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Laura Lyn is a gifted Angel Reader (receives information from the angels) Psychic Medium and Author who has given thousands of readings worldwide during her years in spiritual service.

Laura feels honored to help those seeking communication from a loved one who has passed. If you are searching for help with your life path, allow the angels and guides to bring you, counsel.

Laura is well known for her accurate, poignant, and inspirational work. Laura Lyn works with healing through Angelic Rays, crystals, colors, and musical vibration. She actively works as a Psychic, Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher. Laura Lyn is on her weekly Podcast, Third Eye Challenge, through IHeart Radio Podcasts, Youtube, and Facebook. She works with a Private Detective Agency, SACS Consulting, for criminal cases to help bring needed closure to a family.

Her office is in Akron, Ohio, where you can see her for a reading or spiritual coaching. She can also give reading sessions over the phone or online. Additional Information: If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class, please contact

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If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class please contact through

Listed since: Jan 12, 2010


Laura Lyn is a very warm and gifted reader. The three readings she has done for me have been energizing, affirming and healing. In addition, her predictions about coming events in my life were spot on. Her readings have provided me with much needed and appreciated insight into my relationships and the general path my life is taking. I look forward to doing continued work with her. Finding her has been a true gift! She is awesome! I am so grateful our paths have crossed.
I truly believe that my husband's spirit led me to Laura. Something kept urging me to contact a psychic and I had no idea where to begin. I found this website for and Laura's name popped up first. As I read the reviews I saw two names of people I knew! This was the first site I checked and the first name I saw! I had a reading with her the next day and it gave me the confidence I needed to start moving on. I will definately love to keep in touch. She's so easy to talk with
I am grateful for the "chance" encounter with Laura. Our conversation was not only enlightening but validating on many levels. When something validates what we internally know we propel forward quickly without hesitation… Open to "what do you need to know" right now….and let Laura be the voice/conduit from your angels, guides, etc. I know she is capable of exactly that...because i experienced it first hand :)
Laura Lyn is such a beautiful soul. She brings such a warm and loving light wherever she is. She truly is a gifted medium. I feel blessed to have gained insight from her ability to access messages from our guides. I have recently opened Soul Qi Place a center for metaphysical healing & retail and I am truly honored that she has chosen to meet with her clients here on the first Saturday of the month. I tell everyone, you haven't had a reading until it's with Laura Lyn a beautiful earth angel!
Laura Lute thank you so much, you have made my day! I have had a lot of readings but yours was the best. Went to a reading a few days ago before talking to you for 1 hr. got more information from you in half the time. I got answers from you that made me happy and feel better. will call back thank you again Bonnie King January 29,2014
I first met Laura when I was 15. She did a reading for my younger sister and I and had revealed that we were twins in a past life. The funny thing is even though we don't look very much a like at all and there are four years between us people had been asking if we were twins our whole life!! This experience brought my sister and I much closer together. Thanks Laura!
What I want to say is "Thank You Laura" Thank you for helping an 11 year old in a 54 year old body. I lost my Mom at the age of 11 under terrible and questionable circumstances. My life did move on but not without scars, questions and a hole in my heart. Laura changed this. By connecting with my Mom, her gift of inner wisdom and compassion, I now feel like a veil has been lifted and I can start being the person I was always meant to be. Thank you my new friend!
I have known Laura for a long time. She has done several readings for me and people i know. She is truly gifted and continues to impress me and others.
Laura is absolutely wonderful! She was spot on with my family that has crossed over. she received answers to my many questions that has bothered me for years. She gave me guidance and the peace that I was looking for. I have seen Laura twice now and will continue to see her for spiritual guidance.
Let's get right into it! I have been on a spiritual path for years now this was BY FAR the most powerful spiritual experience of my life! Laura knew who I was, knew about where I was to be going, AND the type of work I would be getting into. She help me communicate with my 3 spirit guides, all 3 guides brought forth information that directly linked them to my life. The reading brought me to tears and I can't thank Laura enough! 100% no nonsense, AMAZING ! Thank you Laura
I spoke with Laura Lyn today for the first time and was very happy with the reading. I felt very comfortable speaking with her and I could tell that she truly cared. She gave me clarity and a new self-confidence. She also brought up my Grandpa who passed away over 15 years ago. I always wondered if his spirit was with me and she told me that his presence was very strong and that he is watching over me. This was really great to hear! I look forward to our next conversation. :)
She awesome. I highly recommend her. She has helped me stay positive. She has changed my life for the better. Thank you so much.
I just Had a reading by Laura and she is amazing!!! She was so right about everything going on in my life. I have been dealing with such inner turmoil! I see things so differently and can move forward now! I feel free from so much useless doubt. She is sweet and kind but tells you the truth. This was the best thing that I have ever done for myself and my family! She has also given me tools to help me release myself from the pain and move on to living the happy life we all deserve!!!
