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Laura Lyn is a gifted Angel Reader (receives information from the angels) Psychic Medium and Author who has given thousands of readings worldwide during her years in spiritual service.

Laura feels honored to help those seeking communication from a loved one who has passed. If you are searching for help with your life path, allow the angels and guides to bring you, counsel.

Laura is well known for her accurate, poignant, and inspirational work. Laura Lyn works with healing through Angelic Rays, crystals, colors, and musical vibration. She actively works as a Psychic, Medium, Author, and Spiritual Teacher. Laura Lyn is on her weekly Podcast, Third Eye Challenge, through IHeart Radio Podcasts, Youtube, and Facebook. She works with a Private Detective Agency, SACS Consulting, for criminal cases to help bring needed closure to a family.

Her office is in Akron, Ohio, where you can see her for a reading or spiritual coaching. She can also give reading sessions over the phone or online. Additional Information: If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class, please contact

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If you would like Laura Lyn to join you for an event, party or teach a class please contact through

Listed since: Jan 12, 2010


Laura Lynn is a truly blessed spiritual reader! I hosted a party of 8 and each and every guest was impressed with their readings! Thanks for sharing your gifts with us!!!! Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!
Readings with Laura Lyn are a true gift! I have had several sessions with her and have learned so much about myself and the choices I am making. She has helped me understand my relationships, navigate challenging job situations and helped me truly see the many gifts I have been given and the strengths I possess. The past life reading we did helped me understand some of my personality traits and helped me release behaviors that no longer served me. She is fantastic, caring and on-point! A gift!!
Laura did a private reading for 3 of us. It too our breath away when she told us things from our past and about ourselves. Some thought provoking and some very emotional news. Laura has an amazing energy and talent. I highly recommend her as she's the real deal. Thank you!
I just recently had a reading with Laura Lyn and I'm already seeing things happen! The day of the reading we went over some of the chakras and angels watching over (among many informative things in the reading). One of my chakras featured an image of a multicolored butterfly with open wings. While at a metaphysical store the SAME DAY, I came across some audio CDs about unfolding my potential with the same butterfly on the cover. Had to buy them! Excited to see what else comes true!
I had my first reading about 2 weeks ago. I will admit that I have been skeptical but I have always felt something. So when Laura Lyn began my reading I had a little doubt. Those doubts very quickly went away. During my reading, she touched on things that I have felt but have told very few or no one about. I hope that with what I've learned I can continue on my healthy journey of bettering myself and hope to have another reading again. I am also looking forward to the remainder of this year!
My Past Life Reading with Laura was very touching, informative, and insightful. This was the first time I've sought the services of a psychic medium and Laura's pleasant nature made this reading comforting and reassuring. The session instantly resonated with me on the spirit level and I'm sure I'll continue to feel the moment as I learn and evolve during this life experience. Thank you so much Laura for sharing your gifts with me during my journey of discovery, joy, and celebration of life.
I have had 2hr sessions with Laura Lynn and a few classes and have been completely satisfied, I would highly recommend her .
Laura Lyn is an excellent medium. She always displays the highest integrity and sensitivity with her readings and teaching. In her classes she does an excellent job preparing us for what we will be learning and takes the time to answer any questions. She has a very beautiful ability to connect with loved ones and communicating their messages. It is always a pleasure to take a class or get a reading with Laura Lyn.
Laura is extraordinary. I hosted a party of a total of eight women and not one single one left unsatisfied. Laura made a huge impact on many of the women there in regards to health, speaking to passed loved ones and in general great guidance. She was on point with every single be of them. All were in tears. Simply amazing, seeing her again in April and many more to come. One women I do not want to lose contact with. Highly recommend if you want the real deal and an unforgettable experience.
I was just at a party with Laura Lyn, my first. She is amazing. She was right on. I lost my husband in May of last year, the first thing she said to me was,"you lost someone very close to you recently. I answered yes and she said he was coming through very strong, that he had been waiting for this night. It was such a comfort to me, the things she said. I recommend Laura Lyn to anyone who may need comfort. She is amazing. Thank you Laura Lyn!
Laura's reading was very accurate and right on point. She confirmed a lot of things that had been happening and gave me a lot of hope for the future.
Laura Lyn is always so positive in every aspect of her life. I find her God given gifts, and positive energy to be quite inspirational. She uses her gift to teach others, including myself, to better understand our own lives. Laura is truly honest, and compassionate. Giving free advice all too often to the benefit of others on both the radio, and on the internet. I also know she is currently a regular guest on one internet radio show, and has her own show on Sundays 10 - Midnight.
I had a party last night with Laura Lyn and she is amazing! There were about 17 people here and everyone of us were beyond touched by her readings! She is a truly gifted , kind, and caring woman! She was spot on with every person here! It was truly amazing to see! After years of seeing psycics, I know how Blessed I am to have met her! I can't wait to see her again!
Laura Lyn changed my life. During my reading, I was introduced to my guardian angel and encouraged to seek his help for creative guidance. She successfully predicted a rewarding new career in writing, helped me heal a troubled relationship and connected with my grandfather on the other side. Laura Lyn is a beautiful soul who seeks to bring light and healing into the lives of others. I am fortunate to have crossed her path and look forward to future readings.
