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Reginald Lewis The Soul Teacher is an internationally acclaimed expert intuitive, psychic medium, conscious channel, visionary, mystic, soul coach and healer. Known for his compassion, sincerity, integrity, a high degree of accuracy, insight, and wisdom, Reginald has become a personal consultant and advisor for many celebrities and has been a regularly featured guest on the daytime talk show “STEVE.” He has also been featured on VH1, BET, Vibe, WE tv, Billboard, and many other popular entertainment sites, publications, blogs, and hosted his own online radio talk show, “Enlightenment for Your Soul.”

A natural-born seer, medium, and healer, Reginald became quite aware of his inner knowing of Truth at a very early age. Encountering supernatural and paranormal phenomena from the age of four and having a profound mystical experience at thirteen years old, he discovered he possessed spiritual gifts and talents and had a unique soul purpose and calling in his life to serve. Blessed with a sixth sense of the existence of other beings and other dimensions beyond the everyday reality inhabited by those around him, he started a regular meditation practice, honing his discernment and learning how to connect and communicate with his spiritual guides. As a teenager, Reginald’s psychic abilities continued to develop, and he began doing private readings in high school for classmates, friends, family members and soon after that, the public.

While attending the University of Akron and Kent State University, Reginald began to use his abilities in the field of psychic detective work, assisting law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases, paranormal investigations, private consultations, group readings, platform demonstrations as well as facilitating hands-on and distant healing sessions.
As an avid student of philosophy, psychology, theology and the healing arts, Reginald has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and is ordained as a minister under the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). He is also a member of the IMM Counseling Psychology Association and is a trained and certified healer in the Japanese traditional Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. He has studied Integrative Medicine and Chinese Medical Qigong at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Currently, Reginald is a doctoral candidate at the University of Metaphysics.

Serving as a catalyst between the physical and the spirit world, Reginald’s clientele ranges from high-profile figures, celebrities to CEOs, healthcare professionals, psychologists, law enforcement officers, investors, homemakers, college students and people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds all over the world.

Reginald’s mission is to use his God-given gifts to inspire, educate, and empower people, helping humanity to evolve through his work with individuals, the masses, and the media. His commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, personal and planetary healing.

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With over 10 years of experience in the psychic, metaphysical and spiritual fields, Reginald Lewis is among the youngest and most inspiring psychics and spiritual mediums of this generation. The host of his own online radio talk show, Enlightenment for Your Soul, he has also been featured on CBS and ParaX among other radio shows and nationally syndicated programs.

Having developed strong precognitive and clairvoyant abilities from as early as five years old, Reginald has always had an awareness of the existence of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, and other higher spiritual beings and dimensions beyond our everyday physical reality.

He has conducted thousands of private readings and consultations. His clientele range from CEOs, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, investors, actors, artists, homemakers, college students and people from all walks of life, all over the world. Reginald is even known as the “Psychics’ Psychic” or ‘Healers’ Healer” and has worked with many other psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual teachers remotely in the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

He has an extensive background in psychic detective work assisting law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases, paranormal investigations, private consultations, group readings, platform demonstrations, and facilitating many laying on of hands and distant healing sessions.

Reginald’s mission is to use his God-given gifts to inspire, educate and empower people, helping humanity to evolve through his work with individuals, the masses and media. His commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment and healing on our planet.