Laura Lyn's reading turned out to be spot-on! At first, it seemed like the big change she saw in my life wasn't the truth, but lo and behold, a big change developed very soon after the reading that i wasn't clear on before the reading. She is so warm and intuitive and clearly saw to my soul's essence. I loved the reading and also learned a lot about angels and spirit guides of mine. Thank you, Laura!
I lost someone so precious to me four years ago and I have had a very difficult time trying to grasp understanding and I believe that will never change but I got to visit with him again during my reading and I have learned how to communicate with him since. Laura provided me with so much insight and knowledge, which has allowed me to better understand who I am as a person. The experience was so life changing for me and I am so blessed that I got to witness her amazing gift!
Laura's sense of perception is astounding. The most hardened of skeptics become believers after she reads their auras and sees their angel guides protecting them. Aside from her obvious talent, Laura has a heart of gold. She sees only positives in her attempts to help people come to grips with their demons. She has been spot on in every reading I have witnessed. Her clients always come away with hope that she radiates. Truly a wonderful psychic and one of my very favorite human beings.
I have spoken with Laura Lyn a few times and her gift has proven truly remarkable. Her warm-hearted readings provide you with hope & clarity. She's helped me to connect with my angels by relaying messages about my life that no one could have known. I will be returning for a future reading & definitely recommend! :)
Laura, is Excellent! I have met her in person and have a few reading with her every year for past three years. She is very accurate, warm and sincere in her readings. She answers your questions and tells you what she is seeing. She works to help with whatever your working on via it career or personal. I would highly recommend her.
Laura is great one – on –one and in small or large groups. She has a knack for zeroing in on what people want to know. She received an important message from my father for me as just one example. I have also had the pleasure of having an angel ray healing with Laura. For a few weeks afterword, I felt subtle releases reverberating down my left arm. She primarily worked on my heart area. When I get these subtle releases I know that some deep healing is taking place in my body.
I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Laura during a group reading session at my friend's home. Her readings and messages were profoundly accurate for everyone in the room. Laura has a unique talent and God given ability to delicately deliver amazing insights with evident concern for ALL souls in need, regardless of their current realm habitation. Her intentions are not to entertain, but to heal, illuminate, and help. I think she is a legitimate spirit physician -Dr. Laura Lynn!
Laura lyn Lute is light....readings are filled with accuracy ,but of greater importance Her readings leave you with light energy and knowledge....and sometimes the Angels bring her information that one needs to remember because it has been known to show up later....and surprize you....i feel safe with her and most grateful to nickname Little Tree....
I had a realm to realm party with Laura and private readings afterward. Laura was so friendly and spot on with everythingl. She has a real gift to make people feel comfortable and read what spirit has to offer.
When you sit down across from Laura for your reading you have this overwhelming sense of peace, calmness and love. You can feel how much she truly cares about the messages she is relaying to you. Her readings are full of detailed insight and advice. They offered me much comfort and I feel as if the experience was life changing for me. I highly recommend her to everyone, whether you are looking to contact someone who has passed on or if you just need some clarity in your life. She is amazing!
I recommend Laura Lyn Lute and her Angel Ray Enrichment Center for anyone who is awakening, and wants to surround themselves with others who understand and will help you to raise your vibration to a higher level. I leave each Sunday Start Up Enrichment Circle feeling so much love, compassion, & guidance. I highly recommend Laura Lyn to anyone looking for a true medium and psychic–she is genuine through and through.
I saw Laura back in early July and she confirmed a lot of things that had been on my mind. She was spot on with a lot of my present happenings and helped answer my questions. I was very happy to hear things that I felt already and she really helped calm my worries. She was very friendly and made me feel comfortable with the reading. She also brought up my uncle who had passed and told me he was around me. It was great to know this. I have told my friends and family about her and recommend her!
thank you Laura, for always being so good at what you do. You have a god given gift and that helps so many people out there. may you continue to do the work thru god to help others.
laura has a great gift from GOD. she was very accurate and detailed about the stuff in my life. she was very helpful at giving me some peace and closure. laura is a very kind and caring woman. i would reccomend any one thinking about seeing a psychic medium to go to her!!!!
I was a little skeptical at first to call a reader but my recent life events had me somewhat perplexed. I also recently lost my brother. I am happy to report I no longer can claim the skeptical side for I was pleasantly surprised by the genuine nature and accurate information. I felt totally comfortable while speaking to Laura Lyn. I would recommend giving this a shot, you will not be sorry.
This dear woman is, with no doubt, the real thing. 'Incredible' is all I can say because the reading I just had with her has left me deeply happy but also speechless. It will be a true honor to speak with her again in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! She knew things about me, my life, as well as people in my life (both alive and crossed over) that blew me away. I now have hope and also a peace in me regarding my deceased father. Again, Incredible.
Laura is truly a gifted and amazing reader. I have had readings with her several times and she has never failed to impress me with her insight. She also makes it clear that she cares about the person she is reading for. I trust her and will continue to have readings with her. I highly recommend her, she is awesome!!!


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