Laura Lyn is the real deal. I have known her for a few years now. I have been to multiple group events and had private readings. She is genuine and kind and has a real gift.
I hosted a party with Laura Lyn on Thursday July 30th and she was absolutely wonderful. Everyone got a reading and it was a wonderful experience. She was correct on every one that was there. I will definitely be hosting and going to more parties that she is at. She is truly amazing and talented. Thank you so very much for my reading. It was very correct.
my husband, son and I have had many readings from Laura Lyn over the last 10 years. They are always spot-on. We now work with Laura Lyn at the Meet the Medium events at the Kent Stage. She draws a large enthustic audience! Her shows are informative, educational and sensitive. Many people call and ask when she will be returning because they want to bring their friends. I highly recomend Laura Lyn if you are looking for a reading or a great event.
Laura is extremely gifted and knowledgeable in the field of paranormal/Angelic healing. She has helped me tremendously in learning how to use my ability and not be afraid of it. She showed me how to get rid of negative energy in my life and provided much support and helpful advice. I'm grateful for her presence in my life . I recommend to anyone who needs help, make an appointment. Laura truly knows her stuff.
My first reading from Laura Lyn completely blew me away, she doesn't generalize, she states facts that only you would know. And every reading since has been just as amazing! She helped me connect with my mother after her passing. At a time when I needed answers the most, she was my guiding light. She is an amazing person with a beautiful gift.
Laura Lyn has helped me so much. There was a lot that I didnt understand about myself. She help me realize that I am an empath myself. She answered so many questions for me. She has become a big part of my spiritual path. With out her I would probably still be scared and lost.
Laura's ability to tap into your angels and loved ones that have passed is truly an experience I recommend for everyone! We recently had a party with close friends & family and Laura did a group session with us, it was amazing! The laughter, tears and excitement everyone felt allowed us all to share the love and healing energy that was coming through. In a group setting or privately, her messages deliver hope and provide clarity and healing to your lifes journey!
I have had the pleasure of having 3 or 4 readings with Laura Lyn, including one in depth past life reading. I've always been intrigued by mediums but skeptical of readers who just want your money. I've never felt that way about Laura. She's intuitive, listens to your questions and concerns and provides you a holistic, truthful perspective with no sugar-coating. Through working with Laura I'm most appreciative for the peace she's helped me find and the ability to truly seek answers for myself.
I reached out to Laura Lyn after a tragedy in my life. I have been able to finally heal after meeting with her. It amazed me how much she knew regarding my father's death and my step-mother's murder. Laura Lyn not only helped me heal but helped me realize how trusted she can be as I have reached out to her again to get some clarification on my son's future. There is no one better to speak to to get guidance, clarification, speaking to loved ones, or find healing. She is the best!!!
I have had four or five phone readings with Laura Lyn over the past couple of years, after being referred by my mom, who is also a satisfied client. I like that Laura Lyn opens with a reading from one of her several tarot decks, and goes from there, answering my questions and confirming my understanding. I've even asked about other people and she was spot on, and I have never felt that she was "fishing" for information. Her insight and accuracy is impressive. Laura Lyn is the real deal.
I first met Laura about 5 years ago, & on that first night she had a message from my Dad.. At my first reading, she said I would be divorced within a year-my divorce was final almost to the day 1 year later. In May, she told me I would have a new job by September.. Yesterday I accepted a position within a new department of my current employer. Laura is so warm and caring-at the first meeting you feel like you are talking with a friend. Happy to say I consider her a dear friend now!
I have to say I never considered asking a psychic for business deduction advice! but I felt I was guided to ask Laura if certain deductions could trigger an audit. I believe that she gave me the correct advice which I am following. She advised me to stay away from a certain type of deduction which I do agree poses issues. The important thing to consider is that it feels right to me, as my accountant always said, " clean as a whistle, is the way to be." Laura is very good- highly recommend.
I recently hosted a reading party with Laura, and was very happy with the event. Her gift was truly a blessing for many at the party allowing closure and answering questions which had been unanswered. Thanks for sharing your gift with us, and helping us connect with loved ones and our spirit guides. I can't say enough about the experience and would highly recommend her to friends, family and others, an experience of love, laughter, and messages.
I received a reading from Laura Lyn and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I loved the way she explained my future life and all that I have to look forward to. She also mentioned the life struggles that I must endure but I will overcome. Her help and guidance to others is truly a gift and I am so glad that I had the chance to receive this reading. Thank you Laura for your gift and sharing it with the world. You are an amazing and gifted person.
I have know Laura Lynn for many years and have gotten several readings from her that have helped me out immensely during my life's journey. I believe her integrity and honesty is genuine and it is truly a blessing to have her guide me.
Laura was great! she hit my main concern right off the bat. I could not think of any questions, as she answered my questions right away. would recommend her, and have already. Thanks Laura.


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