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Hello I'm Nicole, an intuitive artist, photography enthusiast, and website designer. I am honored to be an intuitive and would love to work with you in the future.

Love & Light,

Listed since: Feb 6, 2015


I have been getting readings with Nicole for the last several years. She is a very gifted intuitive/psychic and has easily connected me to love ones that are on the other side. She has always helped me through some difficult decisions/trying times by connecting me to my spirit guides and loved ones which brought me clarity and courage to make it through. She is truly a joy to work with and I highly recommend her to all of my friends and loved ones.
Nicole has such an amazing gift! truly from Spirit! I have had sessions with other mediums and clearly she is above the rest! She was able to give me clear concise messages from Sprit that I needed to hear. I had looked for a psychic that would grow with me through the years and its NICOLE! I have had 3 sessions with her and my son has had one, we will always go to Nicole. Do not waste your time doubting, just go with it. You won't be sorry. It has given me peace and understanding.
Hello, I would like to say since I first met Nicole, its been magical. I had alot of questions and things happening to me, so i went looking for answers.Nicole has been very helpful and wise, very intuitive, she has been spot on! She is a every good teacher, very kind, very much in love with her work, her enthusiastic approach to teaching is contagious to say the least. I would definitely recommend Nicole to anyone!
Nicole's teaching style, skills and light-filled personality are exactly what I have been looking for in a spiritual coach/mentor. She's guides my every step through practice readings and mediumship sessions. She coaches me on identifying specific feelings and sensations that indicate spirit presence and communication. Her readings are spot on and comforting. I've grown tremendously through working with Nicole and look forward to further development through our sessions. She is a delight!
Today I had a reading with Nicole and it was fantastic and spot on! She brought my father in and was able to give me many great and specific details and insights! The information my father gave me through Nicole brought me closure that I needed and left me with a very joyful feeling. Also she picked up on work related issues which will be of great help in moving forward. Thank you again Nicole!
By far Nicole is spot on in all that comes from a session with her. She in a calming and caring way shows and explains all that she sees and hears in a session. I was absolutely positively sure that she was in contact with my dear wife who passed some time ago. And through many many spot on symbols and ways of letting me know that in fact it was my Christine who was a part of our three way conversation. Nicole is awesome and will be a positive and loving impact on anyone who uses her!!!!!!
Nicole is absolutely wonderful. I had a reading with her recently and, despite feeling a bit under the weather, she provided amazing insight. She is so sweet and I instantly felt like I was speaking with an old friend. I've had readings from other people where I felt discouraged and disappointed afterward; not at all the case with Nicole. I left our session feeling positive, encouraged, and loved. She's a beautiful soul and an accurate psychic, and I'm already planning my next reading!
I had the privilege of meeting Nicole for my reading. From the second we began speaking and well before the reading, we were connected. Nicole is gifted and was spot on with the information I was receiving and she was giving through her guides. She is energetic and soothing and is careful to remind that we have "free will" and to exercise our choices for our own spiritual growth. I would highly recommend Nicole for a reading. You will not be disappointed.
Nicole is an awesome medium, she has been blessed with a beautiful gift. she has a beautiful caring heart, I've talk with her twice, my dad died in 2013 his sprit came though and things that she revealed to me was so over whelming and so true. Seven months after he past away two of my siblings and I and our mother went to the cemetery and let balloons off it would have been his 78th birthday and he thought it was funny, that we did that. I do believe Nicole has a gift to help so many of you.
It was such a pleasure to have a reading with Nicole. I have only had a few readings before but she was spot on! Her energy is so peaceful she made me and my loved ones she was channeling feel very comfortable and able to open up. She has inspired me to continue working on my own spiritual gifts. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. If you want an amazing experience that will leave you feeling content and at peace you need to contact Nicole for a reading or teaching!
I had a reading with Nicole this afternoon, and all I can say is "wow". She was very easy to talk to, which is a must for me:) She was spot on in her reading, telling me things that she would not have known on her own. She is someone I would definitely use again and refer her to my friends. I plan on working with her more and would definitely recommend her to everyone. Thanks Nicole!
Nicole is amazing! She has such a sweet, calm spirit about her that immediately puts you at ease. I was new to this and a little skeptical, but what she read was spot on. She helped me connect to my mom that I lost at a young age and desperately wanted to know she's still with me. The specific things she knew about her blew my mind! If you are hesitant, give her a try. I prose you won't be disappointed. Thank you Nicole for being such an honest, beautiful soul. I'm forever grateful for you.
