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Laura Lyn is a gifted Angel Reader (receives information from the angels) Psychic Medium and Author who has given thousands of readings worldwide during her years in spiritual service.

Laura feels honored to help those seeking communication from a loved one who has passed. If you are searching for help with your life path, allow the angels and guides to bring you, counsel.

Laura is well known for her accurate, poignant, and inspirational work. Laura Lyn works with healing through Angelic Rays, crystals, colors, and musical vibration. She actively works as a Psychic, Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher. Laura Lyn is on her weekly Podcast, Third Eye Challenge, through IHeart Radio Podcasts, Youtube, and Facebook. She works with a Private Detective Agency, SACS Consulting, for criminal cases to help bring needed closure to a family.

Her office is in Akron, Ohio, where you can see her for a reading or spiritual coaching. She can also give reading sessions over the phone or online. Additional Information: If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class, please contact

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If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class please contact through

Listed since: Jan 12, 2010


I've had three readings with Laura and they were awesome! I use my readings as a means of confirmation and guidance. Laura has helped confirm that certain decisions I had decided to make were the correct ones. She has also provided guidance when needed. My favorite part of the readings is when she makes contact with family members. It's wonderful knowing that they're at peace and that they're watching over you. Laura is awesome and a genuine, caring person. I look forward to seeing her again.
My daughter and I both had readings with Laura and they were amazing! She was right on with everything she said and we gave her no leads on anything whatsoever. She was so correct that it sent chills up your spine! My daughter was pregnant at the time and we didn't know what she was having. Laura told her she was having a girl and that she would be a "tom boy". She sure hit the nail on the head with that one! She is 100% tom boy! Laura is a wonderful person!
I've had readings with other psychic mediums and just had my first with Laura Lyn. The evidentiary information she provided was right on, including my fathers name. It's clear that she doesn't just pass along messages, she cares about the person she's reading for. She went above and beyond to help me with some real life problems I'm facing. She's very down to earth and easy to talk to. I HIGHLY recommend her and I'll definitely be calling on her for future readings.
I was told about Laura Lyn from my sister in law, who raved about her, and now i know why!! i didn't know what to expect..when i walked in it felt warming and relaxing and calming. The accuracy was amazing!! i lost my mom a little over a year ago. Laura said"you lost your mom recently." She then said" what is the Ba..B Boo" My dad called my mom..Boo!! I can't say enough about how wonderful she is. I will definitly be going back and bringing my friends!! Thank you Laura so very much!!
I have worked with Laura both professionally and personally and know that she is a truly gifted medium who speaks from her heart. She has amazed me time and time again in our open group reading sessions where her insights are enlightening and comforting to all attendees. It is never forced, she tells exactly what she is seeing or feeling. Laura has unselfishly committed her life to thoughtfully guiding those around her on their spiritual journey. I believe that Laura is an Angel among us.
We have had the pleasure of knowing Laura Lyn for a few years and being able to become good friends. She is a very gifted Psychic and brings much to look forward to in a world that is lacking in hope.
Laura is truly and gifted person with rare qualities based on the fact that she truly CARES about those she reads for. I have known her professionally since 2003 and have witnessed her taking the extra time to speak to people in need, and sometimes "off the clock". Laura has attended many of my ghostly events and assisted in investigations when needed for my tours She is spot on with readings and possesses a wonderful knowledge of the paranormal & the spiritual. A wonderful blend indeed!
I took my 18 year old niece for a reading with Laura recently. I was hoping it would help her feel more comfortable with her gifts, psychic ability runs in our family, and that she'd feel safer, less afraid and prepared when she sensed something that made her anxious in the future. She was excited to go to her 1st reading but also a bit nervous. Laura was wonderful and made her feel at ease. Afterward, my nice felt reassured, as I'd hoped, and only had good things to say about her experience.
Laura Lyn is a compassionate, loving medium who uses her wonderful gifts to help others on their own paths of life and spritual development. The readings I have received from her have been accurate and helpful. She radiates light and love to all she meets and has a true desire to share with others. She is a great teacher and has encouraged me to develop my own gifts and spirituality. I look forward to learning much more from her and to bring my friends and families to see her.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Laura 3 times. I was married for a short time but knew I was going through so much and worried about whether I would make it out safely. I didnt mention a word to her about feeling unsafe & she told me "It's ok to move forward, you will be protected". I have since been going through the divorce process & am safe. Everything else she said has happened too. I never would have got out if it wasnt for her. I am so thankful for her everyday! She is a blessing!
