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Completely Updated 5/23/2022:

Hi, I'm Mela Shea and I'm a Galactic Source Code Being of THIS glaxay. (The one that includes Earth)

Myself and several million of my friends got together and we wrote the code of this galaxy and now I and others are here serving human lifetimes to bring this information to you.

What I can do:

I can track your ENERGY KEY. I can track it through space and time. I can tell you why you are here. I can track ENERGY KEYS for most people that you give me the name of through space and time. (exceptions are if this person doesn't want to be read and actively cloaks their key- it is rare that this happens and I will let you know if it does immediately so you don't waste your time.

I am HAPPY to give refunds to ANYONE who doesn't connect with me within 5 minutes of a call that you book from my website.

I have been in business for 12 years and my CHANNEL is WIDE OPEN I will give you information that you need to know RIGHT NOW about yourself and your life and the direction it is going so that you can live your best life.

I am EXCELLENT at getting into your human programming and helping you release trauma and other things that no longer server your highest good.

I am the MIRROR you will be seen and heard in my space.

Welcome. I'm so looking forward to connecting with you.

Additional Information: 

New Theory Podcast interview 6/2017

Listed since: Nov 9, 2014


Mela is insightful and scary accurate. I’ve spoken with her twice and planning on connecting regularly bc she is GIFTED like no one else I’ve consulted. Speak to her and you WILL NOT be disappointed. Freaked out, maybe. But you probably needed it. Seriously, she can help you. She’s compassionate and extremely reasonably priced for the insight you will receive. I’m not a woo, easily led person. Some people have insight some do not. I truly needed support and she has been the BEST.
Mela and I have a lot of similar life experiences and I felt like I was talking to someone that was there when I was a child, a teenager and even as an adult woman. Our energy flowed so well. She saw money coming my way and what do you know?! She was so right. And the best part is, now I have a friend.
My reading with Mela came at the perfect time! I felt seen immediately upon starting the session. She was able to bust through the limitations I put on myself. She also helped me come to terms with a toxic relationship and helped me identify where I could start towards reaching the full potential of who I came here to be. I haven’t had anyone break through my walls as quickly as her. I felt empowered and validated by the end of the session that flew by. Highly recommend!
Mela is an absolute clear channel ... like no one I have ever experienced. She speaks straight to your soul and her messages are not only delivered with care but in such a way that will leave your physical body in shivers (in the nest possible way). She speaks the truth and her messages help to propel you further. I cannot recommend Mela enough!!! Thank you, Mela!!
Mela's readings are truly mind-blowing. Part psychic, part medium, part counsellor, part alien sent here to blow your world apart and lift you up to your highest potential!! They have unlocked a self-knowledge and understanding in me that I have thought about daily since my reading and it has given me so much peace and even more motivation. If you are thinking about getting a reading, do it. It will be the best decision you ever made.
Mela gave me exactly what I was needing without me knowing that’s what I was looking for. She is so honest and straightforward, it was refreshing and it made our short time together more impactful than some longer ones I’ve had. And it felt like from the moment we started the call, she immediately began knowing me. I would definitely recommend a reading— I definitely will do another soon!
Wow, what can I say? I had the great fortune of having a reading with Mela the other day and it is one of the power powerfully accurate readings I had ever had in my life. She zoomed in right away on key aspects of my life that are important to me but that I had been sort of ignoring. She cracked my heart wide open in the best possible way and she helped me to revive my love of work and my purpose in this life. If you get a chance, I highly recommend getting a reading with Mela.
Mela is an amazing channel and helped me remember my purpose when I had lost all hope. She’s pragmatic, kind, and very insightful. She isn’t out of touch with reality, I appreciate how grounded she is when she’s channeling. I will definitely be a regular client of hers. She knew so much about my family dynamics and helped me see things clearly.
Mela is amazing. She’s clear, honest and fun to talk with. I love that she jumps right in in her readings. I walked away with confirmation, new info, and a literal key for the next leg of my journey. Book with her! It’ll be great.
I had a reading with Mela the other day and it validated so much for me. I have been going through a lot of ups and downs lately and this was so reassuring to me in so many ways. The way she communicates and her energy behind it is so comforting! I had chills multiple times throughout the reading when she was communicating to me what my purpose here was. I am so grateful for the 30 minutes I got with her, she was definitely a part of a pivotal moment for me.
I recommend Mela Shea. My husband booked me a reading with Mela a few months ago when I was at a breaking point from stress. Mela picked up immediately that my current upset was due to past trauma and was able to help me pinpoint one of my core wounds from something I often overlook & don’t remember well. I found out that the “fight or flight” part of my brain was enlarged... which explains some things. Mela encouraged me to take some pressure off myself & stop being such a perfectionist.
I whole heartedly recommend Mela! Ive been searching for years for my true self and my purpose in this life. Mela helped me remember exactly this! The feeling I had speaking with her was magical! It was a chat with my higher self/spirit guides and a good friend relaying the messages I needed in just the right way. I went back to her again for a personal issue and she told me straight up what I needed with care. She empowered me to step up for myself and no fluffy stuff. You need to call Mela!
I had a reading with Mela and she knew everything that drove me in life. Or at least spirit told her what did. It was shocking. It was like being reminded the things you’ve forgotten about yourself. I believe we do come into this world knowing what we are here to do and then we forget. Mela is here to remind us.
