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Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. Shelly is quick to connect and responds to your questions with love and efficiency.

With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. In addition to providing insight, Shelly will provide you with tools to assist you in achieving the outcome you desire.

Psychic readings provide insight into current life situations as well as past and future occurrences. Mediumship readings offer you the opportunity to connect with loved ones in Spirit as well as receive guidance regarding current life situations. There is no guarantee that the loved one you wish to connect with will come through.

Shelly offers private mediumship readings, intuitive readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki healing sessions, and teaches classes and workshops. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New You, Connect to the You Within, Journey into Consciousness and Embracing the Magic Within are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Cards of Empowerment and Clarity Cards.
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Coming from a place of respect, truth, integrity and love, I honor your free will and recognize that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe. I am not a fortune teller and will not predict your future.

As I connect to the spiritual realm, my intention is to help you heal, grow and become empowered. I request and intend that the messages are conveyed to me clearly and accurately, and that I receive messages that are easy to understand for your highest good. As an Intuitive Medium, I utilize all of my psychic abilities including claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Reading Disclaimer ~
The readings that I provide are for guidance only. What you decide to do with the information that I give you, including any actions you take, is down to your own personal responsibility and choice. All readings and questions answered should at no time be regarded as legal, medical, financial, psychological or business fact and are subject to your own interpretation and judgment. For legal reasons, I have to advise you that the readings are for entertainment purposes only. My services are not a substitute for professional services, and it is advised that you should seek advice from the relevant qualified expert.

