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We offer a range of services from spiritual consulting (non psychic at $70) to 30 minute psychic reading at $85.00. Please visit our website for range of services we offer as well as current pricing.

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We are Revs Raymond B and Mary Miller. We are professional psychics offering down to earth psychic and tarot readings, based on our 63+ combined years experience. Exclusively by phone.

We both have spent years in study, mentoring, and in research, as well as pratical experience on our skills. This culmination has helped us determine the best way to work with clients, understanding their needs. We believe in doing no harm, but helping our clientele to the best of our ability.

We are ULC Ministers since 2006, and take our work very seriously, with clear readings that can assist you immediately rather than vague answers.

We offer clairvoyant readings, tandem readings (using both of us to reach further down into a person's situation to get the best results), and tarot reading, by Phone Exclusively, allowing us to work with client's through out the US and Canada quickly and efficiently. We offer past life recall to help you understand a greater balance of what is happening with you, and why it's happening in this lifetime.

I (Mary) have a special skill in finding missing objects, including an important case of a missing child that was abducted in MI. My husband, Raymond has help a family that had a large gas leak in their home, with mysterious illness, he helped the client contact the gas company out before their home exploded with a leak of .10 cm an hour, estimated if the client had not called them, her home would have taken out the whole block.

We are currently in the process of writing two books allowing others to work more efficiently with tarot, utilizing our research on mystery schools, origin of creating of tarot, symbolisms and archetypal development.

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Our website helps demystify getting psychic readings, offers advice on how to get the best quality reading possible, regardless of whom you see, because it is your investment. We also offer spiritual inspiration and thought on our blog available at

Please call us at: 541-912-1682 to ask any questions you may have about our services, this Q&A is free. We require an appointment made prior to acceptance of a reading, and we offer Paypal as our accepted form of payment.

Listed since: Mar 18, 2012

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