Nicole is a very special soul and I am truly thankful for making contact. I have had two readings and plan on continuing as well as referring her to family and friends. She has a very special gift in which she is able to share and make a true impact in our journey here on earth. Thank you.
Nicole is awesome. She read my aura. I always feel better after talking to her. She has given me suggestions on guided mediations and books to read. I have met someone new recently while I was on a trip and has given me great advice on this relationship. I asked her if I would be moving and she said Florida lit up and that is where he lives and I did not tell her. I will definitely be having readings done. I have had 2 readings with her so far and she has been dead on. She is the real deal!
Nicole is amazing. My session with her helped me heal and understand my journey. She enlightened me to things that I needed to do in order to get back a part of me that I had lost. She was able to see things through the spirit guide that only I knew from my past and my present. Before my session with Nichole, she had sent me an email asking me to do something, and I did. that was the start of my healing and enlightenment, so before she even spoke with me. she helped me. I highly recommend her!
Nicole is Great! I have had readings before but the time I have spent with Nicole has been amazing! I will continue working on myself with her in the future. I would recommend her to all of my friends and family. If you want a unbelievable experience that will leave you feeling happy and complete you need to contact Nicole!
Nicole was amazing!! I felt a real connection with her and that she truly was able to connect with my loved ones and spirit guides. She gave me information about things no one knows about me and my family! I will definitely be contacting her again when I need another spiritual reading!!
Wow! Nicole is everything that the other reviews have stated and more. She is extremely gifted and connected, but the biggest gift of all is her compassion & passion for what she does. She is the first Psychic that I have spoken with that I could feel her excitement about what she was saying to me. Nicole has a wonderful heart and loves helping. I highly recommend her to anyone at any level searching for answers. She is the best Psychic in the area. Thanks Nicole!
Nicole is amazing! She always has so much information to share that is helpful, supportive and accurate. I always feel better after talking with Nicole. She is very connected with Spirit and is an amazing medium. Nicole is truly gifted and each reading is a blessing. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world.
Nicole is amazing!!! She was not just a wonderful medium, psychic, teachers, you can name it all. But she is also a wonderful friend as well!!! I felt connected to her right away on our first reading. Thank you Nicole for sharing your gift with us! You're an angel!!!
I have had many readings by many people, however Nicole is by far one of the most gifted psychic mediums I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The information she provided in the reading today was specific, clear, and accurate, not to mention helpful. Her energy is peaceful and full of positivity. It is obvious that her connection is strong! Thank you and I can't wait until next time!
This was my first experience in seeking out any psychic work. I'm a very analytical & cautious person not toying with spiritual world; being raised and taught Baptist ways. So glad I went! Like other testimonies, Nicole is quite accurate in what she sees! Her compassionate nature makes it easier to hear what Angels saying. We discussed many things, and she told me the advice Angels gave her regarding my mother, my quest for love, & my gifts. I plan on seeing her again. A very sweet soul!!
Nicole is impressive. She identified several aspects of my life ranging from diet to family relationships correctly without any prior information about them. She is warm, compassionate, and competent. I felt like she understood the issues I was interested in better than anyone else I've spoken with. She also provided valuable information and made me feel better. I high recommend her.
Nicole is an amazing person. I had a reading with her, 1 of few i have had in my life time. I am not a skeptic. I fully believe! I believe in Nicole. Nicole helped me in more ways than i know how to put into words. The world needs to know how amazing she is. Her accuracy was unbelievable.
I had a reading with Nicole...Oh MY God! She read my aura, which so described who I was it was uncanny! Then she tapped into one of my guides and gave me his description, how and why he was there to help me and how to work with him. Then she did some mediumship things, my grandmother came through. Nicole described her looks, personality and left me with a beautiful messages as to why she came through. I wold recommend Nicole, she is such a gifted individual.
I have had several readings with Nicole in person and over the phone. She has lead me thru meditations which helped get me through highly stressful times in my life. Her accuracy during readings is unbelievable! She has helped me connect with family members that have died. Nicole's compassion and ability to know exactly what I am going through always leaves me feeling uplifted and excited to experience whatever may happen next in my life.
Nicole is an awesome reader. One time, my car wouldnt start. After 2 hours of it not starting, She called me & told me Angel Guide Michael said to try to starting it again and it started! I have come to Nicole many times through the toughest areas of my everyday life. She is excellent in giving advice about love & financial strategies. She has not only saved my marriage, but taught me forgiveness and how to let go of the past. Her advice now lead us to a favorable debt to income ratio. Thank you

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