Mela was great! I really resonated with everything she had to tell me. And I love that she tells you what you need to hear not just lip service. She pretty much confirmed what I think my guides are trying to communicate to me. I appreciate the time she took to give me guidance!! I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for guidance or that are experiencing a block of some sort.
Mela Shea is AMAZING! She is very upfront and honest in her readings and the depth is out of this world! You will be asking yourself why hadn't done this a LONG time ago.
As someone who has had experiences with psychics, above them all, Mela is gifted, honest and direct. She will not waste your time and if your truly looking for guidance in your best interest, and not a fairytale Mela is for you. She is the conscience and the friend who is truthful (sometimes it hurts) but encouraging towards a confident opptimistic future.
I had a beautiful reading with Mela today. She has such a calming energy, I was a little nervous but she made me feel comfortable. She nailed exactly what my blocks are and gave me some tools to work through them. I feel like for the first time I have some real hope to work through some of this old childhood programing. I highly recommend Mela. Thank you so much!
My experience with Mela is that she was very direct and honest. She had clear guidance on relevant topics, but ones that surprised me. The session went very differently than I imagined, but explained things in my past, worked through my present & opened insight that I knew but hadn’t considered. Thank you, Mela Shea for being you and following your heart.
When I first had a reading with Mela, it was as though someone had finally shown the grace to come help me clear out an extremely cluttered and dusty space that resided deep within my psyche. Without me saying a word, she tapped into old traumas that I had been having difficulty processing. She addressed these issues with a sense of knowing, a sense of compassion and most importantly gave me effective tools for continuing to do my own inner work. 10/10 cannot recommend her enough.
Mela is nothing short of amazing. I got guided to getting a reading with her and it provided the clarity I needed in so many places in my life. She used very specific phrases that I have been using over and over again and was able to pick up on miscommunications with me and my guides. She confirmed my purpose here and plugged me back in and my messages have been clear ever since. I started getting downloads AS we were talking . She was to the point , but with love. No sugar coating here!
To say Mela is the real deal is an understatement. My reading with her came at a very critical time for me. She immediately picked up on the internal battles I fight silently with myself daily. This immediately gained my trust because these are things I don’t speak of, battles I fight silently. And because her gifts are genuine, she was able to give me guidance that resonated with my soul. In turn, I’ve used her guidance to make major changes in my life, for the better! She’s amazing!
I highly recommend Mela. I’ve had a lot of readings over the last 15 years from many different people. They were (mostly) great, but Mela found the missing piece that no one else could put their finger on. So many things in my life that didn’t quite add up suddenly made sense because of the information and guidance from Mela. This reading was a life changer and it has put me on a much better trajectory. I’m amazed at how profound the experience was & I’m so grateful that I found Mela.
Honestly blown away with how talented her abilities are. I got answers and affirmations to things I’ve been wondering all my life. Highly highly recommend
I had a reading with Mela today (my first one with her) to ask about a very difficult situation going on with my husband. Without even needing names of birthdates, she tuned in perfectly and described him and the causes of his actions with incredible accuracy. I wish I'd had more time to speak with her but I had to join a meeting. I will definitely be contact her again, she gave me hope and comfort in reaffirming my intuition and reminding me of my own strength.
I first heard Mela on Magikcool Podcast and knew that I needed to get a reading from her. I wanted a reading that was intense and eye opening, and that’s exactly what I got. After my reading I was LIT UP and excited for my life again. I am absolutely blown away by how resonate her words were and can honestly say this was the best reading I’ve ever had.
If you are looking for an honest, to-the-point session, Mela is your person. Right at the start of the session, I felt seen and heard in ways I hadn't thought possible before. We got right into what my soul purpose is, what my blocks are and what steps to take in order to both integrate certain aspects and release others. My guides came through loud and clear, and Mela held space for me while I processed some of the harder to swallow truths. I'm so looking forward to working with Mela again!
Really, thank you for the quality ear, I don't really believe in psychic things but it really was eerie how you just understood my childhood situation. It was very validating to have my dad's narcissism explained to me, (I'd always thought it was anger) it gave me a massive boost when I finally decided to stand up for myself. You really do have a keen understanding of humanity and a gift for peering into a soul and straightening out the knots and tangles of a confused perspective
Wow. Mela showed up for me in an unexpected but perfectly timed moment. She blends her clairvoyant/clairaudient gifts seamlessly with her natural intuition and compassion. A reading with her felt like a therapy session with a trusted friend. In my overwhelming sadness and uncertainty, she gave me concrete details and messages to hold onto. I felt lighter and relieved having talked to her. She made me feel safe, heard, understood... It feels as if she's known me for a long time.
Mela's conversational style and gift of relaying messages from spirit always puts me at ease. I contacted her back in the fall of 2019 regarding a relationship issue, but she saw much more in the session. She identified other dynamics that was affecting the POI and provided perspective that allowed me to leave behind a connection that no longer served my greater good.
Mela is pure magic. She knew me completely in seconds. Her specialty is relaying information that your guides and hers find important for you to know. Having never met before l, she knew things about me that were about my core relationship to the universe instantly. Mela helped me see my emotional blockages that were inhibiting the best life I could live.


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