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D.J. Ownbey

D.J. Ownbey
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$150.00 30 mins $200.00 60 mins

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216-741-0123 Ohio Text 212 602 1975


Are You looking for a no non-sense psychic that can give you accurate information on Love, Money, or Career? DJ Ownbey is regularly consulted from all four corners of the world. He is a full time professional psychic that has been doing readings by telephone and in person 25 years. He has offices currently in New York City and in Cleveland, Ohio.

"In a world filled with psychic fairs and spiritual counselors, D.J. Ownbey knows what he is talking about..."

Says Cleveland Magazine's
Candace Goforth
Cleveland Magazine’s Best of 1996
DEC 96; page 16

Listed since: Sep 16, 2010


DJ is awesome! He is so calming. He helped me in a situation years ago and I sought him out again. At one of the lowest parts of my life he lifted me up. I anxiously awaited his prediction and coaching. I highly recommend him...he is worth every dollar. I love you DJ
I have been to several on this site. In my particular love situation DJ was accurate and the lady i paid $300 for was not. I am starting to think some of these psychics on here just tell you negative stuff because they think people are more likely to believe the negative. Thank you DJ for the truth even when it is positive lol
DJ has a unique way of knowing and feeling what is going on with a situation. He is very calming and reassuring. I would highly recommend him.
I went online to look up good love psychics and DJ came up.I bought a half hour with him over the phone n it was completely worth it n more. He understood what kind of person i am, crystal child. lol, which he understand me very well and listened to my questions and answered. He gave me a whole lot of advice on me and my love situation n a lovely way of speaking n persona. He even emailed me info to read, enhance myself and become more in touch with my well being.I completely recommend him!!
this is my 1st time with DJ Ownbey . He was quick to arrow to my heart chakra , love situation . He was also spot on to this particular person character and personality without Date of birth given . It is amazing ! He recommended books to read , meditation videos etc . Very generous and kind person . i will def come to him again !
Thank you DJ! You were really accurate with the people in question and loved your over all reading. It was really nice to know what's ahead and how to deal with the current situation. Thank you again for the reading!
I am impressed with DJ Ownbey...his readings have been spot on - and truly helpful - for me and I've seen several psychics over the last few years. But what is an extra bonus with him is that he is genuinely caring as he conducts a reading. I can tell he is interested in helping me get to the truth, not only about other people in my life, but me. I recommend DJ as an authentic, true, caring professional.
I went to see DJ on 8-05-12. I had been to a few other psychics, but DJ was by far the most accurate. He picked up on my situation right away after I provided only my name and DOB. Everything he said has come true. He is also extremely knowledgeable in psychology, metaphysics, religion, kabbalah, and more. What I liked most about him is that he takes his gift seriously, and really cares about his clients. Afterwards, he provided suggested readings and techniques to help with my situation.
I went to DJ a little over a year ago, confused but yet knowing deep inside that my life was totally unbalanced. DJ was not only CORRECT with details of my past, but his advise was AMAZINGLY ACCURATE. It guided me back on my personal path of Growth & Balance. I returned a 2nd time & again his visions revealed themselves. If its love you search for, questions answered? DJ IS AMAZING. Just open your heart and free your mind and you too will be blown away by his Gift.. Richest Blessings to all.
I have been a client of Dj now for over a year. I am sure I am probably his best client as I am always calling lol. I thought I posted a review here when I first met him, but I do not see my name. Anyways, not only was he right about all the details in the beginning. His predictions also came true. I saw FB postings and he told me they were not true and were being posted to make me jealous. Now that I am back together with my ex I have found out all the things DJ was saying were accurate. TY!
I really recommed DJ because I came to him about 7 months ago with what appeared and what I believed to be a hopeless love situation. Dj was immediately accurate with the details of my case. He also functioned as a coach the whole way through. The case took may ups and downs and at times, it was very hard for me to believe what DJ was telling me. As most of my friends, told me to move on. DJ Ownbey really knows what he is talking about. You just have to listen with an open heart and mind.
I have read with DJ many times since a problem I have has unfolded. I believe DJ guides you to a spiritual place and allows things to unfold the way they are meant to. I wish I was more patient and thats what I am working on now. Things have come to pass that were predicted and I am waiting for my dreams to realize. Thank you DJ. Maria from Rye
DJ is the man! I am so happy after a six month journey of trying to get back together with my soulmate. When I met DJ I had not heard from her for months. She wouldn't return my calls or texts. She was going out with other guys etc. I worked with DJ for several months and things started working when I was able to listen to him and stop screwing up. Now if he told me to stand in the middle of the road on one leg I would do it. I am so thankful I met DJ he gets results, he is the greatest!
I met DJ in person at his NYC Office. He is extremely professional and it was a big change from the store front/tea room type places I had been to! I also see DJ in his Cleveland Location when I am there on business. I also do telephone readings with him too (but I have to say his energy is amazing in person-he lifts you right up into another dimmention or something) I came with love problem. Highly Recommend. He has helped me more then words can express. Definitely will be back!
I dont know where to start. When I first met DJ he told me the guy I had just met was my soulmate. Then two days later we broke up! lol I thought this psychic is not to good. I came back though because I did get a good feeling from him. I was actually kind of rude to DJ in the begining (and DJ pointed it out lol).I kind of had the fear DJ was just telling me what I wanted to hear. In the end, the guy did come back and we are now together. There are still some challenges, but DJ was right!
I have read with a couple ofl psychics before and felt they were good, but the minute DJ started the reading I knew it was special. He asked nothing from me except name and birthdate and then went on to discribe my situation clearly. His assessment of the situation was extremely accurate and I am sure his predictions will be as well. I felt uplifted and extremely hopeful after just a short reading. I cant say enough but I will be talking to him again and again. Love him
I have been to psychics before, but I have to say DJ is by far the best I have ever been too. He was able to pick up everything I needed from the reading, but he was also able to help me with situations I didn't even ask about. If you are looking for the right answers for your situation do not hesitate he is truly one of the best love psychics on the planet.
I came to Dj Owenby in October of 2010. I was very skeptical of psychics, as the other ones asked a lot of questions. I came about a love problem I was having. I had not heard from the girl in three months and at the time she was engaged to be married to another guy. The other psychics all said to move on it was hopeless. Dj was right she did break up with the guy one week before the wedding! She came back three weeks ago. His predictions were against all odds and he was right!
I spoke with DJ for the first time today. I was completely blown away by his accuracy and ability to really explain my feelings and understand them. His prediction was very accurate compared to others and I will be calling back.
I agree with the previous poster--he just knew my name and birthdate and was able to zero right in on what was going on. He is on my list of favorites and I will definitely call him again.
I was very pleased with DJ's reading. I highly recommend him. All I told him was my name and date of birth. He zoomed right into my situation, and hit the nail on the head! I have been to many psychics who failed to help me. DJ not only gave me a reading, but he also provided with techniques which enabled me to overcome my problem. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! I will be back!

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