Listed since: Apr 18, 2010


I have had the pleasure of having a a few readings from Reginald. He is always correct and accurate . And when I begin to think " well he said this month this would happen, and the month is almost over with". Within two days what he had predicted and timeline happens and is correct. I have had numerous readings from other so called "psychics" and not one thing has come true. Reginald is always spot on accurate. Never falls, I just sit back and wait . He is truly loving/gifted .high recommend
I had a mediumship reading last night and he was very accurate. I would definitely recommend him that is looking to connect with a loved one that passed on.
Reginald is truly an amazing person, he knew exactly what is going on in my life. He is a gentle soul with a truly fantastic gift. I would recommend him to anyone looking for answers. Thank you Reginald, I will be back!
I just had a reading with Reginald and I will immediately admit that his age and youthful appearance concerned me. My reason for contacting him was to gain insight on an URGENT MATTER and I hesitated for a moment before selecting him. I decided to try him and just before my reading I felt an "OVERWHELMING" energy. He read for me and without telling him ANYTHING he picked up my reason for calling. "HE WILL AMAZE YOU SO DON'T LET HIS YOUTH DETER YOU...TRULY AMAZING AND GIFTED" individual.
I just had reading with Reginald. OMG AMAZING, he knew things that I did not say a single PEEP about. I am very impressed and so very happy with his gift to have helped me. Very honest, sweet, warm and compassionate. He went out of his way for me and took time to explain things. This is the real deal! Very understanding and did not judge. He was very Sensitive to my feelings and Thanks so MUCH for going out of your way. You truely are a gentle soul and a real Jem. I highly recommend.
Thank you Reginald, really enjoyed talking to you and you were accurate about the people in question, thanks again!
Reginald is AMAZING!!! He is so detailed and accurate your jaw will drop in awe :) All he asked for was a name and hit the nail right on the head!! Im excited for things to come to pass as he says they will!! He also picked out on other things in my life that I did not ask about he is truly gifted and I enjoyed talking to him. Im sure this will not be our last convo!!!
Reginald is amazing...he was able to provide details about my concerns that I never mentioned...his advice was clear, validating, and encouraged me to embrace and grow with transitions, rather than fearing them. He gave me timelines for events in the near future and I can't wait to see how it all turns out!
Thank you so much for being so open, kind and supporting. I will call you again, and recommend you to anyone who wants lot more than just a reading.
Reginald is very accurate. He understands what I am asking and provides honest answers. He speaks to those that I know, and I am very thankful for his words of wisdom. He gave me direction and support. Thank you Reginald.
I am still in awe of my reading with Reginald!! It was the most amazing reading I have ever had!! I have never felt compelled to review a psychic before so you know how impressed I am! He brought my dad in clear as a bell, spoke in his words!! I was utterly speechless! I feel like I got some real direction now on issues that were fuzzy before. Thank God for giving you such a special gift and thank you for sharing it with us! Prepare to be completely blown away guys this is the real thing!!!!
Reginald is a very sweet, compassionate young man that is knowledgable way beyond his years. He truly does have a gift. He did my reading which was informative and enlightening. Then he did a reading with my friend and oh my! My jaw dropped to the floor. He didnt know anything about her prior to the reading not even her name and he really shocked us. He gave good, solid advice concerning her situation that she really needed to hear from someone other than the people already in her life.
This was not my first reading from Reginald but it's been a few years. I let him give me a general reading at first, and it's always dead on. He knew my mother had just passed, and my uncle before her. I was feeling lost about where to go in life and he knew this too. There were more specifics as well. I'm a skeptic at heart but Reginald has always made me believe. He also has a very calm, loving sense about him that just makes you feel good. That's worth it enough for me right there.
I've know "reggie" now for 3 years...and through those years I have found a great friend in him, not to mention an exceptional talent for reading soul. Such a true gift to the world. He embodies compassion, intelligence, wit, humor and understanding. This man told me things that resonated with me so deeply that I KNEW FOR A FACT that they were true.I consider him a friend, a brother, a confidant and a counselor. This man deserves much recognition and love, fore, he is the REAL DEAL...
Reginald is definitely the best psychic I have ever talked to. He knew amazing details about my relationship and even gave me information that I had no clue about which was by the way very accurate! I highly recommend Reginald to all of my friends and family.
he was greart very soft and very tune to me ,it was a pleaser to talk to him,i realy recomand him:)
He is a God sent. I was please and at eased wtih him. He has a true gift. Someone you can talk to for a long time. God bless. I will keep praying!
This guy is totally AWSOME, RIGHT ON, AND TOTALLY IN TUNE. I have spoken with sooo many mediums and psychics im afraid to think about it. He is amazing. Brought my brother in law through clear as day Thank you
I was very pleased with my reading with Reginald. He gave me insight and direction and confirmed things I had suspected. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you Reginald
I was very pleased with my phone reading. He was right on everything, I was very unsure about talking with a phsycic at first but I didn't have to say a word and he knew it all, not a single thing wrong. It gave me the answers to the questions and concerns in life that I needed. I am very glad I called. I highly recommend him to anyone. He gave me a closure and answers that I desperately needed. Thank you


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