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Margi Lantos is a natural born Intuitive/Medium with over 18 years experience in readings and sessions with clients around the world as well as events and master class workshops throughout the country. She connects with guides, angels and/or deceased loved ones through her clairaudient (hearing), claircognizance (knowing) and clairsentient (feeling) sensitivities. Her messages bring forth the CORE reasons of personal issues or difficulties as well as clarifying and receiving messages for direction and spiritual guidance. Margi’s messages also include knowledge from past lives as well as current life situations. She works with individuals as well as couples to help each person reach their place of spiritual healing, self-empowerment and sense of peace. Margi is also an inspirational author, TV producer of “Your Soul Awareness” and Reiki Master helping others attain knowledge of alternative avenues of self-healing and self-empowerment.

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Amazing Soul
I am amazed by this beautiful soul. She was called into my space at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Every experience I have with Margi is so inspiring and life changing. Her gentle soul open to receive what the universe, angels and guides have to share .... I highly recommend a session with Margi, wherever you are on your journey she will be inspired to feed your soul. Susie L

Life Changing!!
My life has forever been changed for the best with the incredible insight and guidance of Margi at Spiritual Bridges. Her services & abilities are sincere, a true gift from above. Thank you for teaching me how to live in the Light. Eric H

Highly recommended! 
I have engaged in a variety of services over the past 13 years with Margi; including Spiritual Counseling, connecting with my Guides and Angels, mediumship, and a number of workshops. Margi is always insightful, spot on, and very loving. She is a gifted Earth Angel and I'm very grateful for her and the experiences we've shared together. I highly recommend Margi to anyone wishing to grow and gain clarity on their journey. Diana A from Oregon

A gifted therapist/intuitive medium who gets to the heart of the matter.
I have had sessions with Margi for the past ten years. Margi's intuitive work has help in times when I've been stuck in life; needed hope when I've been in situations where I have lost sight of it; needed help with family, friends and loved ones; and most importantly in forwarding my spiritual growth. I went through two years of traditional counseling during a difficult time in my life. I still visited Margi once or twice a year during that time. The information I received in my sessions with Margi were life altering in comparison to the weekly counseling I received. I am eternally grateful for the amazing gift she has with spirit and so generously shares with us. Thank you, Margi! Carrie B.

Listed since: May 3, 2017

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