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Chris Lynn

Chris Lynn
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$150 per 1-hour mediumship or spiritual guidance reading; $300 per 90-minute Soul Blueprint Session

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Hello Spiritually-Minded Person!

You're on a spiritual path and you KNOW this. You're a spiritually-minded human being, living in a very normal world, and sometimes you just don't seem to...FIT.
The thing is, you are also a brilliant facet of Divine Source called a SOUL, with a unique blueprint all your own for creating and living. There is only one glorious YOU, moving through time and space. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly who you are as a soul, so that you could live into that and relax a little bit?! And maybe begin to THRIVE, expressing your divine nature? Yes, it's possible.

So let me ask you...
*Are you feeling stuck and frustrated, even though you have taken all the right classes and read all the right books on manifesting and spiritual development? And your life still doesn't seem to work quite right?

*Do you have a deep desire to integrate your spiritual commitment into your everyday life, including your work and relationships, but don’t know how to start?

*Are you feeling inspired to grow beyond the societal, familial, or religious limits and conditioning you may have accepted UNTIL NOW?

Good news: through Akashic Records readings and spirit guide assistance, you can come to know, trust and expand your inner wisdom and your soul’s divine expression.

Here's where we can work together...

I provide a very specialized reading called Soul Blueprint Restoration. It is a method of reading the Akashic Records—the history of your soul’s experiences. Not only will you learn about the energetic signature of your soul (the unique energy you bring here, such as your divine gifts and attributes combined with the characteristics of your Soul Group), you will also be shown

*the primary archetypal pattern influencing your human psyche, and whether it is healthy, distorted, or blocked, and what to do about it

*the spiritual elements of nature you embody (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) and to what degree of each

*your chosen life theme for this incarnation

*and much more!

You will also learn about any blocks you presently hold that came about from past choices that are keeping you from knowing and fully expressing your divine nature. Additionally, we clear these negative past influences, so that you have more freedom to clearly see and choose what is most aligned with your divinity. Sounds good, right?

With Soul Blueprint Restoration, you have the opportunity to:

*Release ancient history that has been influencing the way you think and act for possibly lifetimes

*Release old vows that have limited your potential

*Clear foreign energy out of your personal field that does not belong there

*Finally understand the relationships that have had you perplexed for so long by releasing soul attachments from lifetimes past

*Express yourself as the divine being that you are!

Is it time for you to restore your unique Soul Blueprint?
Contact me today for your free 15-20 minute consultation to determine if this process is YOUR next right step!


Chris Lynn is a medium and a healer whose passion is soul-level learning from the Akashic Records, providing anauthentic connection to your spirit guides, and creating communication with departed loved ones. She sees, hears and feels information from spirit. Guidance comes forward through connection with the spirit realm and also through psychic reading of your personal energy field. Chris has completed Advanced Mediumship Training with internationally-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams, participated in mediumship training with Martin Twycross in the UK, and is an Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner.

Her extensive experience in working with the whole person through bodywork, energywork, and classical homeopathy provides a strong and credible foundation for her reading practice. Her grounded, real-world approach to spirituality, together with her warm demeanor, create a natural ease and relatedness during any session.

Additional Information: 

All readings are digitally recorded and a link to download the recording will be promptly emailed to you at no additional charge.

Listed since: Jan 23, 2013

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