Lisa Noland-Shalosky

Lisa Noland-Shalosky
Lisa Noland-Shalosky


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Lisa Noland-Shalosky is a Psychic Medium, Certified Spiritual Advisor and Certified Master Teacher through the (Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development) as well as a Trance Channel and Certified Spiritual Hypnotist.

Lisa has dedicated her life to her work with spirit and over the past 10 years has shared this gift with clients all over the world. Providing help and healing messages to guiding clients through difficult areas of life, Lisa is helping to change the lives of many through her connection to spirit.

Lisa also teaches Psychic Development and Mediumship classes to help others recognize their gifts and empower others to find their truth.

As a Psychic Medium, Lisa receives messages from beyond in many forms, including clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear feeling) and physically using psychometry (sensing a physical object like a piece of jewelry or clothing or holding a photo) or by simply giving her a name. She can connect you with loved ones who have crossed over and are now in spirit form. She is also able to connect you to your spirit guides, angels and light beings.

-Do you have unanswered questions regarding a loved one’s passing?
-Are you considering a career move and need direction?
-Are you seeking guidance from a higher power?
-Do you have questions about a relationship or love interest?
-Do you feel stuck and are unsure which way to turn?
-Or do you just want to know “why am I here?

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the answers you’ve been seeking!!!

Classes: Check website ( for details on upcoming classes

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As a Trance Channel, Lisa invites spirits or entities from the Angelic and Universal realm to “borrow” her body for a matter of time in order to communicate with the living.

As a Spiritual Hypnotist Lisa and her husband Patrick will take you on a journey inward and help you discover the healing power of the sub-conscious mind through spiritual hypnosis. Services offered are: Past Life Regression, Back-To-The-Cause Past Life Regression, Soul Mate Hypnosis, Soul Retrieval, Parallel Lives and Soul Group Hypnosis. See Services and Rates tab for detailed descriptions of each service.

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Lisa is, in my opinion, an outstanding medium. My reading with Lisa was powerfully evidential. She referred to information that only my wife (in spirit) and I knew about. Lisa was so precise in her description of my wife's personality and of the relationship that my wife and I had on earth that I was very deeply moved. The messages from my wife left me feeling as if I had again spoken directly her. Lisa had to be in direct communication with my adorable wife. Lisa's is a super talented medium.

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