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Flora Sage is a Six-time Author, Business Mentor, Spiritual Teacher, Intuition Expert, Psychic, USMC Veteran, Bullsh*t Eliminator & Creator of over 1500+ hours of self-help, personal, spiritual & business development content for women world wide.

Since 1997, she has been described as a “Maverick in modern Spirituality” and a Pioneer in the area of teaching Ethics. Flora’s multi-faceted teaching platform has helped thousands of clients to achieve their version of success by helping them redefine what success looks like in the modern world. Flora’s dynamic teaching methods provide a proven blueprint and roadmap for a thriving business and life!

In 2010 Flora opened the FloraSage Institute as a hub for the classes and programs she creates for her clients. At the institute Flora offers 24/7 support for people are want to take their life and business to the next level. The Mastermind Mafia Members, inside the institute offers Personal, Spiritual and Business Development programs for women who are ready to take control of her life and make shit happen.

Flora is a third generation entrepreneur and holds a Bachelors of Science in Business with a double minor in management & marketing. She is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. She is also certified Holistic Life & Simplification Coach, Spiritual counselor, Professionally trained Psychic and Flora is a regular teacher at WITC Community College and has been a featured in numerous tele-summits, interviews, and academies world-wide.

A powerful motivational speaker, storyteller and mentor, Flora uses her contagious enthusiasm to empower her clients to live a life that is Authentic to them, free from Bullsh*t!

Listed since: Apr 17, 2013


Flora is the 'real deal'. Her readings are SPOT ON. I had four questions that I'd written down on a notepad during a phone call with her. I never once told her ANY of my questions, yet she answered every single one of them during our session. I was seriously impressed! This woman is a wide-open channel for Divine to flow through. Sheer awesomeness. Thank you, Flora, for being so amazing!
I have been a student and client of Flora's for several years now, and she has quite literally changed my life. Thanks to her intuition, guidance, love, and belief in me, I have found the freedom to live my truth! Her intuitive ability is just out of this world, and thanks to her readings, I went from a place of frustration, sadness, and entrapment in a dead-end job, to living joyfully free, empowered, and seeing all of my dreams manifest into reality. Thank you, Flora!!
I highly recommend Flora Peterson as someone very special who hones in on her natural gift and able to deliver messages with concise clarity and Flora is very ethical something I really like about her. She holds sacred space as she is doing the reading and able to give you the message that you need to hear at this moment and time. She goes above and beyond and makes you feel so comfortable and wants you to have the best experience possible while working with her. Flora Peterson is amazing.
flora is a happy bubbly person who with simple words and examples has inspired and help me as I improve my witchy self....I always review her new and older video's on youtube to direct others in practical natural ways to aid the spirit.
Working with Flora one-on-one is amazing - she gives clear, intuitive guidance and you get her expertise and support as a life coach into the bargain! She's accurate and insightful and a truly gifted energy worker. I have come away from my sessions with her feeling uplifted and with real clarity and direction. I can't recommend her services enough! Thank you, Flora!
Flora is wonderful. She was right on with my reading and even surprised me with information I was unaware of. Looking forward to my next reading with her.
I have been learning and growing with Flora Peterson for almost a year now. She is absolutely fabulous and she is the most intuitive Spirit I have had the pleasure and honor of working with. Flora is truly an inspiration and a powerful human being with talented gifts. I highly recommend to any one who needs answers or a push in the right direction. Many Blessings to all!

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