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Rebecca Manns
Rebecca Manns


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5 email?’s -80.00 1/2hr phone-150.00. 1hr phone -250.00

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TESTED & CERTIFIED, Globally recognized psychic/empath medium. No question too large or small! Over 43 years experience. classes, events, radio. 1000's of reads world wide. Loving & honest. My natural Clairaudience ability allows me to quickly tap into thoughts, feelings & situations around love, money, career, real estate, business, pets etc.
Full- time career clairaudient psychic medium. Connect with your passed loved ones and pets too!

education: Doreen Virtue courses, pet and human energy healing courses, oneness blessing practitioner, 45 years of spiritual development, audience readings, psychic classes /events.

Send Txt Msg. or Leave VM - 682-681-4771

EMAIL READS -5 questions- 80.00


"Right on! I'll be sending my friends to you!" Kim, NV

"Rebecca, you are a God send. You have no idea how much this has helped me...." Susan, Ohio


I can assist you with....

• Love & other relationships, careers, business, finances, housing worries.

• Spiritual teachings/mentor
• Remote personal clearing and healing sessions
• House and property clearings of unwanted spirits/negative energy
• Pet communication -in life or passed
• Help balance karmic contracts
• Connect you with deceased loved ones
• Lift depression
• Discover your spirit guides and animal spirit helpers
• Receive messages from your Angles....and more!

affiliations: American Association of Psychics
American Empath Association
Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Your Reading Experience:

Here I would like to explain a little bit about the psychic abilities I use and how a reading might go. I work mostly with two distinctly different gifts.

Clairaudience- the gift of hearing spirit.

Clairvoyance- the gift of seeing visions, images, or pictures.

During a reading I will hear voices, sounds and see flashes of images and sometimes watch short videos in black and white or color. I will tell you of all messages I receive and not candy coat, so as the most accurate reading will be given.

When I start hearing spirit during your reading the messages normally come from your personal spiritual guides. However, often a deceased relative or pet may pop in with a short hello or want to talk to you about a certain subject. Knowing this, please be prepared for a psychic reading to turn into a medium reading. I'm obligated to Spirit to send along all messages no matter where they come from.

Additional Information: 

