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Reginald Lewis The Soul Teacher is an internationally acclaimed expert intuitive, psychic medium, conscious channel, visionary, mystic, soul coach and healer. Known for his compassion, sincerity, integrity, a high degree of accuracy, insight, and wisdom, Reginald has become a personal consultant and advisor for many celebrities and has been a regularly featured guest on the daytime talk show “STEVE.” He has also been featured on VH1, BET, Vibe, WE tv, Billboard, and many other popular entertainment sites, publications, blogs, and hosted his own online radio talk show, “Enlightenment for Your Soul.”

A natural-born seer, medium, and healer, Reginald became quite aware of his inner knowing of Truth at a very early age. Encountering supernatural and paranormal phenomena from the age of four and having a profound mystical experience at thirteen years old, he discovered he possessed spiritual gifts and talents and had a unique soul purpose and calling in his life to serve. Blessed with a sixth sense of the existence of other beings and other dimensions beyond the everyday reality inhabited by those around him, he started a regular meditation practice, honing his discernment and learning how to connect and communicate with his spiritual guides. As a teenager, Reginald’s psychic abilities continued to develop, and he began doing private readings in high school for classmates, friends, family members and soon after that, the public.

While attending the University of Akron and Kent State University, Reginald began to use his abilities in the field of psychic detective work, assisting law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases, paranormal investigations, private consultations, group readings, platform demonstrations as well as facilitating hands-on and distant healing sessions.
As an avid student of philosophy, psychology, theology and the healing arts, Reginald has a bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science from the University of Sedona and is ordained as a minister under the International Metaphysical Ministry (IMM). He is also a member of the IMM Counseling Psychology Association and is a trained and certified healer in the Japanese traditional Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. He has studied Integrative Medicine and Chinese Medical Qigong at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Currently, Reginald is a doctoral candidate at the University of Metaphysics.

Serving as a catalyst between the physical and the spirit world, Reginald’s clientele ranges from high-profile figures, celebrities to CEOs, healthcare professionals, psychologists, law enforcement officers, investors, homemakers, college students and people from all walks of life and religious backgrounds all over the world.

Reginald’s mission is to use his God-given gifts to inspire, educate, and empower people, helping humanity to evolve through his work with individuals, the masses, and the media. His commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment, personal and planetary healing.

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With over 10 years of experience in the psychic, metaphysical and spiritual fields, Reginald Lewis is among the youngest and most inspiring psychics and spiritual mediums of this generation. The host of his own online radio talk show, Enlightenment for Your Soul, he has also been featured on CBS and ParaX among other radio shows and nationally syndicated programs.

Having developed strong precognitive and clairvoyant abilities from as early as five years old, Reginald has always had an awareness of the existence of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, and other higher spiritual beings and dimensions beyond our everyday physical reality.

He has conducted thousands of private readings and consultations. His clientele range from CEOs, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, psychologists, law enforcement officers, investors, actors, artists, homemakers, college students and people from all walks of life, all over the world. Reginald is even known as the “Psychics’ Psychic” or ‘Healers’ Healer” and has worked with many other psychics, mediums, healers and spiritual teachers remotely in the United States, South and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East.

He has an extensive background in psychic detective work assisting law enforcement in missing persons and cold cases, paranormal investigations, private consultations, group readings, platform demonstrations, and facilitating many laying on of hands and distant healing sessions.

Reginald’s mission is to use his God-given gifts to inspire, educate and empower people, helping humanity to evolve through his work with individuals, the masses and media. His commitment is to the expansion of consciousness, spiritual enlightenment and healing on our planet.

