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dayton ohio


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$90.00 1/2 hr. 160.0 0 1 hr & 55.00 email reads off website

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write to


TESTED & CERTIFIED, Globally recognized psychic/empath medium. No question too large or small! 43 years experience. classes, events, radio. 1000's of reads world wide. Loving & honest. My natural Clairaudience ability allows me to quickly tap into thoughts, feelings & situations around love, money, career, real estate, business, pets etc.
Full- time career clairaudient psychic medium. Connect with your passed loved ones and pets too!

education: Doreen Virtue courses, pet and human energy healing courses, oneness blessing practitioner, 45 years of spiritual development, audience readings, psychic classes /events.

Feed back is important for people to find the best psychic suited for them, so if you Leave feedback from your phone reading you will receive a free 3 question email reading from me! (A 50.00 valued gift! )Just email and let me know when your feedback has been added to my Best Psychic Directory testimonies page for instructions. Please, don't ask questions within questions, email readings are limited to three separate questions.


I also do company parties and home groups too!

Send Txt Msg. or Leave VM - 682-410-2204

EMAIL READS -5 questions- 55.00


"Right on! I'll be sending my friends to you!" Kim, NV

"Rebecca, you are a God send. You have no idea how much this has helped me...." Susan, Ohio


I can assist you with....

• Love & other relationships, careers, business, finances, housing worries.

• Spiritual teachings/mentor
• Remote personal clearing and healing sessions
• House and property clearings of unwanted spirits/negative energy
• Pet communication -in life or passed
• Help balance karmic contracts
• Connect you with deceased loved ones
• Lift depression
• Discover your spirit guides and animal spirit helpers
• Receive messages from your Angles....and more!

affiliations: American Association of Psychics
American Empath Association
Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Your Reading Experience:

Here I would like to explain a little bit about the psychic abilities I use and how a reading might go. I work mostly with two distinctly different gifts.

Clairaudience- the gift of hearing spirit.

Clairvoyance- the gift of seeing visions, images, or pictures.

During a reading I will hear voices, sounds and see flashes of images and sometimes watch short videos in black and white or color. I will tell you of all messages I receive and not candy coat, so as the most accurate reading will be given.

When I start hearing spirit during your reading the messages normally come from your personal spiritual guides. However, often a deceased relative or pet may pop in with a short hello or want to talk to you about a certain subject. Knowing this, please be prepared for a psychic reading to turn into a medium reading. I'm obligated to Spirit to send along all messages no matter where they come from.

Additional Information: 

If you are local to Dayton Ohio or want to make a fun trip to attend my monthly audience reading night and other events, please stay in touch as I'm moving to my new healing center at 1 north main street ,Laura Ohio asap. (After renovations are complete. :))

Much love!-Rebecca
visit me at

Listed since: Nov 25, 2010


Becki didn't only do an Angel Reading, validating my 'hunches' and broadening my inner wisdom, but brought on a wonderful healing-of-the-heart experience with my late father. I must admit that I just realized how very important and life-changing the words of confirmation, and of my Guides' wisdom could be. I walked away from the session not only with joy and excitement, but with the confidence of knowing what path I must take to fulfill my highest purpose in life. What a GIFT and GEM you are!!!
Becki is absolutely wonderful! I felt comfortable with her right off the bat. She can talk with your deceased loved ones. Everything she said was 100% correct - it is NOT chance guessing - the accurate info that she gives you is proof she is talking to your deceased loved ones. She connected me with my spirit guides and she told me what health issues my lab is having. All the information she gave me about myself and my family is all accurate. She definitely has the gift of clairaudience!
It was totally by chance the way I met Becki. But I know it was meant to be. She is a wonderful person and great friend. She is very good at communicating with animals. I was having problems with mine, and she was able to talk to them and explain to them the correct behavior. She also helped me decide when it was time to put down my dog by talking to him. I call her anytime I have any issues with my animals. She always gets to the problem solved and more! A true gift from above!
Becky is the best! I had a reading with her and she told me everything I needed to know. There is no question she won't answer. I have a few different situations going on and she was right on point about everything. She is very honest and caring. It was like talking to my best friend. I could've talked to her forever. She had so many messages from the angels. I feel so much better after talking to her. I will definitely be calling her again. Becky is truly a gifted soul.
I have known about Becki for a few years and she has a wonderful gift for spirtual guidance and advice. I would highly recommend her. She is a very accurate psychic and even helped me to connect with my spiritual guides,who I talk with everyday now. Her readings are up lifting ,but not candy coated. I love her work and we are lucky to have her here to help us.
Rebecca is an angel. She was more than just my reader she became my friend and still are to this day. I've consulted her on many things in the past and so far she hasnt let me down. I was in a financial mess and she told me that I would soon not have to worry about money again, a year after that everything worked out and now I'm l doing just great. All I can say is she is AMAZING!!
When I got off the phone with Rebecca today I started crying, and have been tearing up since. Not from sadness, from joy, because I don't feel alone anymore. I had some serious questions that I emailed her about, and she asked to have a phone reading instead. She told me that her angels were telling her to talk to me, and she did not charge me extra. She gave me some great advice and specific directions, plus some serious facts that blew my mind. But, it's her kindness that I will never forget.
Becky is wonderful! I would definitely recommend her to anyone! All I told her was my name. I found it amazing that she didn't ask for my birth date! She connected right to my situation, and hit right on. She gave me answers and insight that is helping me to overcome my concerns. thank you Becky! I will be back!
Having consulted Rebecca at a time of transition I was very pleased to talk to a caring individual who immediately tuned into my situation. She knew details that you would not just know by chance. She had a great ability to read various people, describing their attributes, and focusing on good people in my inner circle. She gave very hopeful but realistic advice. She is a gifted person.


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