Much love!-Rebecca
visit me at

Listed since: Nov 25, 2010


Rebecca Manns is a very gifted psychic she knew something was going with my mom and butterflies and taking care of butterflies is my moms new hobby she is also a very caring person
Rebecca is absolutely extraordinary. I have had the pleasure to get to know Rebecca over the last 4 years and love her work. She totally tunes into the a reading and she’s been spot on more occasions than I can count! She has also been a tremendous teacher and healer for me. She has great wisdom and knowledge of the spirit world. I would recommend her to anyone that needs a good in depth reading with her and her lovely guides. Thank you Rebecca .....
I’ve been getting readings from Becki for 20+ years. She is the real deal and gives you the honest channel not just what you want to hear. She’s also amazing as a medium and has really helped me keep my connection with my Mom alive. She has helped me thru hard times and we have had some laughs about things I already knew but needed that confirmation to help me along my path. Many thanks to Becki for all she has helped me with!K
Rebecca never fails! She is very accurate and easy to talk to you. I have been seeing her for over 3 years now. Thank you
I spoke with Rebecca today and was floored by the amount of information she managed to relay in an our; exceptional is the word that comes to mind. Rebecca is very caring and thoughtful in her delivery from the ‘other side’ and she was very honest and direct with the answers she provided to my questions. I will be seeking more counsel from her in the future and I would definitely not hesitate to seek Rebecca out if you are looking for psychic guidance. Rebecca is gifted and truly amazing.
hello so far i have had 3 email readings and a 1 ohour phone reading with rebecca shes the real deal i reccomend her to any 1 needing answers she has helped me in many ways if you need guidance or answers get a reading with her you wont regret it
Just had my second phone consult with Rebecca. Very impressed as I was the first time! Before my first session, I was hesitant with a phone consult, but ultimately felt impressed, validated, and empowered by her answers. Rebecca provided insight and clarity in a very caring and compassionate way. The conversations are easy and amazingly comfortable. Without a doubt, moving forward, if I need insight, Rebecca is my person. I love her sincerity and compassion!
I've spoke with Rebecca three times now & it's never a let down! I connect really well with her & she's such a delight to talk to. She is very detail oriented & very accurate. I absolutely enjoy talking to her & getting the answers & clarification I need. Definitely worth every penny. Thanks Rebecca!!
I just got acquainted with Rebecca and like her style so far. My questions have been answered and I look forward to many more talks about what my future may hold. Thank you
Had a phone reading with Rebecca tonight, and I will be returning to her in the future. I was skeptical about a phone reading but she was Awesome. I feel so much better about my intuition after my read. She touched many parts of life, love and future.
Rebecca was amazing and mostly accurate on the topics we discussed: Family, Career and relationship. This was my first reading and I was super skeptical, but when speaking with her, I felt very comfortable and calm. We had a great connection with one another. I believe she was very honest with me regardless if the information was good or bad, and if she wasn't sure about something, she would say that.I will definitely call her again.
Rebecca is truly gifted. She was very easy to talk to. I felt like I was talking to a life long friend. I connected with her instantly. It was an amazing experience. She was able to connect 2 loved ones that passed away. She knew specific details about my family members. My grandmother kept a picture of me in my Easter dress when I was young on her dresser. Rebecca shared some of these details during my reading. She was also able to connect with my angel. I will be a lifelong customer. She
Rebecca is amazing!! She has such a sweet spirit and she's extremely accurate with her readings. She has a way of bringing you comfort and putting your mind at ease. I'll definitely be reaching out for another reading!
This was my first reading with Rebecca. She was wonderful. She was patient, time was no constraint. We had a subject at the end that needed to be discussed. She was hones, answered questions I had, and did not finish our session until I had those answers. She covered a facade of topics. She was passionate, straight forward and guided me. I will definitely have more readings! She truly gave me some peace in the situations I discussed. Thank you so much!!
Rebecca is truly amazing. She is straight forward, accurate, and there is no sugarcoating. She just needs a name and she just dives right in. And the crazy thing is, even when I doubt her, she is right every single time. I am left speechless sometimes. She is also so honest and compassionate. She is a true angel.
Rebecca is amazing and the real deal! I called hopeful, but a little skeptical, so I was very careful about how much information I provided, until I was confident she was legit. She was able to reach several people in my life that had crossed over, and told me things that only they and I would know. Not ambitious things, very specific knowledge that no one would be able to find out anywhere or guess. Rebecca is very friendly and genuinely cares about providing a good experience.
I had my first reading with Rebecca the other day and I was really impressed with her abilities. She was able to give me clarity on some of the issues I had questions on and was able to give information about people that I did not even mention. I would definitely recommend her!
Rebecca's insight and ability to connect so easily to my situation is amazing. I have consulted with her on different occasions to find answers I knew could not be found elsewhere. I was having a very difficult time when I reached out recently and by the time we concluded, I had the answers I was seeking and bonus insight for my husband. Amazing, touching.
I had a reading with Rebecca on 1-25-2017, and I was amazed at the accuracy of her insight. It was as if I was talking directly to my loved ones who have passed. I am grateful for her gift and slept better than I have in a long time after my reading. I will suggest to everyone to read her notes on how to prepare for a reading - have questions or some thoughts available. The half hour goes quickly, so you will want to make the most of it. K ~
Rebecca was so helpful. She connected with many of my relatives that passed and provided me with guidance on how to move forward. Highly recommend talking to her.
Rebecca is amazing. I had several questions/ areas of concern. She was able to provide answers & guidance in all of my questions. She is compassionate & extremely gifted. I will definitely contact her again. I would recommend that anyone that has a question regarding their angels/guides, past lives, lost loved ones, current/future relationships & her! She will give you answers and information that will make your life much better!!
Tonight I had an inspiring and often surprising reading with Rebecca. She was immediately able to connect with the very souls I had questions about. Accuracy was a 10 +. She has a compassionate understanding of the inner workings we mortals seek to comprehend. I recommend her to those that wish to know about family + friends who have left to go home but wish to let us know what their time here meant to them and us. Very uplifting. I will certainly call on her again + refer my family + friends.
I just had a great reading with Rebecca. She was so kind and easy to talk to, and I felt that she was truly interested in me my feelings and where I was going. I never felt rushed. I only felt that she was there at that moment in this only with me, and only there to guide me. She helped me with some business decisions. She was able to connect with my dad, and while we were at it we even discussed issues that my dog was having. I would use her again. I felt very at peace when we were finished.A
I have had many readings with other mediums and they were good but Rebecca is good, kind, compassionate, & feels like an old friend. She told me things about me that she couldn't have known. I can't wait to talk to her again! Call Rebecca for a reading & you won't be sorry!
I had never had a reading before, and I needed some answers that I knew only someone like Rebecca could get. I needed to find out the truth in a relationship that failed, and some life issues. One hour with Rebecca and I learned more about me and life, than living 56 years! The truth came out about the relationship and I knew that that would heal me. It did! Everything matched up, and I knew I was right!! What I found out about me, explained a lot of things!! Rebecca is the Real Deal!!
Rebecca is by far one of the best readers on here. I have been reading with her for 1.5 years and she has always provided me with the best guidance & predictions w/ just a name. I was in a very difficult relationship and Rebecca's readings helped me see the situation for what it was and got me through it so I could see what effects my actions and his had on my path. She also helped me connect with my spirit guides and was always available and willing to read for me. Love her, my go to reader!
What an incredible experience! This was my first reading and I didn't quite know what to expect, so I was a little nervous. But Rebecca was wonderful! The information she shared was so specific to me and my loved ones. I really felt that she came from a loving place and that she truly cared about me receiving the messages I needed to hear. At the end of the reading, I felt such a sense of contentment. I've already encouraged several loved ones to seek out her guidance. It's completely worth it!
Rebecca is truly amazing. She is my "afterlife line" to Patricia, my beautiful wife who passed in 2013. My first reading with Becki was a month later. I was incredulous as Becki immediately connected with Patricia. Since then I've had 75 readings, each one so fulfilling that I simply can't wait for the next (and neither can Patricia). Rebecca is accurate, clear, and direct. She's simply the best. Get her while you can. She deserves national recognition and that should happen soon.
Over the last 40 years, I have had hundreds of readings in many different states, with a dozen or so Psychics. Now, I only seek counsel with Rebecca. Her comprehension and accuracy have amazed all whom I have sent to her. Do your self a favor and schedule a reading with this authentic, extraordinary, kind, responsive, medium.


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