Listed since: Apr 18, 2010


I am not sure how to put this into words, but my reading with Reginald was definitely an unforgettable experience. He gave me advice on how to balance myself and my anxiety. He gifted me with messages from my family and core roles from my past lives. Wholly, a beautiful counsel that went straight to my soul.
Reginald was great very accurate in my session. He tunes in to you individually and gives a sense of comfort in his readings. He truly has a gift from God and is a wonderful spirit himself.
Reginald is the real deal.. He was absolutely awesome. A sweet and gentle spirit. Very gracious and kind. He made me feel very comfortable .Highly recommended Thank You Reginald
Reginald is absolutely amazing! I just had a reading with him and he was spot on with everything! I didn't tell him anything and he knew all my concerns that I had.
It was amazing, my reading revealed that my deceased sister's favorite words of encouragement was re-spoken to me by Reginald (wow)...My God-Mother and I always shared a saying about our Overseeing Angel...How, about Reginald -called the Angel's name aloud. My reading ended with tears of joy...Reginald is a great, person and he cares...He is the real deal. and he is talented and truly gifted ...I am still amaze and thankful for the insight. Share more upon the predictions....
Regi, you are the healer of wounded one. Your reading is amazing and surely, it is from the someone who resides above all living creatures. You even healed my soul today to move forward. You were so accurate about all before I spoke a single word about myself. I'm thankful that now I know you and know to whom I should come to hear divine words with love.
All I can say is, Absolutely incredible. This was my first reading with Reginald, and I made a list of questions before beginning our reading. He answered most of them before I could ask. He picked up on so many details, and when he said "distance," I knew I could validate his authenticity. Thank you for bringing my grandfather forward. It was an amazing experience. I have faith in his predictions for me. Can't wait to talk to him again! Thank you for this. I'll be patient :)
If I could say more then a thousands words I would but two will do great best psychic in Atlanta what's makes him different is that is goes deeper then any other psychics try him for 15 mins you'll see be bless keep Jesus first
My reading with Reginald Lewis was accurate, profound, appropriate, powerful, amazing and loving. He provided me with all the information I needed while confirming and reassuring me I WAS ON THE RIGHT PATH! I recommend Reginald and his readings highly! Thank you Reginald for your words, your wisdom and truth! Blessings and Namaste!
My reading today with Reginald Lewis was truly insightful. He was on-point in all his delivery regarding all that was happening in my life. Clarity in many areas discussed was very helpful to me and I look forward to using his recommendations towards improving my life for the better. Thank you Reginald.....will certainly work with you in the future. In His Light, Patricia
In my recent reading Reginald was able to connect with my son who had passed over. The reading gave me much comfort. Reginald was very caring and used Angel guides to give me a sense of direction. I felt that he is really gifted and from details he provided, I felt he really had contact with my loved ones. If you are feeling down, his reading may be just what you need to lift your spirits.
A truly gifted psychic, Reginald always gets to the heart of the matter. He is compassionate and understanding and takes his time. I really enjoy his readings. I always feel inspired and encouraged after I with Reginald.
I had the pleasure of having a reading from Reginald, tonight! Everything he said was spot on, and I was left feeling so calm and excited for the future. He's SO genuine, and puts you at ease right away. I have nothing but great feelings about my reading, and the highest of regard for Reginald!
Reginald is one of the easily recognized spiritual gifts. I believe in disciplined prayer and would otherwise shy from asking for such help. But there was a knowing and trust when I met Reginald, and experiencing his talents only connects you deeper to your angels, guides, and God. He manages to stay out of the mix and freely and respectfully expresses his own joy and astonishment at moments. Nothing to fear. His gift is interpretation. Think “Bi-lingual”!
Reginald was very helpful and gave me confirmation about things Im currently dealing with. He gives you an opportunity to ask questions AFTER your reading and is always on point. I gave him no information about myself besides my name and birthdate. I highly recommend him for readings you will not be disappointed! He's very gifted and cares. I will definitely go back!
I just had my 3rd reading with Reginald - I am 47 years old and am an avid seeker or truth, knowledge , expansion . Reggie's calmness and light penetrates right from the start! Even 15 minutes can do wonders ! He is an affirmation of the highest spirit , encouraging us to be true to ourselves and heart. You will be very thankful after a session with him! I recommend him to all! Thanks Reginald ! I love talking with you and have so much respect for your work! I hope I get to meet you ! +
Very inspirational guy with positive energy. He is very detailed motivational and doting. I would recommend him to anyone. You will not be disappointed.
Truly Amazing reader!! Kind, caring, gifted and most of all very insightful. He told me things that only I knew...WOW!!
i am still 'digesting' my first reading with Reginald, which took place yesterday. it was profoundly healing for me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Not only is Reginald gifted as a medium, psychic and healer, he has a calm, caring and loving presence that i found very reassuring. i am very happy to highly recommend him and will certainly consult with him again.
I had an amazing phone reading. He was accurate about all, and hopefully future as well. I believe and command his talent and would reccomend to all.. Keep up the amazing talent you have!!!! God bless you and yours!
I had a phone reading yesterday, and have to say that Reginald is by far the most accurate psychic that I have ever consulted with. His ability to describe people, situations, scenarios is among the most accurate that I have ever experienced. I consulted with many psychics during the past 3 months, but never felt that the information I received was entirely accurate. I must be clear that the information I received from those psychics was not misleading cont'd...
If you are thinking about talking to Reginald....DO IT! He is so amazing, I love his heart :) He is the best psychic I have talked to in years!!! He is very very skilled at what he does, and I will def. be calling him again soon!!!
I just had my first reading with Reginald and I have to say thank you, thank you, thank you. You truly are amazing and gave me the confirmation and peace of mind that I needed. The messages from my Grandmother meant so much to me as her passing is still so fresh. I highly recommend Reginald to anyone and will definitely keep in touch. May God continue blessing you!
I found Reginald to be very compassionate, sincere, and ethical. He definitely picked up on things which he could not have known without me telling him. He is a true spiritual teacher and without question, the kind of person you want to help guide you through life's uncertainties. I am looking forward to getting more readings from him.
I had the most detailed and amazing reading ever with Reginald. I am so grateful I found him. He was very accurate with details without any information, and can't wait to talk with him again. He is a true gem.
Wow. I just finished an INCREDIBLE reading with Reginald. So much wisdom from someone so young. EVERYTHING he said was spot on, he knew my fears and calmed them, he knew my aspirations and encouraged them. He gave me realistic hope and then connected me with my beloved grandfather. He stoked a fire that I thought had gone out in my life and gave me the information I needed to keep it burning. Now I can move forward with OPTIMISM and faith. I'm so grateful to this page for guiding me to him.
HE IS AWESOME... I will call him again and again, he was honest and did not rush off the phone even when my time was done. He is my new found friend. Thank you...
Reginald has been a guide in my life since I met him, guiding me throughout every step and showing me the right path and showing me light in the darkest times of my life. He is unlike the other psychics I have met he never sugarcoats and offers 110 % integrity and truly loves what he does, and is in there to guide me rather than there for the money. Thank you Reginald, and I will be back for a reading from you again for sure!
Reginald DEFINITELY outshines the rest. My first time speaking with Reginald in June he told me that concerns I had with a friend will start to pick up and improve in August. Communication broke off between me a friend. Reginald said that he would contact me in the beginning of August and that's EXACTLY what happened. I was FLOORED. When my friend called he spoke the EXACT same words Reginald said he was doing. Other Advisers were way OFF. Reginald is the REAL deal. Give him a call and BELIEVE
Reginald, I've had many readings before and no one can even compare to you. My jaw is still dropped. You were so accurate about little everything. You described the person of interest to a T; even down to where we go vacation. I know the timelines you gave me, and how you described them so vividly, will be accurate. You gave me such insight. I cherish that you were 100% HONEST to me about everything. You are so sweet and truly care. Thank you once again, you are a blessing.


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