Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo

Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo
Annalena Gulliksson-Cavallo


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$138.00 for 90 Mins, $99.00 Hour, $80.00 for 45 Mins.

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I offer accurate Psychic Readings in Portland OR, Medium & Past-Life Readings, Soul-Mates Reunion, Phone Readings, Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy

How can my clients' lives be enriched and improved by having Psychic and Past Life Readings with me:

My Readings Are All-Encompassing & Go Beyond Ordinary Psychic Readings!

Since, beside providing inspiring and accurate answers, I as well offer success counseling and law of attraction coaching, in conjunction with every reading, about every psychic information that emerges during a reading, at no EXTRA charge!

In addition, I provide (optional) medical intuitive reading and energy healing transmission: I read and feel possible blockages in the person's flow of energy, (which cause problems on the physical dimension) I then access information about how to clear and eliminate them.

This can be done during the reading session, or after the session has ended, during my evening meditation, and can be done in person or remotely, over the phone, even if the client reside in a different geographical area.

According to the feed-back from clients, I have found this to be especially helpful when people are dealing with a broken heart, or are facing a stressful situation, or are stuck in some area of their lives!

My Past Life Readings offer a very powerful tool to get unstuck from any long standing problem on the physical, mental and emotional areas of one's life! Most times, financial or relationship problems, are due to vows from past lives about poverty or chastity.. Once the real cause of the block is unearthed through a past life reading, and removed, the old "soul's contract" loses its charge and start to dissolve gradually, allowing karmic transformations and radical positive changes!

I also offer channeling and loved ones sessions

More info on my website.....

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All psychic services are offered by Annalena G. Cavallo, C.H.t., Lifelong Psychic, Clairvoyant, Medium, Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, for Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy a complimentary short phone consultation is included.

Listed since: May 16, 2013


2015年10月中旬,找她給我reading,光只是與她通email的過程,我就可以感覺到她確實充滿了愛與熱忱。一開始她給出的訊息,我還滿懷疑的,但事後當我照著她的建議去作自我療癒時,我發現她的直覺是對的。她甚至還給我建議了許多自我療癒的資源,跟我接觸其他網上的靈媒完全不同,她非常用心,是個充滿愛的存有,謝謝她。 Just finished reading this Oct, she is full of love and passion, even when we just contact through emails and not yet start our first reading. while i am in reading session, i quite doubt about her message,but few days later, when i start to do what she suggest me to do, i really release my emotional wound by the way she taught. thx her.

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