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Lauren Kelly
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Norman, OK


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Starting at $20

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I’m an artist and intuitive from Oklahoma. I’ve been offering intuitive tarot readings since 2012 and my signature aura portraits since 2013. In 2015, I established my LLC and started offering readings online to connect with people around the world.

My guiding philosophy: There is purpose and value in everyone and everything... and that includes you.

My skills include goal coaching, relationship insight, life path oriented mediumship, women's empowerment, and personal spiritual guidance.

***All readings are offered online via my website!***

Additional Information: 

Instagram: @laurenkellyintuitive
Facebook: @laurenkellyintuitive
Tiktok: @lkintuitive


Listed since: Jun 25, 2013


I've been getting readings from LK for a couple years now, and I have NEVER been disappointed or underwhelmed by her service. 10/10 everytime.
Lauren’s Aura Poetraut Reading is truly one of a kind! It is filled with insightful guidance and a sneak peek at what your energetic aurafield looks like. If you’ve ever been curious about what your Aura looks like, Lauren is the reader for that. These readings are beautiful and the Aura Portrait is one that should be treasured forever!
I got an aura portrait on a whim, I had extra spending money, so why not. I don't regret it in the slightest. The art is beautiful and the reading was amazing! I read it over a few times and something in me clicked. I found what I was missing. There was something my soul was missing and I found it while reading. I feel more connected to myself.
I was drawn to the aura portrait after seeing someone post about it on Tumblr and was so impressed with the results. The portrait is beautiful and the reading is so accurate! Such a unique and wonderful experience.
Searching this directory, my intuition guided me to her. "Hmm.. watercolor? So unique," I thought. When I arrived at the scheduled appointment, it felt like she had set up her paints waiting just for me. I remained skeptical until.. she starts painting, telling me she sees my overall spirit colors are blue and pink. The exact colors I had seen for myself, never telling anyone before! She knows! Receiving an aura portrait reading is like bathing the opinion of your self in rainbows.
I received my aura portrait by the lovely Lauren and it touched my soul. I sat in bed this morning reading over the accurate and super in depth description of me and the guardians who watch over me. Thank you so much, Lauren. From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate you and your gift that you share with the world
Kelly's work is always absolutely beautiful and eye opening. Her readings always put me back on track, and make me feel unconditionally loved. I always recommend everyone to get a portrait or reading from her. I can guarentee you will never regret doing so!
I first stumbled upon Lauren on tumblr and immediately felt drawn to purchase an aura portrait from her. A few months passed until the stars finally aligned and I was able to purchase one, but when I did, it was such a beautiful, heartwarming experience. Upon reading my portrait description I could tell that she put so much effort and love into her work. I am very happy with my reading and I will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you, Laura!
Wow. Just... Lauren is the best, okay? She is the real deal, whatever that means. I... She confirmed a lot of things for me, as well as provided solutions that will help me become a healthier being in the long run. I have a habit of rambling and losing sight of my goals, and the information that she's provided is helping me set a course towards a better future for both myself, and those around me. Thank the universe for this uh-may-zing individual. Like, dude. This person is heckin' incredible.
The aura portrait is breathtaking! I instantly connected with it at first glance, from the colors to the symbols, and the overall image itself. As I read Lauren's interpretation of my portrait, I nodded, grinned, and realized many new things about myself. The reading is both insightful and detailed, as well as artistic. I highly recommend this reading, especially to those who have their doubts :)
The Aura portrait and reading was just beautiful and highly resonated with me. The reading was very uplifting, inspiring and very accurate. I just keep on looking at the aura portrait because it truly feels like myself. I'm just in awe and really recommend this reading!
I had mixed emotions about having my aura read but I was absolutely drawn to Lauren and I felt a pull to have it done. Listening to my gut was a great decision. I love the aura reading I got and she is so spot on that it was an amazing reading. You can always tell when people are the real deal and she definitely is. I recommend this to anyone who has considered getting an aura reading. The detailed reading explains so much. Thank you for doing my reading Laura, it was great!
The few times I've been lucky enough to receive a reading from Kelly, she has absolutely hit the nail on the head. She tells it like it is, and I've never received a reading I thought was sugar-coated or altered to suit my own desires. Rather, I hear exactly what I need to hear in the most helpful light possible. I highly recommend Kelly to anyone that is skeptic about the ability of intuitives!

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