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My name is Carla B Hara and I am an Animal Communicator. Ever since I can remember, I have had immense love and deep respect for all creatures of life. One of my first memories as a child regarding my love for animals was when I found a trail of ants crawling around in our house and I distinctively remember crying and telling my parents to please not kill the ants. My deep love for all creatures started at an early age and has only grown stronger.

I have been involved with animal welfare organizations and volunteered my time at animal shelters including Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. I completed an internship at Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary, which was an amazing experience working directly with the wolves. I also completed an internship through USGS doing field work in Hawaii. I collected mosquitoes to be analyzed for diseases infecting the native bird population. I also worked rehabilitating wildlife at PAWS Wildlife Center in Washington state and was a veterinary assistant. All of these experiences gave me great joy knowing that I was making a difference helping animals in need.

I obtained my degree in Zoology from Humboldt State University in 2003. I also own a professional dog walking and pet sitting business in Bend, OR.

I had always been fascinated with animal communication and have sought out several animal communicators on behalf of my own animals. Sometimes to check in with their health and sometimes just to see if they were happy. I always came away from those sessions feeling relieved that my questions were answered and I could better understand my pet's needs and wants.

I attended animal communication weekend workshops here and there over the years to better understand how it worked and if I had the ability to learn it myself. I ended up taking the Animal Communication Certification Program with Maia Kincaid, one of the animal communicators I had used over 18 years ago for my own pets. This is a year long program with "The Sedona International School for Animal and Nature Communication". And, this is where I found my calling working with animals.

It is one of my greatest passions to help you and your pet build a stronger bond and understand each other on a deeper level. All animals have something to say if we take the time to listen very carefully.

It is my belief that if we understand our animals and pets on a deeper soul level we are able to achieve a stronger bond and connect with them in ways we never knew were possible. It's such a magical experience for me being able to connect with many different animals and learning from the messages they have to share.

I would love to help you connect with your animals and to better understand them and the messages they have to share with you. It really is such a beautiful and profound experience to be able to communicate with their heart and soul.

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Carla works in a quiet, meditative state while connecting on a soul to soul level with your animal. After communicating with your animal Carla takes the time to transcribe all of the messages she receives. She will then share with you via email.

Listed since: Feb 2, 2017


I am so impressed with Carla's skill in reading my animals. She has helped me understand their desires, fears, and needs so much which has really enhanced my relationships with them. It is through her communication with them that we were able to solve skin issues, find the source of an injury and calm my dog down when I was away. She is such a gentle spirit herself it is not surprising that the animals respond so easily to her. I trust her ability, her intuition, and her loving heart.

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