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Janette Kaye is a Psychic Medium specializing in Spirit Portraits. She has been working as a professional since 2006, and has her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Studies from Atlantic University.

During a Spirit communication session, Janette connects with those in Spirit, providing evidence of their lives and messages for you. Janette will sketch a portrait which the majority of people recognize as someone who has passed into the Spirit world.

Janette also does Intuitive Life Readings which focus on daily situations, relationships, and life’s turning points. The goal is to help you gain greater perspective and leave the session with an enhanced understanding of your own potential.

These two types of readings can be combined in the same session. You can see more about Janette and her work at www.janettekaye.net,or on Facebook at Janette Kaye-Medium.

Listed since: Jan 19, 2013


Janette was absolutely amazing she was spot on with everything. She gave me exactly what I was looking for. She provided a calm, relaxing and comfortable environment. I could not of asked for a better experience. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. I highly recommend seeing her
I had a reading with Janette last night and couldn't wait to let everyone know how amazing it was! I'm still speechless, in shock and mind blown! I've had other previous reading and she is BY FAR the best and most credible I've ever been to! I can not wait and definitely plan on going back to her for other services she offers!
I saw Janette a couple of months ago. I am still assimilating some of all that happened. I had never been to a medium before but I am still in shock. I heard from my mother whom I lost at 13 most. old. My father also came through whom I lost to suicide at 16. My mother in law also came in. We lost her a few years ago at 91. I left with a spot on drawing of her. Thankyou ever so much Jannette.
Janette brought both my mom and daughter through , saw that my daughter died suddenly and alone and was cremated and have A necklace on her ern
I made an appointment 2 months after my 25 year old son died unexpectedly. Had never consulted a medium before and was VERY skeptical. Janette was very warm and reassuring. Several family members came in first which was an unexpected bonus. My son came in strong and clear and to my joyous relief was with his father, my late husband, on the other side. He spoke of his death, reassured me and talked about what was going on in the present. Sketch was spot on;I couldn't be happier with the reading.
Janette is the real deal. You won't be disappointed. I recently had another artist medium do a drawing for me. She was not good and the drawing was something anyone could produce since it was basically a drawing of chakra colors. Janette is great.
I had my very first reading about a year after my father past away and at first i didn't think this was even real or possible for her to have such an amazing gift, but as i sat down and immediately my dad came through my heart sank and i felt as if he was sitting right beside me. She knew things that there was no way of her finding out and im thankful for her because for the first time since he left i felt that connection all because this gift that she has. i highly recommend her to.
This was my husband and my first reading with a medium and it won't be the last. Janette was so very calm and sweet when we arrived and made us feel so relaxed. We were not sure what was going to happen and was a bit skeptical as we sat down for our own lack of knowledge, but as she began she hit everything on target. She described my father in law and my mother to their attitude. We left feeling comfort and clarity. She knew things about our daughter that is still living to help guide her.
From the moment the session started until the last word, Janette was 100% accurate with her readings. She was so good that when I came home and mentioned parts to my wife about her family members who had passed and I wasn't sure of the information, she quickly told me what each piece of information meant. Janette was able to provide personal information about each spirit that only the spirit and I would know. I truly felt like I had spent an hour with loved ones who had passed. Thank you!!
I am from South Africa and had a skype reading with Janette on 26 Jan 2016 - I was blown away. I do not have Face book - I checked the Internet - there is nothing about me. Janette will give you validation. There is no way that Janette knew about any on my loved ones who have passed over. There is also know way that Janette will know of my favourite photo of my loved one who has passed with a bandana – she drew that. Janette is the real deal!!
I absolutely recommend Janette as an excellent medium who is great to work with. I chose her because she is at a distance & in no way connected to anyone I know, so the session was on Skype. The information Janette gave was accurate & genuine. Most of the things she told me weren't even in my thoughts at the time. And the drawing is remarkable, too. I have no doubts that this is real.
This was my first time contacting a Medium and I did the session over Skype. The reading was more than I even hoped for. My sister's spirit came through and and I received very detailed information from before her passing and information that has happened since she has passed that she is aware off. I am very happy that I did this. Thank you Janette!
Janette is professional, personable, and is good at what she does. My lost loved ones did a great job coming through for her to give me closure. I love the sketch she did at the end of my session and I have it on my wal. My sister in law, daughter, and best friend of my daughter have all been to see her. No complaints.