I've known Laura for several years in a mutual client/provider relationship. I've heard a great deal of feedback from her clients, and the common thread was her loving spirit and her compassion. In my own readings with her, I've known her to be accurate, intent on helping people grow past obstacles and finding their paths, and focused on bringing more light into the world. I love her as a reader and as a person.
My reading with Laura was a WONDERFUL experience! She opened my eyes to things that I would never have dreamed would be possible. Everything from money coming to a new baby coming happened in the exact time frame that she had given. Such a wonderful person, so full of love and light! I would recomend a reading with her to ANYONE! :)
Hello blessings , I have been on a spirtiual path for a long time. I was very lost up until I found Laura.. Laura brings in the Archangels, guides and white light.She teaches about aura's.She taught me a lot about my gifts. It brought me to a whole new level of spirtuality. I am now teaching gifted ones children. .. Recently , had another reading. Which was just validated. I want to thank Laura for teaching me not to be afraid of gifts, but to EBRACE them.Laura is a blessing.
I would like to share that Laura's sleep trance readings, as well as, her many other gifts helped me through a very difficult time in my life. By giving me the information that was so necessary in my progression forward I was able to move without holding on to the situation I had found myself in. I have made a wonderful contact that I will hold dear to and turn to many times in the future. It is a blessing that I have found her and I am always grateful for her gifts.
Laura Lyn is a wonderful person and truly gifted! She always brings messages that are loving and supportive. She has offered guidance that has helping me on my spiritual path. She comes highly recommended! You won't regret your time with her.
I have been to a lot of mediums and I can say that Laura is the real deal. She has helped a lot of my family. I just love her,she has changed my lifes path. I would recommend her to anyone and have.
I decided to have a reading with Laura after finding her on this website almost a year ago and I am so glad I did. Laura is very down to earth and loving person and a very talented medium she was spot on with my reading and my daughters. I have learned a lot from her this last year she is a very good psychic and teacher. I would definitely recommend a reading with her. Thank you Laura you truly are a blessing to me.
I have known Laura for several years now. Her loving spirit and compassion for the world has inspired me to become a better person. She is a very sincere medium who has touched the lives of so many, including mine. I feel so blessed and honored to have met her. I recommend receiving a reading from Laura. Thank you for all you have done for me and those whom I love!
I had several readings with Laura and they were always accurate and insightful. I would recommend a reading with Laura Lyn whenever you are questioning major life decisions or changes. She will help you in a very loving and truthful way.
I can honestly say Laura has changed my life path. She has given me insight and direction to help me open up spiritually and psychically. I would highly recommend contacting Laura for caring spiritual advice.
I had the pleasure of having a reading by Laura Lyn. She came to my home for a party and everyone loved her. She did a reading for my husband and myself and was amazingly accurate. She was also very compassionate and caring while she gave our readings.
Laura Lyn is a medium with a gift to help troubled families with spirits that refuse to move on. This is bad on both the family and the spirit. They need peace. And she will can sure help there. She can and will help you understand the indigo children, which most of you probably have.. She will help you find your inner self and help your too to become all you can be. She is amazing..
Laura is fabulous. She's a generally loving and sincere person. I've had several readings with her through the years and all of her information was dead on.
Laura's mediumship is loving, compassionate and genuine as the smile on her face. She leaves the you with much gratitude and hope while connecting with spirit. She is a wonderful teacher, guide and mentor. Her classes are fundamental, and "FUN" is the buzz word, but being concise and to the point. She's hands-on and one-on-one if needed. A true psychic that teaches the ABC's to her students AWARENESS, BELIEF and COURAGE...thanks Laura for being in my life!
Laura Lyn is a master at what she does. Her predictions are right on & her teaching is unbelievable. Her patience with her students especially with those that are handicap. She has away of bring out and developing your own talent.
I have had several readings with Laura Lyn and though I was skeptical at the time about some of the information, her predictions did indeed come true. Laura Lyn has also helped me connect with departed loved ones as well as helping me develop my own connections with the spirit world. All of her readings are done with love and compassion. As a teacher, Laura Lyn's greatest gift is in helping her students take that leap of faith to beleive in their own abilities.


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