, and genuine. Her intuitive messages and impressions were reassuring and helpful. Thank you again, Sherrie, for the welcomed spiritual guidance. We’ll be back.”

Sherrie was very intuitive and helped me start looking forward to a brighter future! I am glad that I went and will be going back again!
~A Happy Client

My time with Sherrie yesterday was a gift from a friend, and one of the best gifts I have received. Sherrie spoke to me with warmth and kindness and knew exactly what she was talking about when we we discussed my questions. In addition, her answers and visions resonated with me and what I know and what I sought from her and her gift. I feel more hopeful today than I did before I met with Sherrie and I will indeed reach out to her again when the time is right.
~Jill L ♡

My reading was very informative and right on track. I am looking forward to another session with Sherrie soon.
~CW ♡♡

Listed since: Jul 10, 2018


Sherrie Wirth has been the person I turn to for psychic advice for years now. She is consistently spot-on accurate and her gracious manner always puts me at ease. I have recommended her to my friends and family and they all felt she was terrific, some of which go to her now more than I do! She has even predicted things that I never thought would happen in a million years and they did! I highly recommend her as she truly is the real deal!
Sherrie is not only one of the best intuitive readers out there, but she truly cares about everyone she talks with. I have had many readings with Sherrie and her accuracy is incredible. I have been blown away by things she could not possibly know!

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