STOP THE PSYCHIC PRESSES & LOOK NO FURTHER! Janette Kaye is an Extraordinary Medium & Spirit Artist. Her interpretations of my family's messages were so detailed, I was stunned. Nothing could compare with the depth & accuracy of the reading I received. My dear brother came in loud & clear! What are you waiting for? Make that appointment with Janette to connect with your loved ones in spirit. I guarantee you are in for one of the most life-changing, meaningful & healing experiences of your life!
I will never forget my reading with Janette. She is truly the real thing. I have my had my share of readings, and while there are many talented mediums, I have never experienced anything like this. One validation after another and my jaw was on the floor. At one point she even mentioned pink flowers in a circle. Well, during the phone reading my doorbell rang. After the reading I went to see if to see if there was a package. There was a vase of pink roses. It's my birthday. Beautiful.
I recently saw Janette 4-14-14,with a group of 6 other people. Even before we were seated she was saying things to us that she couldn't have known. She answered so many questions for me without my asking. Described my loved one to a tee. I will definitely make an appointment to see her again. So personable And friendly. She really has a gift that she has fine tuned.
Amazing detail and accuracy with the personality of my loved one came through...Janette is so down to earth and very straight forward about the symbolism and messages she gets and accurately conveyed them...most everything I understood clearly. I actually got some closure and felt like I was having a conversation with my loved one...it was the most memorable hour hour...and I'll never forget it. I highly recommend Janette...
Janette is the real deal. I have met with her twice and can say without hesitation that she is sincerely driven to share in her Spiritual gift of psychic art.
I would highly recommend Janette! I have been to her two times the first was because I couldn't find piece with my father gone I wanted to say goodbye.i not only got to do that but ,I also got to see him through his guidance Janette drew a picture that was so pieceful and happy .i know he's in a better place not only that she connected what he was trying to tell her that it was my grandma he was with who had passed away about 2 weeks later and it was by her name . She is real and true!
Janette connected to my relatives who had passed on. It was amazing, because the drawings she did were so similar to how my relatives looked. Much of the evidential information she passed to me was accurate. I am very impressed by Janette - Throughout the skype reading (Because I was half-way across the world), I kept getting goosebumps every time she passed on a message. I have never had a reading where I felt so connected. I had to sit and think through her reading for a long time - impressed!
September 20, 2013. I received a reading from Janette and she also created 2 charcoal drawings from my loved ones in spirit while conducting a evidential reading. The pictures are a treasure to me and have a life of their own. Janette is an excellent medium and has a very comfortable style of reading. I received verification of things I did not trust myself to be correct with that my loved ones had told me. I would definitely recommend Janette to anyone who desires a reading.
Janette is so gifted! I gave her no information but she tuned right into my daughter. My daughter had Down syndrome. I had a vision of her after she died, and she appeared without the DS. I was amazed that Janette captured her image as she looked when I saw her right after her death. Thank you, Janette for this wonderful gift from my baby girl.
This my first experience with a psychic medium and I was not disappointmented. Janette was successful connecting with my beloved husband who I lost six weeks before and was able to tell me information that was correct; plus she let me know that my husband was always around me.. She is not only excellent at what she does but shows both empathy and humor in her work. She sketched a picture of my husband. I will return for another reading.
I was very impressed with her the first time I went. She had sketched a picture of my father that I had one my desk before I even met her. It confirms her ability to connect with the otherside...WOW. She was pretty amazing.
My wife has relied on psychics for many years to connect to her family that have passed, and to receive guidence when life is challenging. After, her father passed away she felt she needed spiritual guidence. Being a physician I didn't understand why my wife believed in such services. She convienced me to do a spirit connection as well. When Janette start conencting to my mother and aunt, I was amazed by the details she shared. I still have questions and plan on seeing Janetter again soon.
After, several years of being weighed down by a black cloud I knew that I needed to reach out to someone that did healings. Since I moved to Dayton I had not seeked anyone out for any spiritual connections. I went to see Janette who realized as soon as I arrived that a healing needed to take place. Almost instantly I felt a difference in the heaviness that I had been carrying around. Janette's expertise is remarkable. I will continue to see her for healings until the darkness fades.
Janette Kaye is astounding! She absolutely knows her stuff! I urge everyone reading my words, to grab the opportunity and privilege of meeting with Janette Kaye.

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