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EDIT 5.25.2020 I now offer couples energy readings. For more information please email me.

I am the Author of a memoir called "Vagrant Gimp" Available on Amazon.

I host a podcast called The Vagrant Gimp Podcast with Mela Shea

Hi! I'm Mela Shea. I'm a CLEAR CHANNEL and I'm here to tell you what your purpose is and why you're here on the planet right now.

If you wanna know who YOU are; what your magic is, what you can do to expand yourself and live your best life, then i'm the reader for you.

My readings are INTENSE and not for anyone who is dipping their toe in the shallow end of the energy grid.

I can HEAL your whatever it is that holds you back from reaching your full butterfly out of the cocoon fantasy.

I've been interviewed on The Magickool Podcast, Paranormal Karen, The Everything And Nothing Podcast, G.E.E.K.S Paranormal and The Real Witches of The End Times

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New Theory Podcast interview 6/2017

Listed since: Nov 9, 2014


I first heard Mela on Magikcool Podcast and knew that I needed to get a reading from her. I wanted a reading that was intense and eye opening, and that’s exactly what I got. After my reading I was LIT UP and excited for my life again. I am absolutely blown away by how resonate her words were and can honestly say this was the best reading I’ve ever had.
If you are looking for an honest, to-the-point session, Mela is your person. Right at the start of the session, I felt seen and heard in ways I hadn't thought possible before. We got right into what my soul purpose is, what my blocks are and what steps to take in order to both integrate certain aspects and release others. My guides came through loud and clear, and Mela held space for me while I processed some of the harder to swallow truths. I'm so looking forward to working with Mela again!
Really, thank you for the quality ear, I don't really believe in psychic things but it really was eerie how you just understood my childhood situation. It was very validating to have my dad's narcissism explained to me, (I'd always thought it was anger) it gave me a massive boost when I finally decided to stand up for myself. You really do have a keen understanding of humanity and a gift for peering into a soul and straightening out the knots and tangles of a confused perspective
Wow. Mela showed up for me in an unexpected but perfectly timed moment. She blends her clairvoyant/clairaudient gifts seamlessly with her natural intuition and compassion. A reading with her felt like a therapy session with a trusted friend. In my overwhelming sadness and uncertainty, she gave me concrete details and messages to hold onto. I felt lighter and relieved having talked to her. She made me feel safe, heard, understood... It feels as if she's known me for a long time.
Mela's conversational style and gift of relaying messages from spirit always puts me at ease. I contacted her back in the fall of 2019 regarding a relationship issue, but she saw much more in the session. She identified other dynamics that was affecting the POI and provided perspective that allowed me to leave behind a connection that no longer served my greater good.
Mela is pure magic. She knew me completely in seconds. Her specialty is relaying information that your guides and hers find important for you to know. Having never met before l, she knew things about me that were about my core relationship to the universe instantly. Mela helped me see my emotional blockages that were inhibiting the best life I could live.
Speaking to Mela was like speaking to my best friend. She is so sweet and caring, as well as really dives into the person in question. The person I asked about, I felt like she really knew him and his issues. It was a real pleasure speaking to Mela, and I hope to speak to her again soon. Call Mela, you will be amazed!! Thanks Mela!
I felt like I knew her and was very comfortable talking to her. Her reading was accurate and informative. I would definitely have another reading. I recommend her if you are looking for a psychic or a medium.
Mela was great, I felt a connection right away with her and she was very intuitive with everything that she said. I recommend her to anyone who is searching for life coaching or connecting with loved ones. She makes it very comfortable and like talking to a close friend. Information was very accurate. Would definitely do another reading with her.
Everything was spot on! She is amazing I would recommend her to everyone !
Mela is amazing. I can already tell my life is going to get better because of her. She has been a huge help for not only me but my spiriual journey as well. I knew there was a reason i reached out to her. She's a blessing from the Universe. Thank you so much Mela.
Mela was incredible! She was completely spot on with everything she said and I was in tears when she described my late grandfather and how he is protecting me. I have never seen a psychic before and was always skeptical of them, but she blew me away with her accuracy. I came away feeling warm and happy. She is worth every cent.
I have had readings with more than a handful of psychics (tarot card readers, clairvoyants, horoscope folk, etc.) and my reading with Mela was unlike any I have had before. With others it felt like there was always a little "hocus pocus" show, if that makes any sense. With Mela, I felt like I was having a conversation and getting very good advice. I've already started taking that advice and look forward to implementing it full force. :) I give Mela a big thumbs up!
I had a wonderful experience with Mela. She helped me enormously by helping me talk about something I had been keeping to myself. This led to important understanding and compassion for myself. She also told me things I needed to hear that I doubted about myself and she knew intuitively what needed validation. I am psychic as well and I know the real thing when I see it. I think she would make an important difference in anyone's life who spoke to her.