Listed since: Jan 24, 2013


She is very professional ,sweet person, very intuitive. I took a few classes with her, will continue to work with her.
Shelly is absolutely a gift to me! I visited with her the first time in 2019, I believe. I was scared, internally freaking out. She is so soft spoken, calm and oh, so easy to visit with. Since our meeting I have had several sessions, Usui Reiki1,2 and masters classes along with Karuna Reiki classes. Shellys guidance and mentor ship has always been spot on and my experience with her has been invaluable. ❤️❤️
Shelly is an Amazing teacher. I enjoy her classes and look forward to each one I take walking away with enormous knowledge and clarity. She is such a beautiful shining light inside and out. So grateful and Blessed for my connection with her.
I received a private reading at a local spirit fair. Wow!!! I had never had one before and had only watched them on tv. She made me feel peaceful and relaxed. The information she had was completely accurate and Absolutely no way of her knowing. For example, my grandpa called me punkin (pumpkin). I knew my Poppy was there. It was amazing. It changed my healing process. I was extremely blessed. There was a total weight lifted. Thank you!!
Shelly gave my husband a reading about a month ago. It was something that I wanted him to do for a really long time, I just wish we would have gone to see her sooner. My husband has struggled with PTSD for almost 20 years and Shelly was able to finally bring him peace. Everything she said was spot on and the experience was more then we could’ve ever imagined. She is a true healer and we are eternally grateful!
I first met Shelly during one of her lectures at a local spirit fair...little did I know this chance meeting would change my life. Shelly is a patient wonderful teacher that helps validate, encourage, and empower others to experience the "magic" within themselves and that surrounds us all. I believe Shelly saved my life with her loving, honest, and nonjudgemental messages/teachings that also allowed me to make a difference in the lives of others. Shelly is a bright light and a blessing.
Recently, I purchased Shelly’s Journey into Consciousness Cards and they have been monumental in the process! As a Psychic & Medium, my spiritual team and I enjoy developing innovative games while using these cards of empowerment. The divine energy and love that flows through them (the cards) is to be noted on so many levels. There are no limits and I’m very thankful for this working tool; I highly recommended them for purchasing! Thanks again Shelly! Xoxo!
Shelly is an amazing psychic, medium and Reiki teacher as well as published author. I took her latest Karuna Reiki master class and had such an amazing shift in my life. She shared intuitive messages during the class too that were spot on! Shelly comes totally from the heart and you can feel it. She is amazing!
I had a reading with Shelly and she was spot-on she's a wonderful person,kind soul and also I attended her Reiki classes one and two and master class and I'm pursuing my career in Reiki she's a great teacher!!! And I would recommend anyone that needs guidance in there life to her.
Shelly was absolutely amazing. After her class, I have more trust in myself and the universe, which have allowed me to make the life changes, i previously had been afraid of making. Great Reiki teacher. Very authentic
I just attended Shelly's Reiki I & II level class. She is inviting, authentic, and she conveyed information in a way that could be absorbed and acted on. There was the technical information side and the hands on practices. I appreciated both. I walked away with a special understanding and a new skill set that has helped set my desire for spiritual focus and intent. Thank you Shelly!
Shelly did a reading on my daughter and she saw details of the events of my life through her that were very accurate. I've seen her twice now and she has been amazingly accurate and helpful. Her style is very positive and reassuring. The advice that she gives you for present life situations is sound and resonates so much that I find myself accessing her advice often. She read from my energy what I had been facing. She really is the only one that I will go to in the future.
Shelly’s gifts are endless. Her connection to source and self makes your experience wonderful. Her ability to provide clarity resonates. Her energy is peaceful and loving. You walk away feeling good and cared about.
Shelly did the first reading that I had ever had done during a group reading. She was spot on when she was able to connect with my grandmother. She knew things that she could not have known and made me a believer.
Shelly helped me tremendously after my father passed away. I was in a state of depression and after a few sessions with her I felt so much more balanced and complete. She is so sweet and caring and I am so thankful I found her.
Shelly has read for me several times. She is genuine and a highly gifted Spiritual Medium. She is warm, caring and compassionate. She truly loves what she does and has the purest of intentions. What a gift!! ❤❤❤
I received my Reiki attunement through Shelly Wilson and was very pleased with the whole experience! Shelly is extremely knowledgeable as well as naturally gifted. I was so impressed with her skill, knowledge, and ability to communicate so eloquently while receiving messages. Her guidance was heart felt, accurate, and lovingly spoken. Her motives are purely of love and light to guide and inspire in the most pertinent ways.
Shelly is absolutely amazing! I have had the pleasure of being read by her a few times as well as my husband. She is very compassionate and honest. If you ever have a chance to sit with her or attend one of her lectures DO IT! Can’t say enough great things about her.
Shelley is a warm, caring, compassionate soul, who truly lives what she teaches. She did a reading for me, and I immediately gifted one to a friend. She was acurate, and her delivery was easy to hear. If you are looking for encouragement, validation, or clarity on any situation, she would be perfect for you.
AMAZING teacher and reader!
I am grateful for my first meeting and reading with Shelly Wilson. What a kind, gentle, compassionate, and loving presence! She held a safe and sacred space for me to feel deeply into the message she delivered from Spirit, which was exactly what I needed. Afterwards, I felt light-hearted and freer... it was soothing salve for grief I've been carrying. I highly recommend Shelly!
I had a reading at the Spirit Fair in OKC in November 2017. Shelly is very gifted and remarkable person. She is a generous, wise, and an excellent teacher. I have had the pleasure of having readings and taking a Reiki class with Shelly. Thank you so much, Shelly, for all you do.
I just want to thank Shelly for her kindness and open heart. I meet her at the Tulsa Spirit Fair. I was undeniably drawn to her table, and rightfully so. She was completely in tune with what I was going through, having just lost my grandmother the day before. I was blown away are her ability to communicate about my grandmother and I. I left her table with a heart of gratitude and new outlook on the grief I had been feeling. Thank you Shelly.
Shelly is very initiative and has helped me and guided me several times. She takes the time to truly help you and is not your typical all about the money pyschic. She had also gave me information on aura cleansing which I was deeply in need of. Thank you Shelly!
I met Shelly at a Spirit Fair in Tulsa Ok. I was quickly impressed by her loving connection to Spirit and to her client. I have had several readings from her that were spot on and aided me in moving forward in my life in a positive productive manner. Shelly is a very gentle loving open person and I am blessed to have met her
I met Shelly and got my first reading last Sunday at a Spirit Fair in Fayetteville. I was a little nervous at first but that went away as soon as Shelly started speaking to me. She is authentic and very accurate and treats you with dignity. I was as impressed by her character as I was by her abilities. She is a wonderful presence and is incredibly insightful and intuitive. I am lucky to have gotten to experience Shelly Wilson in person.
I haven't had a reading from Shelly but I've taken Usui Reiki Master class in her charming reiki cabin. Shelly is a gentle, unconditional presence refreshing to be around. Her class was respectful of students' needs and our time. Although I haven't had a reading or healing from her except within the context of reiki class, I am certain the warmth and loving emanating from her in the teacher role also translates into powerful healing.
I received a wonderful, accurate and uplifting reading from Shelly at the H20asis health fair. She helped put my mind at ease about so many things I had been fraught over. She made such an impact on me with that reading, I now attend her spiritual development classes. Her classes and guidance helps me stay out of depression/anxiety when I attend on a regular basis. I'm very grateful.
I have had the opportunity to have private sessions and to attend classes lead by Shelly. She is very authentic and spot on. She leads by direction of spirit and heart. I have the honor of being a client, friend and peer. If you have not had a session with her I highly recommend you do so and experience for yourself her heart. Sherry
I have been looking for some spiritual guidance for awhile. I looked through the mediums websites and just couldn't find the right one. I came across Shelly's website and I felt she was the most qualified. I never had been to a medium and was nervous. I found my self at ease when I met with Shelly. She is very professional and cares about her clients. I had a spiritual growth session and reading, she helped emenstly to improve my daily life. Her psychic ability was amazing.I highly recommend her


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