Mela offered warm support and insight for the issues I brought to her. I really appreciated her kind openness!
Mela is the best psychic I have ever worked with. She is incredibly accurate and detailed. Other psychics can tell you what will happen in 10 years, and speak in hazy generalities, but Mela can give you details about situations in real time, literally walking you through scenarios and helping you navigate any situation. She has also given me very accurate longer range forecasts. She is excellent at interpersonal relations, and figuring out situations. I don't know what I'd do without her help!
Mela was perfect, and exactly what I needed. She began with some automatic writing before I said anything, and then asked what I wanted to focus on (Apparently I have a lot of spirit guides that all wanted to speak at once. Which explains a LOT. :->) She was intuitive, expressive, and wise -- as well as lot of fun to talk to! I wish she were my neighbor. I imagine all her clients feel that way. She knew things I never told anyone!
I've had readings with a LOT of intuitives over the years and feel confident in saying that Mela is the real deal. She immediately honed in on some major issues in my life and gave me some very practical, useful steps to take...things I wouldn't have thought to try myself. Her warm and caring manner made the reading like talking to a girlfriend--but one who was "plugged in" to the part of me that could tell me what I really needed to know! Two BIG thumbs up...I'll definitely call her again!
Mela at once made me feel comfortable during the reading and I was peaceful following it. She is a sensitive reader and picked up on the central issues and offered specific advice for them. Thank you, Mela.
Mela Shea is a gifted intuitive advisor on any subject about which a person might need guidance beyond the modalities of ordinary domains. Mela possesses the unique capacity of being able to apply her well-practiced, natural abilities and spiritual resources to help people sort out a myriad of personal issues with extraordinary kindness, candor, empathy and insight into very specific details that allow a person to experience, for example, senses of epiphany or validation in a supportive way.
I just had an amazing reading with Mela! She was right on point and very specific about details and explanations of some events happening in my life right now. She gave me enough information to be able to make decisions and answered all of my questions very accurately.. Overall, I felt at peace after the reading she gave me and the outcome of my session with Mela. I highly recommend her.
Mela was spot on. She cleared up any suspicions I had about a certain case that I was actually sensing, ask me specific questions that were also pointing towards things that I had been wondering about. She also picked up on a presence I have noticed my child was playing with at home and it was a little girl which is exactly what it was. That floored me. She advised me to break free of something I have been trying to break free and picked up I had several guides. This reading was perfect timing.
Mela gave my reading ignorant of the drama and continuing upheavals in my life. She quickly identified many key problematic areas with 100% accuracy and suggested ways I could consider dealing with them to effect change for the good. I was impressed by the way she read my personality. Me and my interests are exactly as she described. Mela picked up on something so 'spooky' that I couldn't fail to recognize that she is a genuine psychic reader. I look forward to my next reading. Thank-you.
Mela was able to help answer many of the questions playing on my mind and give me great closure. She put me at ease immediately during our call. Thank you Mela.
I really enjoyed Mela's reading, I was very impressed. She was spot on with the information she knew, giving me another perspective to see. She was clear, accurate and kind. I will continue to go to Mela.
Mela and I chatted online when we first met. I was blown away by how well she knew me, past and present. She helped me enormously with some difficulties I was having, and offered very thoughtful (and incredibly pertinent) help for considering the future. I don't often seek help, but I am more than grateful to have found Mela. This was a very healing and inspirational experience for me, and it was amazing to be so well understood.
Mela did a lovely reading for me, that was totally connected to me on a soul, spiritual level as well as in my physical world. She brought forth many clarifying perspectives that reflected her ability to connect with my spirit guide. Worth every moment! I would highly recommend Mela as she is the Bee's knees!
I've been a return client of Mela's for years. She is excellent at pin pointing issues that may be floating around in your subconscious. It's remarkable how she can clear up swelling issues and questions with only a few concise words. Her work brings calm and clarity to he most muddled of issues. I always leave our sessions feeling as though I know myself more clearly and at peace. What she does in her sessions is truly a gift.
I have had the opportunity to receive readings from Mela connected to my career and they were tremendously helpful. Mela's insights are spot on and she is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend her and I am already looking forward to my next appointment with her. Thank you Mela!
My name is Sheila, I was introduced to Mela by my sister. I decided to get a reading from Mela based on my relationship. Mela made me feel very comfortable, I was able to speak freely and honestly. The information that was shared with me through Mela from my guides was spot on. The guides gave me better understanding of my issue and how to deal with it to gain a positive resolution. I would reccomend Mela to any one. I will be back. Thank you Mela


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